Monday, October 31, 2011

Letters to the Editor 3rd Edition (or something like that)

Well....I was just sitting here on the couch, taking a moment to myself after putting the kids down (for the100th time in the last hour) and was thinking.....ya know, maybe I should write some letters. It could have to do with the fact that I HATE KIM KARDASHIAN, or that the weather makes me grouchy, or whatever.  And so, here goes nothing.

Dear Arizona,

I love you, your mountains, your rivers, your streams.....however A word please.  It is NOT ok that the temp is hovering in the 90's on OCTOBER 31ST.  NOT ok.  Not ok that I nearly broke a sweat in my own house upon arriving  home this afternoon.  Even more irritating is the fact that I had to turn my air on, AGAIN.  If you keep this up for even one more minute, I'm going to have to break up with you.

Unhappily yours,

Sweating in Mesatown

Whilst on the subject.....

Dear Mother Nature,

YOU SUCK!  Why do you think it's even remotely fair to slam the East Coast with snow storms, Utah and beyond with cold and rainy weather, the midwest with fall and leave those of us here in the Southwest to bake into shriveled up pieces of jerky?  Spread the freaking wealth.  I don't see why we couldn't all just enjoy an even 68 degrees of lovliness.  What did we ever do to you?

Sick of your rudeness,

Burnt and bitter in AZ

Dear Americans,

And by Americans, I mean those that buy hook line and sinker into pop culture and force "normal" people like me to be bombarded with the sheer stupidity and annoyingness of Kim Kardashian EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I open my computer.  WHO CARES!  Why does anybody give her, her family or anyone like her more than a nanosecond of thought. They are NOTHING.  They offer nothing.   For the love, at least Paris Hilton had a sex tape and a few horrible acting gigs under her belt (I am mildy embarrassed and pained in my heart that I just in some tiny way defended Paris Hilton).  This Kardashian girl has nothing but a bubble butt and stupidity, and yet, AND YET she gets more freaking media time than Presidential hopefuls.  So she's getting divorced....I DON'T CARE.  Nor am I even remotely surprised.  There is nothing genuine or real about her, or her family.  Attention whores, that is all they are....and stupid Americans feed that, watch their shows, buy their crap and make them richer than they already are.
Please, for the love of all that's good and Holy...........STOP allowing them a platform.  Please don't make me see or hear about them anymore, for I fear I will have to pull my face off and stab pencils in my ears soon.

Disgustedly yours,

"Normal" American

Dear "Real Housewives" of any town or county,

You are neither real, nor housewives!
Moving on!

Dear Biggest Loser,

Anna Kournakova?  REALLY? Snore.   Tragic misstep.
Dolvette.....why thank you, thank you very much for THAT eye candy.



Dear Maggie,

You're only four, WHY must you act like your 14 and question every.single.thing I say or do?  It's disconcerting at best, and it freaks me out for the future.  And also, when you roll your eyes at me and flair your nostrils, it only makes me want to WIN more.  Just sayin.

Your Mommy

Dear baby inside me,

Thank you for the excuse to eat copious amounts of carbs.  You're the BEST!!!

With love,

Your Mommy

Dear Costco Pumpkin Pie,

Why must you be so delicious and so tempting to me?  Thank you for the added 5 lbs. I'm sure I've gained because of your creamy delictableness.

Thundering thighs,


Dear Halloween,

I'm over you.  Can we PLEASE move on.  I don't care if I ever see another fun size piece of candy, ghost, goblin or gouhl again. 

Scroogey Vampira

Ok then, I think I'm good for now.  And don't even worry.  I will totally post pics of my kids and all their ridiculous adorableness in their costumes tomorrow.   I mean, I may hate Halloween, but I'm not SUCH a horrible Mom that I don't dress the kids up and let them score some candy of their own.  Please!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

That one time when Max turned THREE! this guy:

This particular shot was taken on a day when it was 110 degrees outside, IN SEPTEMBER.  Max was just apparently REAL desperate to make some cool weather happen.

October 20th was the big day, and Max had really been looking forward to it.  Mostly because I told him when he turned THREE he could get out of his dumb carseat and ride in a booster seat.  I mean really.....the kid weighs 40 lbs. and is nearly 6 ft. tall as it is.  And also, because he was pretty sure he was gonna have a rockin party in the pool with all his cousins.  Sorry kid, can't win 'em all.  So, he was counting down the days.

