Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Little Helper

The other night I decided to make cookies, I don't know why, other than my thighs were feeling a little competition from my hips and I needed to oblige the rivalry. So, I figured, hey, I'll let Maggie be my little helper. I mean really, what is "cuter" than the Mommy teaching her little girl how to make cookies? Nothing I tell you, NOTHING. So, I pulled a chair up to the counter for her, compiled the ingredients and began. Maggie was SUCH a great helper: "read" if you count her shoving her hands into the bowl of flower, and basically emptying the silverware drawer into the sink, then she was fabulous.

But, when all was said and done, the girl seriously "earned" her licky of the beater. Considering she'd never had a beater before, she sure knew exactly what to do with it and the deliciousness known as cookie dough.

Here is a shot of the finished product, AND my NEW cookie scoop. So excited that I officially own a cookie scoop.

Here is another "clever" way Maggie has found to "help" me. I think I can totally do without this help.

Sometimes I think this bloggign thing is a seriously good thing for the health of the child. 'Cause in moments like this, instead of killing the kid, you just have to take a picture.

Still to come, Thanksgiving photos, Scott Davis and Max in the cutest freaking Sunday outfit there ever was.

G'night and good luck.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Followers

So, I'm pretty much a blog tard, and I just get on and post now and again. I have no idea how to get cutesy backgrounds that change all the time. I don't pay any attention to thingys for the side, etc. I don't even have a counter going, so who knows how many people ever look at this. But the other day I was adding someone, or something and up in the corner of my dashboard there was a little green man that said "5 followers". I was intrigued that perhaps I had 5 die hards. So, today I clicked on the green man and he told me who my "true" followers are. So to you "my peeps" a big thank you. Well then, the green man then told me that I could add a feature that notated just WHO my followers were,(see it, those people up there in the right hand corner? You notice them now?)andthen it told me I should blog about it. See, by blogging about it you have to look at it and notice it, then apparently it'll make others want to be part of my peeps. So, I'm just dutifully doing what the green man said to do. So TAKE NOTICE PEOPLE and get on the cool bandwagon. So then someday I'll be like a blogging Goddess and you can say, "I knew her when."

Thank you and goodnight.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I got adventureous and took the kids to:


First we had lunch:

Then they got to swing on the swings. This was Maggies first experience swinging by herself on a real swing.

I thought this picture was so cute. They were having so much fun, giggling and looking at eachother.

Then they began to crawl and and climb and slide and have real fun. It was a fun time had by both. Dirty and messy, but fun and worth the trip to the ghetto park.

And this is what Max thought of the day in the fresh air and breeze:

Whell, so much for showin him the world outside, hahahaha. After a couple of days where he thought that sleep was only worthwhile while being held 100% of the time, I'm happy to report he's back to his delightful self of being calm and sleeping outside of my arms most of the time.
Disclaimer, this post was begun yesterday Monday the 24th, but the pictures were taking at least six years a piece to upload so I got bugged and stopped. I finished it this morning.

In other news, Max had a FANTASTIC night last night. He fell asleep around 9:30 and slept until nearly 6 a.m. It was GLORIOUS!! Thank you Max, THANK YOU!

I'd also like to report that we had a surprise visitor on our doorstep last night. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to see Carson standing there. I nearly didn't recognize him with his long lucious locks and I certainly should have taken a pic, but just trust me, he was here, and we're the lucky ones he chose to visit. I just love that silly boy. Thanks for stopping by.

