Friday, October 2, 2009

"THE" Wedding of the year.

Last weekend was CHOCK full of partying, playing and busyness! Thus, it's taken me UNTIL this weekend to get around to uploading pics and thinking about blog updates.

It all began on Thursday evening with a delightful wedding dinner for our dear friends Kaitlyn and Jordan. We had a lovely meal at the ol' Landmark.

A shot of the nutty couple as we were getting ready to leave.

This is a shot of the "cool" table. No really, the ENTIRE room was FULL of just their family. And then there was this ONE table that was literally just a bunch of theatre geeks such as ourselves. Just good friends of the bride and groom. Everyone in this picture (except one) has done a show with one or both of them at one time or another. Aren't we just a silly crew. We really had a fun evening at that table.

Here they are, the gorgeous bride and groom. Their wedding was beautiful, performed by Jordans Grandpa.

We're just so happy for these two. They are such a GREAT couple, and so perfect for one another! So glad we could share in their perfect day (well almost perfect, it did decide to be hideously hot that day, but whatev).
May your future be ALL you hope for and more!
Satin and lace,


jen said...

Now I know you really are "people." Invited to that wedding. You're like Mesa royalty!
Can I touch you?
Or at least return your two voice books? (Sorry about that. Life's been pretty busy around here lately.)

LanaBanana said...

So sad we missed the whole weekend of fun!! Thanks for posting pictures. :)