Monday, October 19, 2009

A bandaid makes EVERYTHING feel better!

This morning Maggie took an unfortunate little tumble off the coffee table. She's really rather spazzy at times. I mean, there she was, sitting perfectly fine, and then she just simply turned. But apparently she turned with too much umph and the laws of physics worked against her. Next thing I know she's booty up in the neighbors yard. (Name that movie reference, sans the swear). Ok, not the neighbors yard, but between the table and the chair. She hit her head and was SURE she was mortally wounded. the ONLY thing that was going to make this better was a bandaid. So, after I properly loved on her and kissed her owie, I expertly applied this bandaid. She was instantly soothed and all was well with the world. What is it about bandaids that make kids so happy? And the best part...within about 10 minutes, she always says "it's allll better Mom", and rips the bandaid off, and that's regardless of wether or not there is blood involved. Ahhh kids, how I do love 'em.
Bandaids and boo boos,


The Coolest Allen Family said...

She has the sweetest little face!!

Anonymous said...

drop dead gorgeous!


Greg and Tammy said...

Bandaids are the BEST... oh, and Mommies kisses!!

Love all the zoo pics. Good time or not, the kids are cute. :)

Mel said...

Miss O feels she needs a band aid for everything as well. I have had to hide them, because if she sees the box, she finds an owie, or invents one. I love kids. Cute picture of Miss Maggie

Maile said...

Yep, Max wants a band aid for any tiny thing. Once he had an ear infection and he made me put a band aid on his ear. It was awesome.