When I asked him what he wanted, he had but one simple request....a hoopaloop.  I asked again, he exasperatedly said...."that's all I want Mom, a HOOPALOOP."  Right, ok then.  Your wish is my command.  Except, I couldn't just leave it at that, there HAD to be something else.  After perusing the aisles of Wal-Mart at 11:30 p.m. the night before his birthday, in my pj's (what, I like to fit in) I realized something.  Buying presents sucks.  There is just nothing worth getting.  They're so over everything 5 minutes after you give it to them, or it gets broken, or forgotten, or whatever.  After much "agonizing" we finally settled on a little "Lightning the queen" car that talks and a balloon, OF COURSE.  I set the stuff out on the island for him to discover the next morning.

The big day arrived, he woke up bright and early, but that was just because he had to pee.  But, he noticed a sliver of sunlight peeking through the dark morning sky and decided he should be awake as well.  We meandered out to the living room so I could turn on a kids show.  As we approached the kitchen, he stopped short as his sleepy eyes took in the hoopaloop draped over the barstool.  He looked at it, looked at me, and then asked..."is that a balloon?"  "Is it for me?"  I assured him that yes indeed, the balloon, AND the hoopaloop were for him and sang him a little happy birthday tune.  He was so thrilled he could barely take it.  I tried to get him to contain it, as we were all still wanting, and or were asleep.  He tried, he really did, but it was a lot for his newly 3 year old self to keep in.  Pretty soon he was waking Maggie up with the thrilling news of his blinky, lightup hoopaloop.  And then he was in our room, waking up Daddy and sharing the good news.  He played with it and carried his car around all morning.

While Maggie was at school Max and I hung out and then, we picked her up and met a friend over at Peter Piper for some Birthday pizza and playing.

Proudly showing off his "haul" hehe

There is just something so disturbing about this picture.

There, that's much more like it.

Trying to get those darn fingers to cooperate and show us he's THREE

Auntie Julie brought home a wee perfect cake and another balloon.
All was well with the world.

We sang, he blew out, we ate.
We are just that simple and lazy people.
BUT, it works for us.  And my kids are none the wiser.

Gramma Peggy came over and brought him this super cool truck toy and some cute clothes.  She's the BEST for keeping my kids supplied with pj's.  Seirously, I look forward to their bdays and Christmas, 'cause I know they'll be good to go in pajamas for awhile.

After Gramma Peggy left, and we were coming off a cake high, and bathing the kids, my phone rang and it was my parents.  They were there to wish the big guy a Happy Day and bring him his birthday cash.

My parents give cold hard cash to the grandkids (we older kids get checks....JUSt as good) and a sweet card.  Maggie asked, "Why don't they give us REAL presents like Gramma Peggy?"  I informed her that theres was even better in some ways.  With their money, they could buy whatever they wanted, or take themselves to Jump Street.  HELLO.  This made her eyes light up, 'cause she got it.

Anywho....had a lovely visit with the parentals, fed them some dinner and then they were on their way.

All in all, it was a perfectly grand third birthday for my little Maximus Prime.

A few thoughts on my boy:

He still melts my heart, on a daily basis.  Even when he's SO naughty and or so crazy impulsive, and or mean...there is still such a sweet little boy in there that loves his Mommy so much.

He LOVES milk, cereal, mac n cheese, hot dogs, pizza, yogurt and cheese. But, he is NOT so much a fan of bread, any veggie or most things I make for dinner.  He'd rather go hungry, and sometimes has, than eat what I put in front of him.  Pretty sure he'd live on yogurt and cheese if I let him.  But I won't lie....when he comes out sometimes after he's gone to bed and says, "but my tummy says it's still hungry" it kills me and I may or may not have snuck him graham crackers or other things.

He ADORES his sister and wants to be with her, play with her, tease her, beat her, take care of her, etc. at all times.  I fear that as she gets older and starts being more and more annoyed with him, his little heart will be broken many times over.

He's obsessed, OBSESSED I tell you with doorbells.  He must ring ours at least 400 times if he ever gets outside to do it.  Can't go into my parents house without ringing theirs a few times as well.

He's so verbal and so smart.  Yesterday he was trying to tie a ribbon around his ankle, and asked me to help.  I was getting ready and couldn't right then, and he said, "But Mom, I'm having some real problems."  It cracks me up when he uses such grown up thought/terms.

