Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is brought to you by....

The letter:

A for ADORABLE! And the number 2 for the size pants she's wearing that seem to be tightly fitting her big belly, and for the number t-shirt (out of 3) that she's sporting today.

I kept trying to get her to stand still and pose, and she was running away. But as soon as she got to the door, she turned and posed. Apparently, she had her own ideas about where she thought the shot would be best.

Sorry, I HAD to post the pictures, 'cause please, the shirt says I'm HOT, which I am right? hehe and also, I'm fairly proud of her pigtails today, one of my better efforts, and finally, as stated above, A for ADORABLE!! No new pic of Max, as he was sleeping, then eating and now sleeping again. But, you would have seen that he's totally wearing the same outfit as yesterday, and I didn't want to be judged. I mean, the poor kid never left the house yesterday, minus the VERY brief foray over to Dixies for 10 minutes. Today, we're totally going to Target (it feels cleaner and safer than Wal-mart, am I completely wierd?) and perhaps a run into Fry's. Look out folks, the good times are rolling now. I MUST hurry, Maggie is napping and so is Max, and today is a wash my hair day.
By the way...Maggie totally (could I use that word maybe 10 more times, I'm so sure!) would NOT go to sleep last night. This is incredibly NOT like her. This is a girl who has gone to bed between 7 and 8:00 without fail, like clockwork since she was 6 months old. Usually, you ask her if she wants to go night night and she either says "NO" which means she needs about 20 more minutes to be up, or she just says "yes" or walks straight to her room. So anyway, last night, I bathed her, put on her Pj's, let her play a little and then put her down. I needed to nurse Max, and this is something that takes some alone time from her. So, lay her down, and within seconds she is screaming, crying, bawling. I let it go on for a little bit, she was saying water, so I took her a sippy, but that is NOT waht she wanted. She proceeded to bawl and cry and ask for Daddy. I tried to comfort her, assure her all was well and left the room again. She continued to cry, scream, etc. for a long time. I finally went in there, and she was just the saddest thing. She kept asking for Daddy (which has never happened). He never came home from work, he just went straight to his Sisters for a Mary Kay thing. Anyway, I tried to tell her that Daddy would be home later, that it was ok, that she needed to go to sleep, etc. Nothing wold console her, so I got the phone and claled him. He talked to her, she just kept saying "daddy" and he told her she needed to go "night night" and she would repeat "night night". It was really wierd, and so heartbreaking too. Anyway, the point is, she would not sleep. I hung up, tried to put her down, she started crying, so I said fine, she could come out with me, but she was NOT allowed to play, she just had to sit on the couch. So, she did, she sat on the couch and didn't move for a long time. She finally played with the remotes for awhile, and at NINE freaking THIRTY I put her to bed without seeing her Daddy. It was really just so strange. I'm hoping this isn't a new phase, 'cause that would suck. On the upside, she's so tired this morning that she willingly took a morning nap.

Well, this is longer than I intended and my shower time is fading away.



ZippityDoDaw said...

For all the mothers of boys, THank You for the Blue Ribbon pig tails... and my mom is HOT! She really is so adorable! I hope for your sake her night time antics were a fluke.

Mel said...

Oh that must be so horrible to have a child that won't go to bed until 9:30! I would just die! Oh wait...that's my life. Although I don't have a second baby yet, so I do feel bad for you :)
Maggie is so cute. You need to teach me how to do hair. Olivia always looks like she just rolled out of bed. Even when I do get it looking semi-cute, she tugs at it and pulls out anything I try to do. Love her!
Btw, I totally get the walmart/target thing. Krys and I have a rule that our child will NEVER enter a walmart under the age of 3. I hate that store. Target is way better. You're not weird, I'm the same way.

Crandell Fam said...

oh that Mags...you gotta love her! She's the schweetest girly ever, and I'm sad that she just needed her daddy and he wasn't there for her. However, the fact that she sat on the couch by you was adorable. Love her.

Lene said...

Allyson your kids are such cuties!

Emily Lauren said...

Beckam went to bed at 10:00pm tonight. And the night before, and the night before, ha ha.
It makes it hard to change anything when he sleeps till 10:30 (thank you).
I love Maggies shirt and matching bows- ADORABLE! And max was the cutest little bumble bee.
We still have to come meet him. And bring him his gift, since I missed your shower :(.

LanaBanana said...

Maybe it's a desperate bid for attention after Max came around. I mean, since she's been nearly perfect, it's only fair that she do SOMETHING slightly considered "out-of-character" or "challenging". Sheesh. :) Some people get all the perfect children. hehehe