Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Green Day

Well, Happy Freaking St. Patricks Day! Luck o' the Irish to ye! Or WHATEVER!

Dear Julie this one was for you:

I know, I know, I totally said (and believe) that this is the gayest and most unnecessary of holidays. But, we the Van Pattens dutifully did our green wearing, Irish loving best and put on the best green we could find. I mean hey, I'm all for keeping pinchers at bay. Aint noone gonna be pinching any part of my lucious flesh. Good thing we went to Target for our one outing of the day so my A for adorable children could be seen in their finery. So, without further ado, I give you our pictoral proof.

What's up with them both chewing their fingers? I know not.

Maggie is all kinds of peeved here 'cause I took her away from what was happening in the picture below. But holy crap, Max is cuter than any leprachaun out there.

I had to include this because really, there isn't much that Maggie loves more than a bath. Morgan was ridiculously dirty, therefore getting a "tubby", Maggie was looking on in pure jealousy. Dane was getting a ghetto scrubbing from his mama. And you'll be pleased to note that Maggie did indeed get her own tubby, in that real tub later. No sink for HER tonight!

Upon my FINE suggestion (see I AM getting into this holiday) Dixie died the pancake batter green. That's right, they were having pancakes and bacon for dinner. At the Dixon house, that happens at least once a week.

Dixie looking every so saucy as she flips the cakes. AND, she's proving her total rebelness, as she's the ONLY one in all the land not wearing green. And not only is she NOT wearing green, shes' wearing black, the very absence of color. Way to make a statement Dix.

My little Tater puff showing off the goods. I don't know when she grew into a freaking adult, but somehow it happened. She's 6, only two years away from her "ideal" age. Or so that is what she told me at age three when she showed up on my doorstep to lament the fact that she was totally done being 3, and wanted to be like 8 and grown up. Funny story, I'll share it another time in detail.

All the kiddos stuffed around Dixies wee table, in her wee kitchen. We were playing a little game of "how many people can be in Dixies kitchen at once." For the record, this time it was 4 adults and 7 children. AWESOME!!! Also, let it be written that Maggie had just eaten some corn beef and cabbage (courtesy of Julie), but apparently was in need of pancakes and bacon as well. She really is never happier than when she is with all her cousins. Even though the youngest there, she LOVES to think she's one of them.

All in all it was a fine day. If only I'd had some lucky charms this morning.
Leprechauns and pots of gold,


LanaBanana said...

I like how Dane is toasting the camera with his piece of bacon. I find it funny. Something I would do, for sure. Thanks for taking pictures and posting them so it's been properly documented somewhere in time. :)

Crandell Fam said...

So sad we missed the leprechaun feast... but it looks like fun was had by all! And I'm proud of your greenery. We all had our St. Patty's Day shirts on courtesy of Old Navy. The kids all hiked in theirs, but I didn't. I showered and changed into it afterwards, but only got to go pick up Gecko Grill for dinner, so basically nobody saw my cuteness. Oh well. :)

Dixiechick said...

For the record...totally untrue that we have pancakes and bacon at least once a week. I'm highly offended. But on a brighter note, I happened to have a great hair day yesterday. Thanks for documenting! :)
p.s. Livy is still disturbed that I didn't ever bother putting any green on. It's one of the first things she said to me this morning. Ahhh, maybe next year.

Julie said...

AWWWWW Thanks Ally for making my St. Patty's Day complete. Seeing all of you in green made me happy. hahahaha
Wasn't the corned beef & cabbage good eats? I was diggen it.

Love & Shamrocks

Mom said...

Can't believe Dixie didn't even wear any green even after Livy made her her very own Shamrock! :)
Next year.. And FYI, I love St. Patrick's Day because I love the story behind the shamrock and St. Patrick. When he got to Ireland and saw that 3-leafed clover, it reminded him of the trinity. Now, everytime I see a Shamrock, I too am reminded of The Father, the Son (Christ) and the Holy Ghost! All from a little old shamrock and St. Paddy! Cool, Huh!

Mel said...

You make me laugh. Seriously, I love reading your blogs and knowing your secret love for St Patricks Day, I was excited to read what you had to say about it. You did not disappoint and I love you for that.

You all look fabulous in your greenage :)