Today was our primary program and the little nursery kids (Maxs age) were s'posed to go up and sing one song.  He is crazy clingy to me when it comes to church, so I had to go up and sit in the front.  Anywho, he went up and the kids were singing, and all he could do was grab at the mike.  When it was all over, and I went to get him down, he threw the HUGEST fit and cried "I wanted to sing BABY BABY five times."  Needless to say he was none to pleased that he missed his opportunity with the microphone.

Anyway....we love this crazy, busy, never stops moving, never stops talking, throwing, hitting, making silly faces, playing, loving, etc.  little boy!

Here is to another year of learning, growing and loving.

Big Boys and Birthday Balloons,


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Houston.....we have got a problem!

So Max.  He will be 3 on Thursday.  He is beautiful, and adorable, and sweet, and silly and funny, super smart and absolutely the most obstinate, naughty little boy EVER! 

Seriously......some days I'm just at my whits end with him.  Because, if he isn't beating up Maggie in some way, then he's throwing anything and everything he can get his hands on, because in his own words "Mommy, I have to throw, because I have a throwing arm."

If he's not throwing, then he's working on opening something he shouldn't.  Because, again, in his words he has: "magical powers."

If he's not doing that then he's tantruming to an extreme.  Yelling at me, telling me I'm the MEANEST Mommy EVER!  And that might be because I wouldn't let him have a cookie for breakfast, or I didn't allow him to open the garage door, or whatever.

But the biggest issue of late is......his mouth.  He is definitely learning and stretching his verbal skills, daily.  He asks me every day if certain phrases are ok or not.  He really likes to say Freak out, all the time, for everything.  It's funny. Or, what the freak out.  And he also really likes to say crap, A LOT.  Sometimes, I won't lie, it's kinda funny to hear him say, others....not so much.  It amazes me how much he knows and picks up.

Last night he came in to me and said...."Mommy, I can't find my Woody jammies.  I'm....dust-appointed.  I asked, "you're DISappointed?"  And he nodded his head and said "Yeah, I'm DUSTappointed."  Amazing. 

However,  his single biggest current obsession is "what the hell," and "oh my G.O.D" (have NO idea why taht one, as we absolutely NEVER say that here, and find it super offensive).  No matter how many times we talk to him, punish him, discuss, threaten, plead, it doesn't matter.  When we ask WHY he keeps on saying them, even after he gets punishment, he says "because I want to."  But Heaven forbid anyone ELSE say anything along those lines.  He immediately puts them in their place and informs them they are NOT allowed to say that.

Example:  We were sitting at an IHOP (never do that, it was disgusting) eating breakfast.  There was a girl and a guy sitting in the booth behind us.  Max was standing up, playing around when he apparently heard her say "Oh my God."  He turns to her and yells, "You can't say that, you can't say Oh my god."  She was like "uh, I didn't?  Did I? I'm so sorry."  And kept apologizing.  We were dying laughing, and apologizing to her for his verbal policing.  He polices everyone who says stupid, hate, hell, whatever. It's just ok for HIM to say it, because he "wants to."  Heaven help me.

Anywho....the real reason for todays post.  A little something that happened last night.

As you may or may not know, Jere is directing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum at MCC.  He's been in tech rehearsals for the last week and 1/2, so I've been taking him dinner every night.  Most of the time the kids come with me and they've seen bits of the show.  Last night I let the kids stay and watch the first act because it was their first run through with full hair/makeup and costumes.  If you know nothing about this show...there are courtesans (hookers if you will) and they are scanticly clad.  To my kids, anyone with any form of skin showing is "NAKED".  So, the girls had been on and off the stage beforehand and apparently Max had taken notice.  In the show, they come out in the opening number and then disappear for a good while.  After watching for a bit Max started saying  "When will the naked girls come out?"  "Where are the naked girls?"  I told them they'd be coming soon, and sure enough, they did.  The moment they were out, he sat with rapt attention and watched.  Their scene was soon over and the show went on.  After another long while, he came to me and said..."WHEN will the naked girls come out?"  "WHERE are the naked girls?"  I told him they were in their house.  "When will they come out of their house?"  I asked "Max, do you love the naked ladies?"  To which he did his best embarassed/flirt face where he shrugs his shoulders up and smiles then said "Yes."

Seriously? My three year old has the hots for the "naked" ladies.  This worries me.
Houston, we definitely have a problem!!

