Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy Town

So, I just finished paying a pile of bills, which successfuly sucked my account and my happiness dry.  Seriously, why does being a grown up and paying bills have to just be SO LAME!


Anyway....just thought you'd all like to know that the crud was fairly short lived around here.  Thank goodness. Especially because I have a freakshow of a son who REFUSES, I mean, eyes rolld back in his head, kick ,scream, run for his ever loving life, REFUSES to take medicine.  It's quite a nightmare.  Needless to say, we only got ONE dose of the oral steroid in his mouth and 2 of the antibiotic.  Apparently, for future medicinal needs, I'll have to ask the doctors to shoot him up.  OY!

Last week was October Break around here.  Wish I could say we did anything fun or exciting.  But, we didn't.  Well ok, one day we went out to my sister Jennys and then went to Peter Piper with her kids and my other Sister Dana showed up with her boy and the kids had a blast for a couple hours.  THAT was fun.  I truly enjoy just hanging out with my sisters and chatting.  Other than that...not much to report.

I've also done quite a bit of subbing at the college in the last 2 weeks.  I so LOVE to teach college kids.  I've done private lessons and the Broadway Solos class.  I really, absolutely love it.  And I love the extra money it will provide. Blessings from above I tell you.  I will get to do more in the next few weeks as my boss is undergoing chemo and it's just really hard on her.  I wish she wasn't having to go through this, it sucks.  The good news is, only 2 more rounds and she should be good to go.

I've been taking care of my parents dogs for 2 weeks.  That's a good time.  NOT!  I must love them, 'cause I certainly don't like dogs, or animals of any kind.  But, we traipse over there once a day to feed them and make sure they have water and are all still alive.  No worries, they're all still alive.

Saturday I had a garage sale.  It was my first one ever.  It was a lot of work, and completely wore me the heck out.  I can't really complain.  I made a couple hundred dollars, got rid of crap I didn't want around, took a bunch more to D.I. (that is the Mormon equivelant of Goodwill) and kept some other decorating stuff for future use.  I REALLY needed that money, you know, to pay that stack of bills.  Plus, Maxs birthday is next week.

"Hey Max, what do you want for your Birthday?"


"Anything else?"

"Nope.  JUST a hoopaloop."

Hooray, my kid wants a dollar hula hoop.  I can handle it.  A cake and a hula hoop and he's officially 3 years old.  Oh, and also, he's SUPER stoked, because when he turns three he gets to move to a booster seat.  Woo hoo!  Whatever, the kid is 40 lbs.  3 1/2 ft. tall and just plain BIG!

Anywho......I did the sale all by my lonesome because Jere was off at rehearsal and Julie had to work.  The kids were good little helpers, if by helping you mean, playing with the merchandise and trying to steal money.  Whatever.

Speaking of Jere and rehearsal.  He's had tech rehearsals EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT for a week, and he will every night this week too.  He directed "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum", and they open this Thursday.  It should be a cute show.  Love the set, and some of the costumes.  So, I've taken it upon myself to deliver him dinner every night which has been pretty fun.  The kids LOVE to go to the theatre and see Daddy and spend a few minutes with him.  I love that he's not spending money we don't have on food.  See, win-win!

And finally....we were asked to speak in church yesterday.  The topic was our duty as parents to our children, in teaching them the gospel, etc.  It was a great topic and I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to figure out what to say.  I thought about it all week, and in true Allyson fashion, I wrote it Sunday morning.  Luckily I got to introduce us as well, since we were new in the ward.  Things were running a smidge behind, there were 2 youth speakers and a musical number before even I spoke.  The guy told us we'd speak 10 - 12 minutes, which seems like FOREVER.  Anyway, before I went up, Jere started to have a major anxiety attack, because he forgot to take a Xanax before we left.  He wanted to leave and get one.  I told him to GET A HOLD OF HIMSELF!  He would be fine.  So, I stood up and I started talking.  I swear to you, it seemed like I was only up there for like 8 minutes.  It went so fast.  Except, that when I was just about finished, I happened to look at the clock, and I'd been up there TWENTY MINUTES.  I had taken all the rest of the time.  There was literally NO time for Jere to speak.  OOPS!  I felt like such an idiot!  So, Jere stood and bore a very quick and VERY spastic testimony and then the choir sang.  AWKWARD!  The only upside was, I guess my talk was pretty ok, at least that's what people told me, and Jere was truly happy and relieved he got out of it.  Sheesh!  At least I won't be asked to speak for a long time. hahahahaha  Good news....I will be singing next week in church. HA!

Yep, so there ya go.  That's what's goin down around here.  That and the fact that this baby is still kicking my butt.  I'm just tired, and don't feel well, A LOT!  I muddle through.  I'm not bed ridden, so things could be worse.  But....dude, I'm just OLD!

Happy Monday!



Kristina P. said...

Something has been going around here too. Four of us were sick on Thursday.

Also, no nursery because we're moving. Hopefully. We were supposed to close today, but the sellers are having an issue, and we may need to walk away. But I think we'll move anyway because we have renters ready to move in.

Steph said...

Haven't been on your blog for a while--congratulations! That is awesome. Very happy for you. I hope you're feeling a lot better soon. That first few months is rough.

Laraine Eddington said...

There is a giant vacuum behind church pulpits that sucks up time. You are not alone in experiencing this phenomenon

The Atomic Mom said...

James is also moving up in the car seat world.....I don't know how, because all he drinks is milk and only eats pretzels. ????