Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I got adventureous and took the kids to:


First we had lunch:

Then they got to swing on the swings. This was Maggies first experience swinging by herself on a real swing.

I thought this picture was so cute. They were having so much fun, giggling and looking at eachother.

Then they began to crawl and and climb and slide and have real fun. It was a fun time had by both. Dirty and messy, but fun and worth the trip to the ghetto park.

And this is what Max thought of the day in the fresh air and breeze:

Whell, so much for showin him the world outside, hahahaha. After a couple of days where he thought that sleep was only worthwhile while being held 100% of the time, I'm happy to report he's back to his delightful self of being calm and sleeping outside of my arms most of the time.
Disclaimer, this post was begun yesterday Monday the 24th, but the pictures were taking at least six years a piece to upload so I got bugged and stopped. I finished it this morning.

In other news, Max had a FANTASTIC night last night. He fell asleep around 9:30 and slept until nearly 6 a.m. It was GLORIOUS!! Thank you Max, THANK YOU!

I'd also like to report that we had a surprise visitor on our doorstep last night. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to see Carson standing there. I nearly didn't recognize him with his long lucious locks and I certainly should have taken a pic, but just trust me, he was here, and we're the lucky ones he chose to visit. I just love that silly boy. Thanks for stopping by.

And since I'm just blurting out random thoughts. Why didn't it occurr to me MUCH sooner that I have no business doing a triathalon if for no other reason than a SWIMMING SUIT is involved! Good heavens above, this is more than I can deal with. I can totally handle that it'll hurt, and I can HANDLE the fact taht I don't run, or sit on miniscule bike seats without a great deal of pain, but what I DO NOT do is wear a swim suit in public, or in the day time, EVER! It's just NOT a sight anyone, and I do mean ANYONE needs to see. Even losing weight, there is still the hanging skin, the ugly skin, the fat, the skin, the, oh jeez, it's just not fit for viewing. So, I'm hoping that I'll be able to find some sort of body suit that covers this stuff up. Well, let me just illustrate this for you, a little story if you will. This summer I went to Porter and Lanas for a little swim time. I put on my suit, and then I put on a big pair of surf shorts over the suit. When I was getting inthe water, Tatum (5 years old) says to me, "why are you wearing shorts?" And I told her, "because I have hideous legs that noone should have to see." So, we swam, it was fine, all was well. As I got out of the pool I pulled my shorts off to dry myself. In the moment I did that, Tatum says "I see what you mean, your legs ARE disgusting." hahahahahahahahahaha You have GOT to love 5 year old truthfulness. I just had to laugh, because what else are you gonna do? Poor Lana was mortified, but hey, it's just the truth. So, you can see my dilemma, can't you? Guess I'm off to search out a proper body suit, to save the masses from getting eye cancer.

Goggles and binkies,



Molly Shumway Rawlins said...

you are stronger than I. I did not volunteer to do the triathalon, because of all the reasons you mentioned as to why it would be no fun, and I think that the bicycling and running would be the worst parts for me personally, and I know exactly what you are talking about with the bicycle seat. But I truly admire you for doing it, and if you live through it, maybe the next go round I will offer to be a part :)

You are so adventurous going to the park. Scarlett and I only go out side to get from our house to the car. Your little man had the right idea sleeping through it :)

Mel said...

Kids are so great. You can always count on them to make you feel so good about yourself. Once I was teaching preschool and I was tutoring a little boy. He wanted me to draw a picture with him so I drew a couple stick figures and said that was him and I. He looked at me and said "umm, thats not you. You drew yourself skinny and you're not skinny, you're F-A-T!" What a sweetheart!
The park pictures are cute. Looks like fun.

LadyCarma said...

I am sorry Tatum, my granddaughter, was SO honest. You made me laugh in reading the story. We all need to laugh more, and I appreciate you seeing humor in so many situations and then writing about it.

When I was last in Mesa, visiting Lana and family in August, I was getting ready one morning when the door opened and in walked Dane, with his Eyore and his bright good morning smile. He looks at me wearing my green print pant suit and says: "Cute. Nice dress Grandlady." How sweet is that.

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love you too. Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, I got an account just so i could comment on your blogs. Just like you told me to. tee hee