Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween...better late than never

OK, I'm FULLY aware that Halloween was a complete week ago, but get over it people, this breastfeeding thing sucks up every waking moment of my life. Well, if I don't have a kid attached to the boober (which by the way is a blog post all its own that I may write about sometime soon) or the pump attached to the bubby, or doing a little girls hair, or changing poopy diapers or feeding a kid, or picking up the house for the 105th time that day, or a baby attached to the boob, well then I MUST be going to the bathroom or sleeping. You GET my point I'm sure. Now, I'm not complaining, merely giving valid reason as to my absentness from blogging, and my attrocious lateness to posting pics of my devestatingly adorable daughter in her Halloween costume.

I'm not even at home right now. I'm at my in-laws, because Jeres sister was visiting from Chicago (she comes like once every 5 years) and his Mom wanted to have a mini Thanksgiving today. So, they're all in the other room being entertained by Maggie, and I'm trolling blogs. Yeah, that's just how I roll. So, I decided that I MUST post SOMETHING or die. I don't have my pictures, but I have ONE pic that was taken of Maggie and Jere at his work.

Let's get one thing straight...I do NOT like Halloween. I'm just not a fan, never have been. I find the idea of getting in costumes embarrassing and annoying. Whereas...Jere ADORES Halloween. It's one of his greatest joys, to dress up, to get candy, to "play". So anyway, our day of Hallow was spent at Jeres work, well at least 3 hours of it. I got the kids all dressed up, Maggie in her Fifi costume and Max in his bumblebee (courtesy of one Aunt Dixie) and we dashed off to the ol' Univ. of Phoenix. Jere's building was putting on a HUGE "fall festival" with activities and trick or treating and decorated cubicles, etc. All the employees families were invited and it was a giant costume extravaganze. Maggie was SUCH a good sport, especially considering her costume was a smidge on the small side. It too was a hand me down gift from Aunt Dixie. It was a 6-12 month size, and as you may have noticed, she is beyond the 12 mont expiration date of the costume. But, we squeezed her chubby little bum in it, and her chubby face. The face is actually where it was tightest. But, like I said, she was a good sport. So anyway, we went to his work and Max stayed safely in his carseat under a blanket the whole time and Maggie trudged around gathering candy in her bucket and looking cute. She would NOT let anyone touch her bucket, even when it was clearly to heavy for her. Jere was the proudest papa, showing her off to all his co-workers. It was a long 3 hours, but fun (for Maggie I'm sure). After leaving there, we went home, Max got some boob steak and then we headed to the ward carnival. Again, Max was safely ensconced in his stroller, and Maggie trotted around with us. We only went to show G-ma and G-pa Shum her costume and to get some eats. After that, we headed to Jeres Moms house to show her and Aunt Julie the costumes and then it was home. We were WELL past bedtime and it had been a busy day. So yeah, that was it for us. I will now pleasure you with a picture of last years Halloween and this years.

Our little monkey girl. She was not pleased with costume wearing for this. Jere was a very big, furry white dog. And I was a poodle. Yeah, I actually dressed up, about the only time it will ever happen.

Hail to Ceaser and our sweet little pink poodle Fifi. When I'm home I'll upload pictures and show Max the bumblebee.


Erock! said...

How cute are you guys!!! Jody LOVES Halloween. I'm good with it, but I don't adore it like she does. As for the costume thing...I'd rather not dress up much, but I get sucked into it each year.

LadyCarma said...

Seeing the photo of Jere last year reminds me of the story Lana told about Dane seeing you and Jere, and finally figuring out that you were "dogs" and doing the sign for dog after you left her house.

I can't believe how much Maggie grew in one year. Amazing!

Court & Julie and kids said...

I loved the "boob steak"---yep, that sums it up!
The kiddies definitely make you enjoy Halloween more and more each year. Before you know it you won't even mind dressing up with them and even trick or treating with them!
Okay we need MORE pics of MAX!

Livin' Wright said...

LOVE IT!! I wish We were still in your Ward, I feel as though Nixon and Maggie are growing apart. :) Can't wait to see little Max all dressed up!