Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A quicky....and not "that kind"

Thanks for feeling me on the Wal-mart thing my friends. I knew you'd all understand. Here's the thing...I have soooooooo many things I want to write about, and I just don't have the energy or the time. So, I'm just gonna post a picture or 12, 'cause I have some really cute ones, and then maybe one day, I'll get around to the actual posting.

First off a little note to my beloved friend Jill, mother of my future son in law (Jenny, you're the mother of one too, don't worry, we'll just have to have a battle or something). We TOTALLY can and MUST get together when you're home for Thanksgiving. I would be bitter and well BITTER if we didn't. So yes, please plan on it, even if it is ONLY a stop by. We need to see how big Maggie is next to Nix, and Max totally needs a little Jill and Tank lovin. So, call me.

Went to Target today, it felt good. In fact, I not only went to Target, I also went to Costco, and yesterday, I went to Fry's, with all three kids in tow. Look out world, super mom is comin your way. My super smart sis Dixie clued me in to a better way of dealing with the booty scoot in the van and life is so much better. Instead of squeezing in through the seats, I just open up the back, and climb in the cargo area and buckle her from behind. It's sooooooo much easier. I'm sure it looks a bit strange to the average passer by, but hey, it works for me! Being at the Costco with the girls was almost like old times. We happily meandered through the aisles, ate up the samples that were to be had, and then, after checking out, got our usual pizza and hotdog and split them between us. It was DELIGHTFUL, other than the moment that Max woke up and screamed his gutts out 'cause he wanted some too. I stood, holding a binky in his mouth, eating with one hand, and trying to deal with Maggie in the other. It was "awesome". Even awesomer, all the little comments people made either directly to me or as they passed by. Like I don't already know that I have my hands full, oh people are cute.

Just a shot of my said super smart sis Dix, cozying up with Max and the girls. The shirtless one is her daughter Morgan (please reference her pig pen entry in her blog).

Anyway, it was great to be out and about and getting things done. I can't believe we're so near the end of November already, how ridiculous. I mean really, do you all realize that Max is a month old? Yeah, it's true, an entire month has come and gone. YIKES!!! Speaking of, I'd better hurry, 'cause he's getting a little peesed off in his bouncy chair, and my sweet writing time is nearly gone.

Ok, there could arguably be an entire blog entry dedicated to Brooklyn and what a hysterical, smart, crazy drama queen she is, and how tragically she's entirely unphotogenic, inspite of the fact that she's one of the CUTEST real life girls you'll ever see. So, I took this picture to document that THIS is what gets dropped off to me every morning.
And THIS is what happens when I work my hair skilz magic. Occasionally we get a cute pic with some coaching and professional camera angles, etc. Just kidding, but I thought this was a cute one of her. I love how much just doing hair can change a persons look.

This is my darling student Mckay, and she's holding Max who in turn is wearing the ADORABLE outfit that SHE gave him. I truly adore her and will be sad when she graduates this year. She's been with me since like 8th grade or something crazy like that. I could write a whole blog entry on misconceptions people have about other people, 'cause Mckay and I have bonded over this issue. So we don't smile all the time people, it's OK, it doesn't mean we hate you or aren't happy. Anyway, that's my blog entry in a nutshell concerning THAT topic.

Just because THAT is a sweet picture. Maggie really does love "brother" and is always wanting to pet him, love him or take care of him.

And finally, I'll leave you with this little gem. Nothing says good quality morning time like a diaper in the face. I was in the other room with Max when I hear this being yelled..."Allyson, get the camera NOW." I come rushing in to find this tender moment being shared by Father and daugter. Apparently Maggie had made her way in to our room, cooerced her way on to the bed, and then proceeded to have a seat. Ahhhhh, children, they're the best! Erika...does THIS look like what you're Mom was gonna do to you when you were in trouble? hahahahahahahaha Don't worry peeps, I just totally injected a complete inside joke into my blog. I'm so lame, and that's ok.

Much love and joy to all. Here's hoping I make it back here sometime soon to talk about getting to church, nursing and a myriad of other exciting topics.

Oh Joyce...there you are, how distengay (that's how it sounds) and debonaire you are, there you are!!!

Apples and pajamas-



Dixiechick said...

Quicky? Funny, but not quicky. Those pictures of Maggie on Jere's head are awesome! P.S. and by the way, I *do* need to be informed if hideous pictures of me are to be posted on your blog. Ew. Also, one last thing...the word verification I have to type to post this comment is "swero". Is that Spanish for swear?

ZippityDoDaw said...

Personally I saw the picture of Dixie and thought, Holy Crap she is even thinner than humanly possible! :)

That out of the way, You are super mom, babysitting amidst newborn detail and adjusting to having 2 of your own. You ROck Baby! Fine tuning your hair skillz very nice. Then you even find time to throw in a blog with diaper booty on the head, excellent! :)

Andrea said...

You are too funny! I love to read your blog just so I can get a good laugh in. I am impressed with your hair skills. You can have at least 5 more girls and their hair would be oh so very cute. :O}

Dana said...

Okay....do kids just have magnets in their butts that are attracted to one in their sleeping parents face?!? Cause it doesn't matter when, if I'm alseep and Jayce is awake he will plop his big (usually covered in a WET diaper) booty right on my FACE! Ugh. Guess next time I'll be sure to have Adam snap a picture. And then post it on your blog since I don't have one! (and yea, I kept thinking where is the QUICK blog post with 12 pictures??) Too funny.

Andersonland said...

Here I am...I feel just like a big huge clam....here I ammmmm....

Ok, enough with the show tunes...oh wait what kind of blasphemy was that??? Holy cow....

I do not look distengay or debonare... I just look like Barney the Purple dinosaur.. rarw! Which means I should post some sort of belly shot on our blog, but since we've only taken two of those, it's kind of moot at this point. I will take one before and after shot, just to prove I was in fact, with child.

And yes, Dixie, swero is spanish for swear....didn't you know you can make up the word verification into any word from any language!

jen said...

I didn't know Micah had to battle it out for Maggie. I'll start prepping him now.
You aren't busy enough if you have time to teach, do Brooklyn's hair, go to Target, dress your kids, and still know where your camera is. Tell Jere that there's definitely a third, maybe a fourth out there for you. That will be the only way to fully challenge your organizational skills. So glad you're my friend (said with a heavy Scottish/Irish accent.) :)
ps sorry to alarm you. It's all good.

Erock! said...

Too funny! I love the pick of Mags on Jere's head. I think any of us with kids have been there.

Greg and Tammy said...

WOW. Diaper in the face and Jere is just laying there taking like a man? DANG. Good hubby you got there. Way to go on the Brooklyn hair dos! I'll need you to coach me when Emma gets older. I totally agree with a hair do making a big difference!

Mel said...

Maggie makes me laugh. Seriously, I think my child is going to be a ragamuffin for a while. Every time I even go near with a bow or a comb she screams her head off, or runs away. If I do manage to get one in, she yanks it out. I've tried giving her toys and distracting her, or even doing her hair in the car seat when she can't move. I'm even afraid to get her hair cut because if she acts like that when I'm near her head with a bow, I don't know what she'll do when someone is near her head with scissors. I really think she believes she's a 4 year old boy.

LanaBanana said...

A well-posted blog entry in deed. I'm all about random hodge podge postings. :)

Molly Shumway Rawlins said...

love max's outfit in these pictures! I love that Jere had you bring the camera to get pics of head sitting. It is just too funny.