Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcom to Watcky Wednesdays

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Just because I thought you should ALL appreciate what my Wednesdays entail, I've decided to give you a little looksy. A peak into my otherwise insane life for at least 2 hours of every Wed. See, I watch Lana's kids whilst she beautifies people at the Salon, and I watch Dixies kids whilst she goes off to practice her singing skillz, and I watch Brooklyn, well, whilst her Mom teaches young minds EVERY DAY, and I watch my own kids, ummm, because I have, no because I GET to! So, amidst the gleeful playing, the screaming tirades over who was playing with what toy, the LOUD but happy playing and running through the house, the bawling over who hit who and who took what, the madhouse that is feeding 6 little mouths; I decided I should document this "moment in time." Because in spite of the insanity, and there IS that...there are some really, really adorable moments that melt a persons heart. I know, I know, you're all so excited to see it aren't you?

Here they are, the entire Motley crew, except they're not motley at all. They're all adorable and funny and really cute. Never mind that Max looks absolutely enormous and practically as big as his three year old cousin. So yeah, front row L-R: Max, Dane, Owen, Crew. Back Row L-R: Maggie, Brooklyn, Morgan.

This morning, as soon as Dixie dropped off her kids, this is how I found the three girls. Maggie is quite a good follower, so whatever they do, she does. They had a great time for awhile there, just "reading" their stories to eachother.

It was soooo beautiful outside that the kids actually played out there for awhile, that was a nice reprieve. Here Owen and Dane were playing with a ball, but at this particular moment are discussing how Dane should NOT throw the ball at the giant black bumble bee buzzing in the tree. Good plan!

In a rare moment of "quiet" I looked in to find the kids all at Doctor Morgans office. Brooklyn was playing the sad "baby" doing her best baby cry imitation. Morgan was checking temperatures and giving shots. You can't see Owen, but that blue blanket is him, resting on the lower half of the coffee table. They have an obsession with getting all my blankets out and traipsing around in them, or pretending to be asleep or sick.

When the noise level had reached unbareable levels, I imposed a 5 minute quiet time. Whoever could do it; be quiet, not talk above a whisper, not cry, not screech and not fight would earn a candy after lunch. This is Owen, who LERVES himself some candy. Just say the word and he's on the quiet train. He wrapped himself up like a little cocoon and layed in wait for his quietly earned candy. You'll be pleased to know that all earned their candy, though Morgan earned extra for her exemplarary quietness.

Last Wednesday I found the girls like this. I wish i could say it was all lollipops and roses at the piano bench, but that would be lying. In the interest of proper documentation, it should be noted that they were actually screeching, pushing and fighting over who was where on the bench. In further clarification, I should say Brookklyn and MAGGIE were screeching and fighting, while Morgan blissfully played a tune.

This is Dane, perfectly noted. That's all. Oh, and don't be jealous of my neon yellow lawn chairs, you KNOW they're HOT! Wait til you see the next picture.

I was taking these pictures out the kitchen window, so they're a little blury. But, the kids had gone out to play with Louie, which usually consists of a lot of screaming, crying and "NO LOUIE, DOWN LOUIES." Poor Louie, he just wants to play. At least Maggie isn't a bawling, screeching maniac anymore when she's near him.

And finally...this was taken the first Wednesday I had them all. Dane had done something naughty and I yelled at him, which in turn forced him into a self imposed time out. I think Brooklyn had been reprimanded too, so she sat down. Well, then Maggie, not one to be left out sat right down and joined the time out. It was just really too cute to pass up. And frankly, if you know nothing else about Dane, know this face. He is a pro at this face, it's his go to look. But you should also know, he has some SWEET Dance moves that he is NOT afraid to share with anyone. MAN I have funny little people in my life. If they're not giving me a headache with their loud, LOUD neediness, they're making me laugh. And laughing is a good thing....RIGHT?
Screechers and tylenol,


Sabrina Bodine said...

Holly Cow!!!! All I can say is you are the best aunt EVER!

LadyCarma said...

Not only the best aunt ever, but the most patient person too. You amaze me. I have seen that look by Dane. I know what you mean! I am so glad you open your heart to these little people. And your home. Bless you.

Jenn C. said...

What a fun day! lol You look like you have everything under control. What a fun time that all of the cousins can play together.

Dixiechick said...

Man those are the cutest kids ever! :) All I can say is I hope Morgan really grows up to be a doctor, that would be awesome. Oh, and you're awesome for watching all these adorable maniacs. Thanks a bunch. I think they will always remember it. Building solid cousin foundations. Hooray!

jen said...

And you call ME crazy? Wow.
And that's all I've got.