And since I'm just blurting out random thoughts. Why didn't it occurr to me MUCH sooner that I have no business doing a triathalon if for no other reason than a SWIMMING SUIT is involved! Good heavens above, this is more than I can deal with. I can totally handle that it'll hurt, and I can HANDLE the fact taht I don't run, or sit on miniscule bike seats without a great deal of pain, but what I DO NOT do is wear a swim suit in public, or in the day time, EVER! It's just NOT a sight anyone, and I do mean ANYONE needs to see. Even losing weight, there is still the hanging skin, the ugly skin, the fat, the skin, the, oh jeez, it's just not fit for viewing. So, I'm hoping that I'll be able to find some sort of body suit that covers this stuff up. Well, let me just illustrate this for you, a little story if you will. This summer I went to Porter and Lanas for a little swim time. I put on my suit, and then I put on a big pair of surf shorts over the suit. When I was getting inthe water, Tatum (5 years old) says to me, "why are you wearing shorts?" And I told her, "because I have hideous legs that noone should have to see." So, we swam, it was fine, all was well. As I got out of the pool I pulled my shorts off to dry myself. In the moment I did that, Tatum says "I see what you mean, your legs ARE disgusting." hahahahahahahahahaha You have GOT to love 5 year old truthfulness. I just had to laugh, because what else are you gonna do? Poor Lana was mortified, but hey, it's just the truth. So, you can see my dilemma, can't you? Guess I'm off to search out a proper body suit, to save the masses from getting eye cancer.

Goggles and binkies,



You know you live in the ghetto when......
Ok, for those of you who don't know, my ward is, for lack of a better word...tragic. It is severely lacking in membership, and the 20 of us that remain, struggle to keep up with all the NEED of the rest of the people. We're surrounded by apartments, so people are constantly moving in and out, and usually they're total inactives who only show up looking for money or food. The rest of the stalwarts that are still around are all nearing like 90 something. There are literally about 4 families that have any kids that fit the primary and or young men/women age group. So, yeah, like I said, tragic. I only tell you this to prefice this story, because holy crap, it's hysterical. My dad (the Bishop) was sharing this little gem yesterday at the dinner table. I HAD to blog it, 'cause noone would believe it anyway.
Apparently, just before church started ( we were late of course, so I missed this beauty) there were three little old ladies coming in. One is just pretty much deaf and a bit tottery, we'll call her Sis. X, well Sister X apparently lost a bit of her balance and fell into Sister Y who at any given time is totally hopped up on Oxycontin and is incoherent. Well, this in turn made Sister Y fall into Sister Z, who has a story that could go on for days. Sister Z looked like she was halfway to a coma yesterday and could literally barely stand upright, she's hopped up on who knows what most of the time. So, Sisters X, Y and Z all fall like dominoes and land right on top of our sweet, innocent and unhopped up Relief Society President. It was a pile of fragile, drugged out (except the innocent Sister X and the R.S. Pres.) old women right there in the chapel. And who knows, now the R.S. president may need some hopping up of her own, as she did sustain minor injuries. And that my friends is how you KNOW you live in the ghetto! I bet you're ALL jealous now. HA!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Follow up

In truth, this photo was taken on Maggies 1st birthday. I was documenting her day from wakeup to sleepy time. Sorry, not the best pic. But holy cow has her hair grown a ton in a few months!!
Just a quick follow up to Miz thangs early sleepy in the food. She slept soundly all night, minus a brief moment at Midnight when I heard her calling from her room; "Woggin (water), I want some woggin. Wogginnnnnnnnnnn.,......." This went on for a few minutes until I made it in there with her sippy full of water. I handed her the sippy and she literally grabbed it and gulped it until she couldn't breathe and choked on the excess of water running down her throat. Apparently she was THIRSTY. She had handed me her binky, and after taking it back, putting it in her mouth, taking it out, handing it to me, putting the cup in again and then taking the binky back one more time...we had a brief awkward moment, of "what now?" After assuring her she could keep the sippy and now she should go back to sleep, she laid back, waved bye bye to me and promptly went back to sleep until 7:15 in the morning. It was AWESOME. Then at 10:00 she was totally ready for a nap, so crazy. So, there you have it, apparently falling asleep in your food is rather condusive to LOTS of sleep.
In other news, I'm sooooo tired and wondering when I'll ever get some sleep again. I know, I know, it's all a part of parenthood, but somedays you just are more tired than the next.

Furthermore, there seems to be quite a little group gathering on this triatholon thing. Dixie is quite pleased, as I told her now Jenny D is interested, as is my older sister Dana, Mel just chimed in that she MIGHT be interested, my friend Amy wants to do it. How fun is that, it'll be Dixie, Jen (they're the thin ones) and a bunch of us more full figured women, hehehe. I like to think of myself as thick, not so much fat, it sounds better.

