Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Followers

So, I'm pretty much a blog tard, and I just get on and post now and again. I have no idea how to get cutesy backgrounds that change all the time. I don't pay any attention to thingys for the side, etc. I don't even have a counter going, so who knows how many people ever look at this. But the other day I was adding someone, or something and up in the corner of my dashboard there was a little green man that said "5 followers". I was intrigued that perhaps I had 5 die hards. So, today I clicked on the green man and he told me who my "true" followers are. So to you "my peeps" a big thank you. Well then, the green man then told me that I could add a feature that notated just WHO my followers were,(see it, those people up there in the right hand corner? You notice them now?)andthen it told me I should blog about it. See, by blogging about it you have to look at it and notice it, then apparently it'll make others want to be part of my peeps. So, I'm just dutifully doing what the green man said to do. So TAKE NOTICE PEOPLE and get on the cool bandwagon. So then someday I'll be like a blogging Goddess and you can say, "I knew her when."

Thank you and goodnight.


LadyCarma said...

I just went to my blog site and I have none of the fancy items that you have. Just my profile and the posting dates of my blog. So, you can say what you will, you have a fancier blog site than most. Even though it doesn't show me as a "follower", I am checking your blog site for more humorous entries nearly every day so I can laugh. Thanks for sharing the fun of your children and your life.

Rocketgirl said...

I don't "follow" blogs what with me finally figuring out how to RAWK the Google Reader. But yes, you are the absolute coolest. I was reading your blog the other day and my wee one was insistent that the pictures of Maggie were HER and kept howling out her name until I had to close the computer because she was gettin' all fiesty and whatnot.

And I REALLY remember you from back when.... ;)

Greg and Tammy said...

You're Welcome and You're Welcome. I like following, so it tells me when my peeps update.