Monday, November 10, 2008

Because that's how I do it.

I'm fully aware that I JUST posted my tag entry, but peeps, if you want any entries from me, ya just gots to take them in bulk. The fact that I have had an hour of peace and quiet and I actually uploaded pics, and made entries is miracle enough. So, I figured best get them done while I can. The girls are napping, I fed Max, he's napping too, HGTV is playing in the background and I'm just gonna post pictures of Maggie and Max 'cause they're cute. Oh, don't worry, I've already swept and mopped the kitchen, done 2 loads of laundry, picked up the family room, vacuumed and more. I feel so accomplished, even if I didn't give my kids baths, get to the store and I haven't started dinner. At least I've THOUGHT about dinner, that has to count for something.

First of all, a shout out to my blog stalkers...Heeeey. I didn't know I HAD blog stalkers, but last night, 2 of them confessed to me. How fun is that, people reading this and I didn't even know. I really thought there were only like 1o people who ever read this, and 8 were my family. It's just...apparently I need comments. I guess that is the one area I'm needy in my life...comments. Wow, that sounds snotty huh. Like I don't have issues or needs...I'm just perfect. HAHAHAHAHA!! Anywho, moving on.

I will first post a couple more Halloween pics of my chillens...I wish I was a skilled photog like Gina and Summer. Their kids are so lucky, 'cause they have such awesome pics, and I'm, well I'm retarded, I can totally admit it. My poor kids will have books full of the same freaking pose, taken poorly. "Uh, I mean....yes I'm awesome." (name where that quote is from and you win my love and admiration forever.)

This was Maggie not long after we got to Jeres work. Her Fifi was rather hot, and she's a sweatbox as it is. Note her bucket that she would NOT let us carry for her.

Our sweet little Maxiebee.

Daddy Ceaser and his babies. I like to think that had ol' Julius Ceaser had Halloween to celebrate, he would have taken HIS kids out as well.

Ok, so the next pic is of Maggie sporting this t-shirt that Gramma Peg gave her last Christmas. She gave her 3 t-shirts last year and they were huge. I put them in a drawer and thought I'd put them on when they'd fit. Well, oopsy, the time for fitting has nearly come and gone. Maggie just grew up so fast...I found them in the drawer the other day and well...Max can wear them next year.

I felt it necessary to give her some silly rock star hair to match her shirts saying. Nothing says "rock star" like a whale spout of crazy on top of the head.

Seriously, how cute is this? I'd like to point out that the jeans she's wearing are some of Brooklyn's hand me downs. Note the rolled bottoms. They are even buttoned, as these are a pair of pants that are meant to become capris when rolled and buttoned. On Brooklyn they were definitely capris (her legs are redonkulously long) and on Maggie, they fit snugly at her fat little ankles.

I worked LONG and hard to accomplish this picture. I think it was worth the effort. A true smiling picture of Maggie sassy pants is about as rare as a sighting of the white breasted Ibis sparrow bird. (name of bird was made up to truly punctuate the rarity of picture).
And finally..........................MAX. Let's just be honest, getting a good pic of newborns is a bit tricky. They're mostly just blobs and sometimes they're way cuter in person. But, this one turned out fairly well, I felt it accurately depicted his cuteness. hee hee. This cute outfit is courtesy of Miz Jenee...thanks!

My peaceful time is over...Maggie is yelling "MOM" from her crib and getting ever more impatient as time passes. So, with that I bid thee all a fair adieu...until the next time I can find a moment and a purpose to post.

Armchairs and honeybees,



jen said...

I guess I also count as a blog stalker. When you mentioned that you had pics of Max on your blog that I could show Heidi, I took the initiative to find it. Ah... motivated me. Anyway, so impressed with your blog. When I had two little tiny kids (and no one I was babysitting), I was lucky to do my hair. See? I told you that it wouldn't be so hard. You really are quite amazing.
I'm a little (ok, a lot) behind the times, and I just started a Denton family blog. If you REALLY want to visit the blog hinterland (where only my mom, my sister Karen and Brad have even ventured!) its Maybe soon I'll make it as informative/photographic/entertaining as yours. Until that time, you still have the opportunity to be the first person outside my genetic makeup to read/leave a comment. It's not often you're extended such an invitation! See you tomorrow!
And I'm happy to help fulfill one of your needs!

Molly Shumway Rawlins said...

I feel glad that I am one of the ten "knowns" :) I love

Molly Shumway Rawlins said...

--sorry i hit enter too soon. I meant to say, I love your blog, and your posts. The picture thing takes time to figure out. I learned tricks to catch Scarlett in a smile because she NEVER SMILES on cue. we love you guys.

Andrea said...

Cute kids! Max is a pretty baby!

ZippityDoDaw said...

love your bee! Dad does Rock... It really is all about the comments. If no one ever says anything, how do you know your message was Oh so well received?! Impressive work for 1 nap time! Bring on Twins!

LanaBanana said...

Well, it appears that I, alone, will be winning the "love and admiration" forever because only I am responding to the quote...STRONG BAD!!

Anyway, Maggie and Max's costumes were adorable and Jere makes a very handsome Caesar. Finally, I love the sign off...armchairs and honeybees? Crazy. :)

Dixiechick said...

Um, I believe the armchairs and honeybees kudos shall go to me Lana. Allyson swindled that exit from me ages ago.

Jere is Cool said...

When Allyson and I first started dating she would end her emails "Armchairs & Honeybees" and then we'd try to one-up each other on the random ways we could end. HA! I had NO IDEA this was stolen from you Dixie. I feel like I've been deceived for so long. Weird.