Have I mentioned that I put Maggie into nursery last week? It's 2 months early, but when you're in a ward my size that only has 5 kids in nursery, they don't care. She totally loves it, and who wouldn't? What is NOT to love about a room full of toys, where snacks are handed out? I wish that could be MY class, and we all KNOW that that is Jeres DREAM class. Anyway, it's so nice to not have to deal with her in R.S., now I just have one sweet little sleepy baby to deal with. Speaking of Max, I never get to hold him in R.S. because he's completely comendeared by Dixie or my Mom. I feel so useless sitting there as they feed him, burp him, hold him, love him, pet him, etc. At least today when at the end of class he finally let out a loud squawk, my Mom handed him over so I could comfort him. tee hee, I LOVE being the Mommy.

Finally, I offer you these pictures of Miz Maggs and her ensemble for church today (I just can't post without a pic of some kind, it feels sacreligious or something). I realize she's looking Christmas fresh, but I wasn't sure how well this little jumper would fit in another month. The clothes are totally compliments of Auntie Dana who is always oh so good to us. Thanks Dana for adorable clothes. I'm sure I'll have more pics in the next month as I bust out all the adorable sweaters and stuff that she got Maggie last spring at the big Gymboree sale.

Once again, SHE chose her posing spot, I got no say in the matter. But apparently, though she was very tired, she was in a good enough mood to smile, not once, but TWICE. I was very pleased to find red bows at Target last night, it worked out handily for the outfit.
I wish I didn't suck so much at picture taking, 'cause I always seem to miss the "whole" outfit. She had on tights and cute shoes and everything. But, in case anyone was wondering..."Jesus wants HER for a Sunbeam."

Oh, one last thing. Maggie has taken to saying "bless you" lately everytime I burp or sneeze (what, don't pretend like YOU never burp, you pigs). It's the cutest thing 'cause she has this high pitch to her voice. So, you let out a burpy or something and suddenly you hear this high sing songy "bless uuu". I freaking love when kids start talking, it's the best. Also, somewhere me or signing time have failed her because she is CONVINCED that the sign for please is in fact the sign for tahnk you. So, every time I tell her to say thank you, she happily and quickly signs "please." I've tried to rectify the situation, but she will have none of it. She knows what she knows, and I'm an idiot apparently. Ahh, gotta love stubborn children.

Ok, for reals, I HAVE to go get the laundry out before Max decides to scream at me.

Martinelli dreams and caviar wishes.


Friday, November 21, 2008

There are consequences little missy...

When a certain little miz sassy pants chooses, nay REFUSES to take a nap, the consequences are rather, well...I'll let the pictures tell the story.

let us notate the green beans. I'm SUCH a good Mom, hee hee
It went a little like around 10:30 she was definitely tired, which was evidanced by her holding her blanky, sucking on her binky and laying her head on the chair. But, at that point, it was too late for a morning nap and I figured she could just wait it out. Well, then around 11:30 she made the same move, but there was lunch to be had and THEN it would be nap time. So, lunch was a success, and then there was play time. Just as she and Brooklyn were having a grand old time playing hide and seek with their blankets, I decided it was indeed time for the long delayed nap. So (keep in mind she ALWAYS goes down between 1:00 and 2:00) I put her down, she went nicely and then the screaming and crying began. It went on for a LONG time. I had to get her up because Dixie was gonna watch the kids at 2:00 and she wanted to put Maggie down at her house. So, we wandered over to Dixies and I dropped my over tired girl and tummy aching, screaming son off and away I went. Apparently she refused to nap for Dixie as well. So, at 5:30, after crying at me for a good half hour, I got her into her highchair and fed her dinner. While I had her happily eating, and finally got Max to sleep without me holding him, I was picking up the house. When I came around the corner, there she was, in all her sleeping glory, hand perched above her plate. Let it be said that she didn't even wake up as I washed her face and hands, removed the plate and high chair tray. She only woke up as I took the bib off, and all she said was, "num num (shorthand for her binky). She has NEVER done this before, and it was too funny. I love kids, I mean really, who can fall asleep mid bite? So, the moral of the story is...take your naps, else you fall asleep at inopportune moments. Did I mention it was 5:30 p.m.? Love this girl.