Blindfolds and ear plugs,


Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Town

So, I just finished paying a pile of bills, which successfuly sucked my account and my happiness dry.  Seriously, why does being a grown up and paying bills have to just be SO LAME!


Anyway....just thought you'd all like to know that the crud was fairly short lived around here.  Thank goodness. Especially because I have a freakshow of a son who REFUSES, I mean, eyes rolld back in his head, kick ,scream, run for his ever loving life, REFUSES to take medicine.  It's quite a nightmare.  Needless to say, we only got ONE dose of the oral steroid in his mouth and 2 of the antibiotic.  Apparently, for future medicinal needs, I'll have to ask the doctors to shoot him up.  OY!

Last week was October Break around here.  Wish I could say we did anything fun or exciting.  But, we didn't.  Well ok, one day we went out to my sister Jennys and then went to Peter Piper with her kids and my other Sister Dana showed up with her boy and the kids had a blast for a couple hours.  THAT was fun.  I truly enjoy just hanging out with my sisters and chatting.  Other than that...not much to report.

I've also done quite a bit of subbing at the college in the last 2 weeks.  I so LOVE to teach college kids.  I've done private lessons and the Broadway Solos class.  I really, absolutely love it.  And I love the extra money it will provide. Blessings from above I tell you.  I will get to do more in the next few weeks as my boss is undergoing chemo and it's just really hard on her.  I wish she wasn't having to go through this, it sucks.  The good news is, only 2 more rounds and she should be good to go.

I've been taking care of my parents dogs for 2 weeks.  That's a good time.  NOT!  I must love them, 'cause I certainly don't like dogs, or animals of any kind.  But, we traipse over there once a day to feed them and make sure they have water and are all still alive.  No worries, they're all still alive.

Saturday I had a garage sale.  It was my first one ever.  It was a lot of work, and completely wore me the heck out.  I can't really complain.  I made a couple hundred dollars, got rid of crap I didn't want around, took a bunch more to D.I. (that is the Mormon equivelant of Goodwill) and kept some other decorating stuff for future use.  I REALLY needed that money, you know, to pay that stack of bills.  Plus, Maxs birthday is next week.

"Hey Max, what do you want for your Birthday?"


"Anything else?"

"Nope.  JUST a hoopaloop."

Hooray, my kid wants a dollar hula hoop.  I can handle it.  A cake and a hula hoop and he's officially 3 years old.  Oh, and also, he's SUPER stoked, because when he turns three he gets to move to a booster seat.  Woo hoo!  Whatever, the kid is 40 lbs.  3 1/2 ft. tall and just plain BIG!

Anywho......I did the sale all by my lonesome because Jere was off at rehearsal and Julie had to work.  The kids were good little helpers, if by helping you mean, playing with the merchandise and trying to steal money.  Whatever.

Speaking of Jere and rehearsal.  He's had tech rehearsals EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT for a week, and he will every night this week too.  He directed "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum", and they open this Thursday.  It should be a cute show.  Love the set, and some of the costumes.  So, I've taken it upon myself to deliver him dinner every night which has been pretty fun.  The kids LOVE to go to the theatre and see Daddy and spend a few minutes with him.  I love that he's not spending money we don't have on food.  See, win-win!

And finally....we were asked to speak in church yesterday.  The topic was our duty as parents to our children, in teaching them the gospel, etc.  It was a great topic and I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to figure out what to say.  I thought about it all week, and in true Allyson fashion, I wrote it Sunday morning.  Luckily I got to introduce us as well, since we were new in the ward.  Things were running a smidge behind, there were 2 youth speakers and a musical number before even I spoke.  The guy told us we'd speak 10 - 12 minutes, which seems like FOREVER.  Anyway, before I went up, Jere started to have a major anxiety attack, because he forgot to take a Xanax before we left.  He wanted to leave and get one.  I told him to GET A HOLD OF HIMSELF!  He would be fine.  So, I stood up and I started talking.  I swear to you, it seemed like I was only up there for like 8 minutes.  It went so fast.  Except, that when I was just about finished, I happened to look at the clock, and I'd been up there TWENTY MINUTES.  I had taken all the rest of the time.  There was literally NO time for Jere to speak.  OOPS!  I felt like such an idiot!  So, Jere stood and bore a very quick and VERY spastic testimony and then the choir sang.  AWKWARD!  The only upside was, I guess my talk was pretty ok, at least that's what people told me, and Jere was truly happy and relieved he got out of it.  Sheesh!  At least I won't be asked to speak for a long time. hahahahaha  Good news....I will be singing next week in church. HA!

