Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's new...

As you may well have noticed...I've been a bit remiss lately in the posting. I just didn't feel like I had anything to say. So today I uploaded some pics and realized there were a few good ones in there. I figured I'd just do a picture entry and fill you in on small details. That's good enough right?

Sundays are a little difficult because we have church at 11:00. On the one hand, this is delightful in many ways. On the other, it falls SMACK in Maggies nap time. However, she loves nursery and was quite a good little church goer this last Sunday. She came out of nursery pleased as punch with her picture, walked out to the car, stayed awake on the way home and everything. It's now 2:20ish, and I assumed she should perhaps have some lunch. So, I put her in her chair, threw down a piece of pizza and let her go. While she ate I sat down at the computer to check some things. When she finished, she threw her plate down, I looked up at her, our eyes met, we connected. I knew she was ready. So, I finished what I was doing, told Max I'd be back after I helped sissy get in bed. I stood up and this is what met my gaze......

Apparently she was just far more tired than any of us anticipated. Poor thing.

Jere had a sleep study. Jere has sleep apnea. Jere got a mask. This is how Jere has to sleep now. Tragic no?

Purple polka dot dress compliments of Costco...$5.49. Purple hair bows from Target $3.00. That adorable face...PRICELESS!!

Max has started to figure out how to roll over. In fact, just this afternoon I went in and he'd totally turned over in bed. He had this look of bewilderment on his face, like, "what the...this is not how I began." Anyway, he'll stay happily on the floor for a little while now, so I happily oblige. The other morning Maggie found this piece of fabric and decided it would make a jaunty little cap for Max. He was such a sport about it. Just layed there with it over his eye for some time. Love this happy little boy.

I'm tired. Really, really, realllllllllly tired!! This day was a long one and I just thouht perhaps I should get a random, wierd shot of me in exhaustion. The good news is, that morning I rode 13.1 miles on the stationary bike. I had never rode anything more than 10.6. I had a goal to do it in 45 minutes, just went for it. I was riding along and at 43 minutes I still had a mile to go. I MIGHT have said S*%$ under my breath (well I thought it was under my breath, but Dixie heard it and hit me). I was DETERMINED to do it. So, I just started pedaling faster than I knew was humanly possible. I was going at 130 rpm's. It was AWESOME!!!! And know what, I made 13 miles right at 45 minutes. Got the .1 a few seconds later. That was a GREAT morning of exercise. And for all enquiring minds, wanting to know, I got on a spin bike again, and while still quite painful, it was slightly less so. The "nether regions" are healing. I also went and got a gel seat cover for the bike, hopefully it'll make a difference.

My little man is just growing soooo fast. He's getting all kinds of chub and adorableness! I'm so grateful for his happy, sweet little demeanor.

Look who can hold his own bottle now. He reallllllllly loves his bottle. He gets so excited when he sees me making it. He's just growing up so quickly!
Alrighty, hope that was a good enough update for now.
Fast growing and bad nappers,


LanaBanana said...

Those were really fun pictures. I think you look hot in your "tired" picture more than you look tired. I like it. Love all the Max and Maggie pics. They are schweet. Furthermore, the gangstah Brooklyn one was too funny. She actually came through quite well on that one. :)

jen said...

What about Jere's pageant beard sticking out form under his CPAP. So funny. And you rode that bike a half-marathon, sista!
Run one for me. Please!

Greg and Tammy said...

Nice post! Ummmm... Emma still does not hold her own bottle... I know it's MY problem, but way to go Max! :) Darling pics of the Maggster! And sad for the CPAP machine. Nothin' says lovin' like a sexy CPAP machine. :)

The Maxsons said...

cute post Allyson, you look great even super tired.

The Driggs said...

Allyson, first of all you are gorgeous! And that is awesome that you rode that far and made your goal on a stationary. I love the purple polka dot dress and hope you got it recently because I have to make a Costco trip soon and I want it. Sorry to Jere about the sleep apnea. My mom had that and I remember she used to wear the mask. It made her claustrophobic so she never felt like she got a good night's sleep with it on anyways! Your kids are just precious. I love that your little guy is rolling over. So cute!