In other news...a HUGE thank you to my sister Dixie for making THIS possible:

Is there anything better than a fresh pedi? No, I thought not. Ok, I totally get that looking at anyone elses feet is just sort of grody, but I was just trying to drive home the point that I have freshly done toesies. I also fully realize that I have the worlds largest nails, and that it could take an entire bottle of polish to cover those big toes of mine. However, I think it's great, because at least you can enjoy the color, haha. Oh, so the point is, Dixie, my beloved sister gave me 2 free hours away from my kids so I could do whatever I wanted. Apparently, they had a family home evening lesson on service, and she chose me as her "project" haha. So, I blithely drove to Kirkland home store, and zipped out of the car with no worries of removing chiildren from any seats and buckles, etc. I went to Catherines, got my toes done, stopped at Sprouts and all in all had a lovely time. Thank you Dixie for choosing me, it was MUCH appreciated! My toes and my fabulous nail guy (Sun) thank you too!

In further developments that have somewhat to do with Dixie. I sort of gave an internet promise that I'd do a triathalon with Dixie in May. I know, what the hey ho was I thinking? I'll tell you what I was thinking...I'm a fool. But also, as mentioned before, these hips and their zipcode need a little eviction notice and this could be just the thing. I'm scared, but I'm sure Dixie will be kind to me.

Lastly, yesterday my darling little Max turned one month old. Are you freaking kidding me, where did a month go? These are not the best pics, but at least they're something. Don't mind the one where it looks like he has a blue patch on his eye. I was trying to fix the red eye and apparently if you go outside the "eye" part, it paints the face blue. I have no idea how to undo that, so it is what it is.

He's a very sweet little guy and I'm pretty much in love. However, I'm totally ready for him to sleep more during the night. He needs to take a page out of his sisters notebook and sleep through the night already. Oh, one can dream.

Speaking of, he's screaming for some attention.

Peace out my peepers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A quicky....and not "that kind"

Thanks for feeling me on the Wal-mart thing my friends. I knew you'd all understand. Here's the thing...I have soooooooo many things I want to write about, and I just don't have the energy or the time. So, I'm just gonna post a picture or 12, 'cause I have some really cute ones, and then maybe one day, I'll get around to the actual posting.

First off a little note to my beloved friend Jill, mother of my future son in law (Jenny, you're the mother of one too, don't worry, we'll just have to have a battle or something). We TOTALLY can and MUST get together when you're home for Thanksgiving. I would be bitter and well BITTER if we didn't. So yes, please plan on it, even if it is ONLY a stop by. We need to see how big Maggie is next to Nix, and Max totally needs a little Jill and Tank lovin. So, call me.

Went to Target today, it felt good. In fact, I not only went to Target, I also went to Costco, and yesterday, I went to Fry's, with all three kids in tow. Look out world, super mom is comin your way. My super smart sis Dixie clued me in to a better way of dealing with the booty scoot in the van and life is so much better. Instead of squeezing in through the seats, I just open up the back, and climb in the cargo area and buckle her from behind. It's sooooooo much easier. I'm sure it looks a bit strange to the average passer by, but hey, it works for me! Being at the Costco with the girls was almost like old times. We happily meandered through the aisles, ate up the samples that were to be had, and then, after checking out, got our usual pizza and hotdog and split them between us. It was DELIGHTFUL, other than the moment that Max woke up and screamed his gutts out 'cause he wanted some too. I stood, holding a binky in his mouth, eating with one hand, and trying to deal with Maggie in the other. It was "awesome". Even awesomer, all the little comments people made either directly to me or as they passed by. Like I don't already know that I have my hands full, oh people are cute.

Just a shot of my said super smart sis Dix, cozying up with Max and the girls. The shirtless one is her daughter Morgan (please reference her pig pen entry in her blog).

Anyway, it was great to be out and about and getting things done. I can't believe we're so near the end of November already, how ridiculous. I mean really, do you all realize that Max is a month old? Yeah, it's true, an entire month has come and gone. YIKES!!! Speaking of, I'd better hurry, 'cause he's getting a little peesed off in his bouncy chair, and my sweet writing time is nearly gone.

