Saturday, March 21, 2009

Miss O

We have these friends...Krys and Melissa. Several years ago I was directing a little show called "Secret Garden" at MCC. This girl that noone had ever seen before showed up to audition for the part of Martha. Jere was watching the auditions and when they were done he told me I MUST cast her. Well, I had already fully come to that conclusion without his help. So, Melissa and her fabulous voice was cast as Martha. She did a great job and the show was a success. In the course of the show Melissa and I became "tentative friends." Jere of course was in love with her because she is so snarky and funny. Anyway, after a few starts and stops we got this friendship rolling. They are a really fun, funny and kind couple and we've enjoyed getting to know them better. Anyway, as it turns out, they had their first little girl just a couple of months after Maggie. So, we had babies in common, except their little Miss O is soooooooooo spunky. She is just hilarious to watch and be around. But, back to my story, we had these two beautiful girls and then booya, wouldn't you know, we both got knocked up AGAIN so soon. So, Max was born in Oct. and their sweet baby I was born in January. We totally love to just chill with our kiddies and talk cha cha.

A couple Fridays ago Melissa came over for a playdate. I mean, Miss O came over to play with Maggie and Melissa and I got to hold our babies and gab. I had made cupcakes for Brooklyns birthday the day before, so I let O have one. And, after having taken a picture, I told Melissa that my blog was sorely lacking any acknowledgement of Miss O and her spunk.

Here she is world......Miss O and all her cupcakey glory. Would you just LOOK at that face? What is not to love? Her little eyes just glitter and dance and you know there is so much mischief going on behind them. She makes hysterical faces and has such tude you can't beat it. For all the calm that is Maggie, Miss O has all the storm. I love her, she makes me happy.

Here is a shot of Maggie and O on their first play date just over a year ago. Holy Crap how they've grown.

Here they are that day. There was no keeping O out of the swing, she clearly doesn't care about weight limits. They were having a grand time, pushing and playing. When Melissa first brought O in she sort of freaked out, 'cause Melissa had to go out and get I. So, I was holding her and as soon as I turned her and she could see Maggie (who was in her highchair) she calmed down and realized she was in a safe place.
I can't wait to see these girls as they continue to grow and develop their distinct personalities. It'll be so great when they're both past the "MINE" phase and their playing can be a bit more "civil". Here's to many more playdates and friendship in the future.
We love you Miss O and your Mom and Dad too.
Dollies and screaming,


jen said...

After they pass the mine stage they enter the snotty brat stage. So don't look forward to it too eagerly.

Mel said...

awww..a whole post about me and my littles? Of course I love it! You make me smile. I'm so glad life has brought us closer together. I love having you and your family in my life. Calm and Storm is a perfect way to describe those two. It will be interesting to see their personalities rub off on each other over the years.