Friday, November 21, 2008

There are consequences little missy...

When a certain little miz sassy pants chooses, nay REFUSES to take a nap, the consequences are rather, well...I'll let the pictures tell the story.

let us notate the green beans. I'm SUCH a good Mom, hee hee
It went a little like around 10:30 she was definitely tired, which was evidanced by her holding her blanky, sucking on her binky and laying her head on the chair. But, at that point, it was too late for a morning nap and I figured she could just wait it out. Well, then around 11:30 she made the same move, but there was lunch to be had and THEN it would be nap time. So, lunch was a success, and then there was play time. Just as she and Brooklyn were having a grand old time playing hide and seek with their blankets, I decided it was indeed time for the long delayed nap. So (keep in mind she ALWAYS goes down between 1:00 and 2:00) I put her down, she went nicely and then the screaming and crying began. It went on for a LONG time. I had to get her up because Dixie was gonna watch the kids at 2:00 and she wanted to put Maggie down at her house. So, we wandered over to Dixies and I dropped my over tired girl and tummy aching, screaming son off and away I went. Apparently she refused to nap for Dixie as well. So, at 5:30, after crying at me for a good half hour, I got her into her highchair and fed her dinner. While I had her happily eating, and finally got Max to sleep without me holding him, I was picking up the house. When I came around the corner, there she was, in all her sleeping glory, hand perched above her plate. Let it be said that she didn't even wake up as I washed her face and hands, removed the plate and high chair tray. She only woke up as I took the bib off, and all she said was, "num num (shorthand for her binky). She has NEVER done this before, and it was too funny. I love kids, I mean really, who can fall asleep mid bite? So, the moral of the story is...take your naps, else you fall asleep at inopportune moments. Did I mention it was 5:30 p.m.? Love this girl.

In other news...a HUGE thank you to my sister Dixie for making THIS possible:

Is there anything better than a fresh pedi? No, I thought not. Ok, I totally get that looking at anyone elses feet is just sort of grody, but I was just trying to drive home the point that I have freshly done toesies. I also fully realize that I have the worlds largest nails, and that it could take an entire bottle of polish to cover those big toes of mine. However, I think it's great, because at least you can enjoy the color, haha. Oh, so the point is, Dixie, my beloved sister gave me 2 free hours away from my kids so I could do whatever I wanted. Apparently, they had a family home evening lesson on service, and she chose me as her "project" haha. So, I blithely drove to Kirkland home store, and zipped out of the car with no worries of removing chiildren from any seats and buckles, etc. I went to Catherines, got my toes done, stopped at Sprouts and all in all had a lovely time. Thank you Dixie for choosing me, it was MUCH appreciated! My toes and my fabulous nail guy (Sun) thank you too!

In further developments that have somewhat to do with Dixie. I sort of gave an internet promise that I'd do a triathalon with Dixie in May. I know, what the hey ho was I thinking? I'll tell you what I was thinking...I'm a fool. But also, as mentioned before, these hips and their zipcode need a little eviction notice and this could be just the thing. I'm scared, but I'm sure Dixie will be kind to me.

Lastly, yesterday my darling little Max turned one month old. Are you freaking kidding me, where did a month go? These are not the best pics, but at least they're something. Don't mind the one where it looks like he has a blue patch on his eye. I was trying to fix the red eye and apparently if you go outside the "eye" part, it paints the face blue. I have no idea how to undo that, so it is what it is.

He's a very sweet little guy and I'm pretty much in love. However, I'm totally ready for him to sleep more during the night. He needs to take a page out of his sisters notebook and sleep through the night already. Oh, one can dream.

Speaking of, he's screaming for some attention.

Peace out my peepers.


Dana said...

What a lovely afternoon! I'm so happy for you-- Mr. Max already looks way too old and I just haven't gotten to love on him enough. *sigh*
Well anyway....great post!

Dixiechick said...

I like to read your blog 'cause it makes me feel famous. :) I knew the pics of Maggie would be up today, so I came to check for that. Livy and Owen both had a falling asleep in the high chair episode, but not Morgan. That's because she DOESN'T sleep. Ugh. Cute, cute.

jen said...

Great pictures of Maggie. I think she just might be stubborn enough to fit into the Denton family--Score: Micah 1, other kid 0. Never had a pedicure, I kind of have a feet thing, so . . . . eww. My one question to you is: Why does serving green beans make you a bad mom? It's a staple, and a green, vegetable staple at that. You know they're canned at the peak of freshness, right? Twin Falls, Idaho, where I grew up, grows 97% of the world's green bean seed, etc. (ever heard of the Blue Lakes variety?) So I just may be the closest thing you have to an expert on the subject.
Triathlon? AWESOME! If I'm healed, I'd love to do it with y'all. I haven't ever done one, and I'm not the world's best swimmer (or biker or runner, for that matter), but, like the tortoise, I ALWAYS finish. Let me know. How about dessert tomorrow? Let me know!

jen said...

And, most important (that I managed to forget), that Max is adorable! What a beautiful baby. Love every minute, it disappears!

Erock! said...

Somehow none of my kids ever fell asleep while eating. I have vivid memories of you, Allyson, falling asleep into a plate of spaghetti when we lived in the Dragoon house. Cute kids!

Mel said...

I hate days where O refuses to sleep. The only silver lining is she almost always makes up for it the next day. You guys can officially say you make cute babies! :) They are both adorable.
I might be interested in the Triathlon.

Andrea said...

Wow a triathlon! I am impressed! Yes your kids are cute and the story is funny, but come on a Triathlon! Way to go!

Crandell Fam said...

Oh your toes look lovely, and I wish I was more service-ful now cuz Dixie has inspired me! I'm happy she chose you for her project, too, because you deserved it. :) Glad you had fun. Oh, and Maggie and Max are both 'DORABLE! Oh, and can I join you guys on the triathalon??

ZippityDoDaw said...

Oh Max is SO cute. The red eye thing is cracking me up, I have had a smaller version of that happen to me, the trick is to exit your picture section and not save changes. I don't know what you do after having saved erroneous changes. Love the toes!

LanaBanana said...

I found it humorous when you--nonchalantly--said, I'm sure Dixie will be nice to me. hahaha. Oh Allyson. You have known her her whole life, right? Just checking. :) Cause she's gonna give you a speech about it's-not-my-job-to-be-nice-to-you-you'll-thank-me-later-give-me-2-more-minutes-of-wall-sits!!!! Have fun!