Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guess Who?

Jere was attempting to show how Max was sound asleep in this picture and his leg was straight up in the air. He went through a brief phase of crazy legs there.

Give up?

This beautiful, sleeping, stunning little angel is making his acting debut! He gets to portray, get ready for it....

Baby Jesus

He's in the ol' Easter Paegent and he's the man. He even had "rehearsal" last week. Tonight we had to be down there for the first of 4 dress rehearsals before the show starts for realsies next week. Last week he screamed and cried. Tonight, he fell asleep just before he went on, and amazingly stayed soundly asleep through handoffs, being put in the manger, taken out of the manger, shown to the shepherds, back in the manger, spun by Mary, etc. When it was all done, they handed him back to me, still asleep. I unwrapped him from his blanket, took him down the oh so painful staircase (kills my knees) and he promptly woke up and barfed. Such a good BOY!!!

Anyway, thought you'd like to know, my baby is a STAR! hehehehehe So please, feel free to come on down any night next week and check it out. He'll be the one wrapped in a blue blanky.


The Fischbeck's said...

Did the child have a choice? I mean, REALLY! Ü I am just surprised it is non singing role (or speaking for that matter!)

Hey, your taco soup looks suspiciously reminiscent of the WW two point soup. Can't be having the cheese or sour cream in there of course---although I have found some baked tostitos that work well for the chip option.

What gym do you sisters train at?

azandersens said...

Allyson, I'm going to the pageant for SURE to watch Jere and Max. What a special thing to do (even if he doesn't know it). I'm sending you an invite if you want to author on my recipe blog.:)

Jessica Law said...

The making of a star! And to have a lead role at such a young age is something to be proud of! I wish I could be there to witness the sleeping, (or crying), baby Jesus. Looks like all is well with the Van Pattens. I am adding you to my Google reader now so I can be more up to date with your family happenings.

niKKi said...

That is awesome, what a special part to play!