Yep, so there ya go.  That's what's goin down around here.  That and the fact that this baby is still kicking my butt.  I'm just tired, and don't feel well, A LOT!  I muddle through.  I'm not bed ridden, so things could be worse.  But....dude, I'm just OLD!

Happy Monday!


Friday, October 7, 2011

The crud has attacked....

Maggie started it with a little bit of a wierd barky cough on Monday.  Not much else, but she also clearly wasn't fully at her "best." I awoke with my old enemy Helga firmly camped out on my upper lip (she's a cold sore that takes over the world).  Max on Wednesday had begun an even creepier bark cough and though clearly not all well, still crazy enough to run around and play and pretend he was fine.  My kids are really the wierdest sick kids ever.  For hells sake, Max had  chronic, recurrent ear infections from 3 mos. until 9 months and I NEVER knew it, except that we'd go in for a well check and the doctor would say...."Umm, he has a double ear infection."  Then we'd do round after round of anti biotics and he'd never get better.  But, he never, ever complained or acted sick.  Anyway...Max was running around outside half the afternoon yesterday, and after awhile of runing he'd say, "I can't breathe."  to which I'd reply..."No joke Sherlock, you sound like you're sucking mud."

Fast forward.......put him to bed at 8:30ish.  Had my book club ladies over for a delightfully fun evening of laughing, talking, discussing, etc.  People ask what book we read, or discussed and I just giggle.  This year, books have become completely optional.  Mostly, it's just an excuse to get together and hang out, eat and laugh once a month.  So, we're all talking away and close to 11:00 Max came out of his room and his breathing was sick.  Terrifying really.  He really sounded like he was trying to breathe through a bucket of sand.  He didn't cry, he didn't say much of anything, just wanted me to hold him.  Emily said her boys had both had croupe last week and he sounded just like them.  We talked all about what to do, what the doc said, etc.  So, I held him upright for a long time.  Eventually his breathing calmed down, quieted down and  he fell back asleep.  I propped pillows under him and put him back to bed.  About FOUR more times in the night after that he got up, peed and sounded just as awful.  It scared Jere so bad he said he'd take him to the emergency room right then.  I convinced him THAT was unncecessary, but that I'd go to Urgent Care first thing in the morning.

So, Max woke up at 7:30, we threw clothes on and off we went.  Sure enough....severe croupe, AND ear infection.  Maggie, well the doc thought she seemed just fine.  Maybe take some over the counter cold medicine.  But Max was prescribed steroids and an anti-biotic.

We finally made it home around 10:30 and at that point I was feeling EXTREME exhaustion and freezing.  We came in, and I just fell into bed.  I was so cold and soooooo tired, I couldn't possibly stay awake, and my stomach hurt.  I laid there awhile, until Maggie came in and tugged at me and said "MOMMY, it's NOT naptime yet, and we're starving.  Feed us something.  We haven't eaten any breakfast or lunch.  We want cereal."  It took me quite a few minutes, but I finally dragged myself out of bed and procured there eats.  She ate cereal, Max had yogurt and apple juice (that kid LURVES him some yogurt).  I managed to eat a brownie.  Literally that is the ONLY thing I have even been able to THINK about eating all day.

I turned on a kids show for them and then....put on my pj's and fell back into bed.  Maggie came in at one point, decided to put on her pj's and wanted to snuggle.  It didn't last long, and she was gone.  I may be admitting my crappy motherness here, but, I fell asleep.  When I woke up an hour later, I thought....."it's really quiet, wonder what the kids are doing."  Then I heard Max cough a few times, and his icky breathing. 

I got up, and looked in their room.  At that moment my heart may have simultaneously melted and broken at the same time.  At some point, they had put themselves to bed and both were soundly sleeping.  Seriously, I can't take the sweetness and sadness of that picture in my head.  Bless their hearts.

So, now, me, my freezing body, churning intestines and GIANT cold sore the size of Texas that is eating my face will go back to bed until the kids wake up.

Getting "the crud" really sucks.  Here is to hoping the meds work quickly, and that all of us are back to our normal "chipper" selves soon.