Ok, there could arguably be an entire blog entry dedicated to Brooklyn and what a hysterical, smart, crazy drama queen she is, and how tragically she's entirely unphotogenic, inspite of the fact that she's one of the CUTEST real life girls you'll ever see. So, I took this picture to document that THIS is what gets dropped off to me every morning.
And THIS is what happens when I work my hair skilz magic. Occasionally we get a cute pic with some coaching and professional camera angles, etc. Just kidding, but I thought this was a cute one of her. I love how much just doing hair can change a persons look.

This is my darling student Mckay, and she's holding Max who in turn is wearing the ADORABLE outfit that SHE gave him. I truly adore her and will be sad when she graduates this year. She's been with me since like 8th grade or something crazy like that. I could write a whole blog entry on misconceptions people have about other people, 'cause Mckay and I have bonded over this issue. So we don't smile all the time people, it's OK, it doesn't mean we hate you or aren't happy. Anyway, that's my blog entry in a nutshell concerning THAT topic.

Just because THAT is a sweet picture. Maggie really does love "brother" and is always wanting to pet him, love him or take care of him.

And finally, I'll leave you with this little gem. Nothing says good quality morning time like a diaper in the face. I was in the other room with Max when I hear this being yelled..."Allyson, get the camera NOW." I come rushing in to find this tender moment being shared by Father and daugter. Apparently Maggie had made her way in to our room, cooerced her way on to the bed, and then proceeded to have a seat. Ahhhhh, children, they're the best! Erika...does THIS look like what you're Mom was gonna do to you when you were in trouble? hahahahahahahaha Don't worry peeps, I just totally injected a complete inside joke into my blog. I'm so lame, and that's ok.

Much love and joy to all. Here's hoping I make it back here sometime soon to talk about getting to church, nursing and a myriad of other exciting topics.

Oh Joyce...there you are, how distengay (that's how it sounds) and debonaire you are, there you are!!!

Apples and pajamas-


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Confessions of a baby trucker...

I have a confession to make.....

Today...I...wenttoWal-mart. Phew, there it is, out in the open. But I promise, there was a good, sound reasoning behind my sacrelige. And besides, when you look like this (pretend there is an arrow pointing down at the picture) then you know you TOTALLY fit in at the devils store. First, about this hat, and look Mags is sporting. Her Auntie Julie came over to watch her and was wearing this hat. Maggie was totally taken with said hat and insisted on wearing it around. It was quite funny, and you have to admit, she looks cute, if not a touch on the white trashy side.

Nothin says "Hot" like a hockey hat perched high on the head, and your "mug" in one hand.

Ok, so how did this blasphemy come about...ME in Wal-mart when I JUST posted about how I hate that store and won't go. Well, it's like this. We never made it to the store yesterday due to Maggie having melt downs and me having a little "tummy trauma" if ya know what I mean. So, today, after a lovely morning of playing outside, Maggie napping, etc. I got up the courage to load all 3 kiddies in the car. Do you have any idea how freaking annoying it is to squeeze my big bootay into the far back of the van so I can buckle Brooklyn in. I have to do this and try not to kill Maggie with my said large booty backing out of the van so I can then buckle Maggie in. Well, trust me on this, it is VERY annoying and awkward. So, I got them all situated and was heading toward Target when I began to think about what I needed to do. I also needed some grocery items and would need to go the store for that too. As I pondered the situation and the possibilities and the fact that I'd have to do the booty squeeze a total of 4 times (in and out) by going to 2 stores, I quickly deducted that I'd rather eat razor blades, so what were my other options. Sadly, the only store that fit the bill of me only needing to get out once was Wal-mart. I took a deep breath, changed my course and off we went. All in all, it wasn't a bad experience. I got what I needed, possibly saved a dollar or two and was on my way. So, there you have it, I defected, but only this once. I'm sure you can see how it was necessary to do so. And Dixie, you can stop rolling your eyes. I can't help it if you are freakishly attached to that store.

