Sunday, November 23, 2008

Follow up

In truth, this photo was taken on Maggies 1st birthday. I was documenting her day from wakeup to sleepy time. Sorry, not the best pic. But holy cow has her hair grown a ton in a few months!!
Just a quick follow up to Miz thangs early sleepy in the food. She slept soundly all night, minus a brief moment at Midnight when I heard her calling from her room; "Woggin (water), I want some woggin. Wogginnnnnnnnnnn.,......." This went on for a few minutes until I made it in there with her sippy full of water. I handed her the sippy and she literally grabbed it and gulped it until she couldn't breathe and choked on the excess of water running down her throat. Apparently she was THIRSTY. She had handed me her binky, and after taking it back, putting it in her mouth, taking it out, handing it to me, putting the cup in again and then taking the binky back one more time...we had a brief awkward moment, of "what now?" After assuring her she could keep the sippy and now she should go back to sleep, she laid back, waved bye bye to me and promptly went back to sleep until 7:15 in the morning. It was AWESOME. Then at 10:00 she was totally ready for a nap, so crazy. So, there you have it, apparently falling asleep in your food is rather condusive to LOTS of sleep.
In other news, I'm sooooo tired and wondering when I'll ever get some sleep again. I know, I know, it's all a part of parenthood, but somedays you just are more tired than the next.

Furthermore, there seems to be quite a little group gathering on this triatholon thing. Dixie is quite pleased, as I told her now Jenny D is interested, as is my older sister Dana, Mel just chimed in that she MIGHT be interested, my friend Amy wants to do it. How fun is that, it'll be Dixie, Jen (they're the thin ones) and a bunch of us more full figured women, hehehe. I like to think of myself as thick, not so much fat, it sounds better.

Have I mentioned that I put Maggie into nursery last week? It's 2 months early, but when you're in a ward my size that only has 5 kids in nursery, they don't care. She totally loves it, and who wouldn't? What is NOT to love about a room full of toys, where snacks are handed out? I wish that could be MY class, and we all KNOW that that is Jeres DREAM class. Anyway, it's so nice to not have to deal with her in R.S., now I just have one sweet little sleepy baby to deal with. Speaking of Max, I never get to hold him in R.S. because he's completely comendeared by Dixie or my Mom. I feel so useless sitting there as they feed him, burp him, hold him, love him, pet him, etc. At least today when at the end of class he finally let out a loud squawk, my Mom handed him over so I could comfort him. tee hee, I LOVE being the Mommy.

Finally, I offer you these pictures of Miz Maggs and her ensemble for church today (I just can't post without a pic of some kind, it feels sacreligious or something). I realize she's looking Christmas fresh, but I wasn't sure how well this little jumper would fit in another month. The clothes are totally compliments of Auntie Dana who is always oh so good to us. Thanks Dana for adorable clothes. I'm sure I'll have more pics in the next month as I bust out all the adorable sweaters and stuff that she got Maggie last spring at the big Gymboree sale.

Once again, SHE chose her posing spot, I got no say in the matter. But apparently, though she was very tired, she was in a good enough mood to smile, not once, but TWICE. I was very pleased to find red bows at Target last night, it worked out handily for the outfit.
I wish I didn't suck so much at picture taking, 'cause I always seem to miss the "whole" outfit. She had on tights and cute shoes and everything. But, in case anyone was wondering..."Jesus wants HER for a Sunbeam."

Oh, one last thing. Maggie has taken to saying "bless you" lately everytime I burp or sneeze (what, don't pretend like YOU never burp, you pigs). It's the cutest thing 'cause she has this high pitch to her voice. So, you let out a burpy or something and suddenly you hear this high sing songy "bless uuu". I freaking love when kids start talking, it's the best. Also, somewhere me or signing time have failed her because she is CONVINCED that the sign for please is in fact the sign for tahnk you. So, every time I tell her to say thank you, she happily and quickly signs "please." I've tried to rectify the situation, but she will have none of it. She knows what she knows, and I'm an idiot apparently. Ahh, gotta love stubborn children.

Ok, for reals, I HAVE to go get the laundry out before Max decides to scream at me.

Martinelli dreams and caviar wishes.



Crandell Fam said...

you're hilarious. I love your posts! I'm just sittin' home while the fam is at church cuz I just got back from TX, so I'm catching up on the blogs. P.S. Maggie looks ALL GROWN UP!

ZippityDoDaw said...

I am sure one little tiny comment to the primary president about wanting to go in the nursery would land you both there indefinitely! :) It is amazing to think that too much help could be available at church. I love being the train wreck lady with 3 kids when my husband is sick, No cavalry in sight! You are rocking it doing all you are! Way to go Idaho...

Mel said...

Well I said "might" not because I'm "full-figured" but because I'm not sure when you guys will start training and I have that pesky c-section on January 20th. :)
Provided I heal and adjust quickly, you can count me in. I could, however, be smoking crack. I don't know.

Perhaps Miss Maggie could teach Olivia how to pose, because so far she's all about the action shots.

Andrea said...

You are hilarious! I don't know what you are talking one burps like you! Cute dress! Maggie all of a sudden looks so much older. Perhaps I can meet this child before she turns 20.