Barking and Moaning,


P.S.  Jere shaved his entire head last night.  DISTURBING!  He looks wierd, I'm having a hard time accepting the new look.  But, he did it to show love and solidarity to SueAnne, our boss.  She's in chemo and has lost her hair.  So, it's for a sweet cause.  I will have to post a picture later.

P.P.S  Thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet congrats and well wishes on the new baby in mah belly.  It meant so much to get so many excited and positive comments.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anniversary Surprise!

Believe it or not people, Jere and I will be married TEN years in April.  TEN YEARS!  And we've been together for THIRTEEN.  Now to some of you, that may seem like no big thing.  To others, they may be shaking their head in wonderment. And to those who bet he'd never last....guess you have to pay up now. hahahahahaha

Anyway......all Jere REALLY wanted to do for our 10 year Anniversary was go to New York.  We love New York, we've been a few times together, and it's just such a wonderful place to go, and see and do.  But alas, that was most certainly NOT in the budget.

So, his second choice was....and I use his words "all I want to do then is to go to Conference (General Conference is a semi-annual conference held every October and April for our church) and sit in the conference center.  But instead..............he got me this:

SURPRISE!  A brand new baby MVP coming to our family in April 2012.  JUST in time for Conference AND our 10 year anniversary.  And, it sneaks in just under my strongly imposed deadline of "I WILL NOT BE HAVING BABIES WHEN I'M 40 YEARS OLD."  I will just barely be 39.  Thankyouverymuch.

He really is thrilled beyond words, because somehow this affirms his manhood.  Oh, and also, he's felt for a long time there was one more kiddo for us to have.  I am happy, and excited, but I'm not gonna lie.  SCARED!  I swear I feel like I've never had a baby before.  Will I remember everything to do?  And holy crap, we have to start buying diapers again, those are really expensive.  And formula, and where the heck is all my baby stuff?  Where will I put this baby?  How about it's clothes and supplies?  All logistics to be worked out.  And the worrier in me sometimes gets the best of me.

I've been rather blech and sicky this time around which frankly is new for me.  With Maggie, I was never sick a day.  In fact, I LOVED being pregnant with her.  I was cute, and active and never felt fat and gross.   With Max, I felt like I got huge in like a day, my butt and hips spread to kingdom come, and though I wasn't ever really sick, I felt kinda yucky whenever I would eat.  This time...YIKES!  I have spent a good portion of the first 12 weeks laying in bed, going to bed early, moaning, sleeping, whatever.  I just feel YUCK and TIRED!  Ok fine, the last week has been somewhat better.  I realllllly wanted to try and stay on my weight program, because I'm TERRIFIED of gaining back the 60 lbs. I'd lost, and I thought I could do it until one day I woke up and the very smell of the food made me want to vomit.  Every time Jere or Julie make something from the program, I have to leave the room, or mouth breathe for an hour because the smell makes me so sick.  Needless to say, I pretty much just eat what doesn't make me want to vomit.  Sadly, some days this does not include much in the way of protein, or anything all that healthy.  Hopefully this will change SOON!  My butt is not thanking me, as I feel HUGE and fat.

Anyway........good times around here at Casa VP.

Quick story.  The other day the kids and I were going to meet my parents to pick up a TOTALLY fabulous and gorgeous dresser which I just inherited from my dead Grandpa.  I will fully fill you in and show pictures later, because it's just THAT fabulous.  Anyway.....we're on our way and Maggie said, "Why do we have to get a new dresser?"  I hemmed for a second and then said..."Well, you know, in CASE we have a new baby or something, I'll need somewhere to put its clothes."
"Well, WHEN are you having a new baby?"
"Ummm, in April."
"When is April?"
"Six months from now?"
"Hmmm, THAT'S when I'm gonna marry Justin Bieber."

That girl cracks me up.

This has been the HARDEST secret to keep.  Good thing too because when Gramma Peg came over the other night we showed her the dresser and she asked what it was for and Miss. Priss piped up, "It's for the new baby," to which I just started laughing and her reaction was priceless.  Then Jer says, "Well, I guess the cat's outta the bag now."  And now, you're all in the know with me.

Big hips and baby bellies,


Update:  Went to first Dr. Appt. today.  There was a momentary thought that perhaps I was a month further along than thought,  OR there might be more than one baby in me.  THANK GOODNESS, there is only one wee one growing in me.  All is well, it's growing perfectly.  The ultrasound tech didn't want to committ, but she thought it could be a girl.  Woo hoo!