Speaking of has been brought to my attention that I did not give proper shout outs and kudos to her for the oh so clever sign off of "armchairs and honeybees." Little does she know that I TOTALLY gave her credit for it when my sister Jenny laughed out loud at it and thought it was so funny. The thing is, many a year ago when Dixie was off at Ricks and I was slaving away here in AZ, we would write eachother letters. Well, for whatever reason, she signed off one of her letters that way and it began a very hysterical exchange between us on every letter. I have always remembered and used many more times the "armchairs and honeybees" signoff. So there you go, hope you feel properly shouted out to Dixie.

In an effort to properly document 3 of 3 t-shirts, I TRIED to take a picture. However, Maggie was having NONE of it. I tried everything, and this was seriously ALL she would give me. I begged, I pleaded, I cajoled....NOTHIN. I ask you, HOW am I to properly exploit my child in modeling, beauty pageants, TV and movies, so she can make me millions of dollars if she REFUSES to cooperate? I now know that the reason such ugly babies like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson made millions in TV was because ugly or not, they were totally willing to do WHATEVER grownups told them. For reals..think back to the hideous show that was Full House, remember that UGLY baby? Yeah, those twinners made their parents LOTS of money. Oh Maggie, why can't you just behave? Clearly she doesn't recognize the goldmine she's sitting on. Tee hee hee

Well, this is getting way to long, and I have other things I want to cover, but I guess I'll have to save it for another time. Oh except this....

KUDOS to Lana for totally getting the Strong Bad quote in my last post. You now have my love and admiration forever and ever and ever. Not that you didn't already have it, but it's just increased.

And finally...can anyone out there PLEASE help me to figure out how to put video on here. I have some cute footage and know NOT how to upload it here. So, anyone? Lessons, love me, come HELP me!

Turkeys and tots


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is brought to you by....

The letter:

A for ADORABLE! And the number 2 for the size pants she's wearing that seem to be tightly fitting her big belly, and for the number t-shirt (out of 3) that she's sporting today.

I kept trying to get her to stand still and pose, and she was running away. But as soon as she got to the door, she turned and posed. Apparently, she had her own ideas about where she thought the shot would be best.

Sorry, I HAD to post the pictures, 'cause please, the shirt says I'm HOT, which I am right? hehe and also, I'm fairly proud of her pigtails today, one of my better efforts, and finally, as stated above, A for ADORABLE!! No new pic of Max, as he was sleeping, then eating and now sleeping again. But, you would have seen that he's totally wearing the same outfit as yesterday, and I didn't want to be judged. I mean, the poor kid never left the house yesterday, minus the VERY brief foray over to Dixies for 10 minutes. Today, we're totally going to Target (it feels cleaner and safer than Wal-mart, am I completely wierd?) and perhaps a run into Fry's. Look out folks, the good times are rolling now. I MUST hurry, Maggie is napping and so is Max, and today is a wash my hair day.
By the way...Maggie totally (could I use that word maybe 10 more times, I'm so sure!) would NOT go to sleep last night. This is incredibly NOT like her. This is a girl who has gone to bed between 7 and 8:00 without fail, like clockwork since she was 6 months old. Usually, you ask her if she wants to go night night and she either says "NO" which means she needs about 20 more minutes to be up, or she just says "yes" or walks straight to her room. So anyway, last night, I bathed her, put on her Pj's, let her play a little and then put her down. I needed to nurse Max, and this is something that takes some alone time from her. So, lay her down, and within seconds she is screaming, crying, bawling. I let it go on for a little bit, she was saying water, so I took her a sippy, but that is NOT waht she wanted. She proceeded to bawl and cry and ask for Daddy. I tried to comfort her, assure her all was well and left the room again. She continued to cry, scream, etc. for a long time. I finally went in there, and she was just the saddest thing. She kept asking for Daddy (which has never happened). He never came home from work, he just went straight to his Sisters for a Mary Kay thing. Anyway, I tried to tell her that Daddy would be home later, that it was ok, that she needed to go to sleep, etc. Nothing wold console her, so I got the phone and claled him. He talked to her, she just kept saying "daddy" and he told her she needed to go "night night" and she would repeat "night night". It was really wierd, and so heartbreaking too. Anyway, the point is, she would not sleep. I hung up, tried to put her down, she started crying, so I said fine, she could come out with me, but she was NOT allowed to play, she just had to sit on the couch. So, she did, she sat on the couch and didn't move for a long time. She finally played with the remotes for awhile, and at NINE freaking THIRTY I put her to bed without seeing her Daddy. It was really just so strange. I'm hoping this isn't a new phase, 'cause that would suck. On the upside, she's so tired this morning that she willingly took a morning nap.

Well, this is longer than I intended and my shower time is fading away.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Because that's how I do it.

I'm fully aware that I JUST posted my tag entry, but peeps, if you want any entries from me, ya just gots to take them in bulk. The fact that I have had an hour of peace and quiet and I actually uploaded pics, and made entries is miracle enough. So, I figured best get them done while I can. The girls are napping, I fed Max, he's napping too, HGTV is playing in the background and I'm just gonna post pictures of Maggie and Max 'cause they're cute. Oh, don't worry, I've already swept and mopped the kitchen, done 2 loads of laundry, picked up the family room, vacuumed and more. I feel so accomplished, even if I didn't give my kids baths, get to the store and I haven't started dinner. At least I've THOUGHT about dinner, that has to count for something.

First of all, a shout out to my blog stalkers...Heeeey. I didn't know I HAD blog stalkers, but last night, 2 of them confessed to me. How fun is that, people reading this and I didn't even know. I really thought there were only like 1o people who ever read this, and 8 were my family. It's just...apparently I need comments. I guess that is the one area I'm needy in my life...comments. Wow, that sounds snotty huh. Like I don't have issues or needs...I'm just perfect. HAHAHAHAHA!! Anywho, moving on.

I will first post a couple more Halloween pics of my chillens...I wish I was a skilled photog like Gina and Summer. Their kids are so lucky, 'cause they have such awesome pics, and I'm, well I'm retarded, I can totally admit it. My poor kids will have books full of the same freaking pose, taken poorly. "Uh, I mean....yes I'm awesome." (name where that quote is from and you win my love and admiration forever.)

This was Maggie not long after we got to Jeres work. Her Fifi was rather hot, and she's a sweatbox as it is. Note her bucket that she would NOT let us carry for her.

Our sweet little Maxiebee.

Daddy Ceaser and his babies. I like to think that had ol' Julius Ceaser had Halloween to celebrate, he would have taken HIS kids out as well.

Ok, so the next pic is of Maggie sporting this t-shirt that Gramma Peg gave her last Christmas. She gave her 3 t-shirts last year and they were huge. I put them in a drawer and thought I'd put them on when they'd fit. Well, oopsy, the time for fitting has nearly come and gone. Maggie just grew up so fast...I found them in the drawer the other day and well...Max can wear them next year.

I felt it necessary to give her some silly rock star hair to match her shirts saying. Nothing says "rock star" like a whale spout of crazy on top of the head.

Seriously, how cute is this? I'd like to point out that the jeans she's wearing are some of Brooklyn's hand me downs. Note the rolled bottoms. They are even buttoned, as these are a pair of pants that are meant to become capris when rolled and buttoned. On Brooklyn they were definitely capris (her legs are redonkulously long) and on Maggie, they fit snugly at her fat little ankles.

I worked LONG and hard to accomplish this picture. I think it was worth the effort. A true smiling picture of Maggie sassy pants is about as rare as a sighting of the white breasted Ibis sparrow bird. (name of bird was made up to truly punctuate the rarity of picture).
And finally..........................MAX. Let's just be honest, getting a good pic of newborns is a bit tricky. They're mostly just blobs and sometimes they're way cuter in person. But, this one turned out fairly well, I felt it accurately depicted his cuteness. hee hee. This cute outfit is courtesy of Miz Jenee...thanks!

My peaceful time is over...Maggie is yelling "MOM" from her crib and getting ever more impatient as time passes. So, with that I bid thee all a fair adieu...until the next time I can find a moment and a purpose to post.

Armchairs and honeybees,


Tag, I'm it?

Well, as it turns out, I've been tagged by my sis Dixie. I generally ignore or avoid all tags, because frankly, I just don't care to write 4 things about myself, or what I'm doing right now, or what I'm wearing, etc. However, THIS tag is picture tag, and I found it worthy of my time, hehehehe.

So, apparently I was to open up my 3rd picture folder and put up the 3rd picture. I went to the old computer in the back, since the laptop has only recent pics, and I found this little gem.

So, this is a shot of me just days before I delivered Maggie...July of '07. In this pregnancy I felt cute, and I still had my collar bone and everything. My hair even looked cute, oh what a difference pregnancy two makes, hahaha. I mean, this shirt did not fit as well this time, which is what happens when you are FATTER! By the way, can't WAIT to be able to start working out, 'cause wow! My hips have their own area code these days.
Alrighty, I've done my duty. So, I'm tagging....Alison, Andrea, Tammy. Get to it ladies!
Peace out!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween...better late than never

OK, I'm FULLY aware that Halloween was a complete week ago, but get over it people, this breastfeeding thing sucks up every waking moment of my life. Well, if I don't have a kid attached to the boober (which by the way is a blog post all its own that I may write about sometime soon) or the pump attached to the bubby, or doing a little girls hair, or changing poopy diapers or feeding a kid, or picking up the house for the 105th time that day, or a baby attached to the boob, well then I MUST be going to the bathroom or sleeping. You GET my point I'm sure. Now, I'm not complaining, merely giving valid reason as to my absentness from blogging, and my attrocious lateness to posting pics of my devestatingly adorable daughter in her Halloween costume.

I'm not even at home right now. I'm at my in-laws, because Jeres sister was visiting from Chicago (she comes like once every 5 years) and his Mom wanted to have a mini Thanksgiving today. So, they're all in the other room being entertained by Maggie, and I'm trolling blogs. Yeah, that's just how I roll. So, I decided that I MUST post SOMETHING or die. I don't have my pictures, but I have ONE pic that was taken of Maggie and Jere at his work.

Let's get one thing straight...I do NOT like Halloween. I'm just not a fan, never have been. I find the idea of getting in costumes embarrassing and annoying. Whereas...Jere ADORES Halloween. It's one of his greatest joys, to dress up, to get candy, to "play". So anyway, our day of Hallow was spent at Jeres work, well at least 3 hours of it. I got the kids all dressed up, Maggie in her Fifi costume and Max in his bumblebee (courtesy of one Aunt Dixie) and we dashed off to the ol' Univ. of Phoenix. Jere's building was putting on a HUGE "fall festival" with activities and trick or treating and decorated cubicles, etc. All the employees families were invited and it was a giant costume extravaganze. Maggie was SUCH a good sport, especially considering her costume was a smidge on the small side. It too was a hand me down gift from Aunt Dixie. It was a 6-12 month size, and as you may have noticed, she is beyond the 12 mont expiration date of the costume. But, we squeezed her chubby little bum in it, and her chubby face. The face is actually where it was tightest. But, like I said, she was a good sport. So anyway, we went to his work and Max stayed safely in his carseat under a blanket the whole time and Maggie trudged around gathering candy in her bucket and looking cute. She would NOT let anyone touch her bucket, even when it was clearly to heavy for her. Jere was the proudest papa, showing her off to all his co-workers. It was a long 3 hours, but fun (for Maggie I'm sure). After leaving there, we went home, Max got some boob steak and then we headed to the ward carnival. Again, Max was safely ensconced in his stroller, and Maggie trotted around with us. We only went to show G-ma and G-pa Shum her costume and to get some eats. After that, we headed to Jeres Moms house to show her and Aunt Julie the costumes and then it was home. We were WELL past bedtime and it had been a busy day. So yeah, that was it for us. I will now pleasure you with a picture of last years Halloween and this years.

Our little monkey girl. She was not pleased with costume wearing for this. Jere was a very big, furry white dog. And I was a poodle. Yeah, I actually dressed up, about the only time it will ever happen.

Hail to Ceaser and our sweet little pink poodle Fifi. When I'm home I'll upload pictures and show Max the bumblebee.