Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Boy!


One year ago today my beautiful, precious little Max came into our world! He was perfect in every way right from the start. He has such a sweet, calm little spirit and had me wrapped around his finger from the first moment I saw him. Something about him melts my heart like butter. He is my belly laugher, my giggler, my smiley pants. He gives of those things so freely, and it is just so endearing. He has grown very attached to his blanky, and must have it near him. Max LOVES to eat,
L-O-V-E-S to eat. He will pretty much eat anything, and a lot of it. Which might explain why he ways 27.5 lbs. and has the beefiest, biggest hands you've ever seen. He's just solid and tall and HUGE! He adores being outside. Nothing makes him happier than to crawl around in the grass or dirt. When we go on our morning walks, he sits straight up in is seat watching the world with excitment and adoration at all things. He can crawl faster than anyone I've ever seen. He moves at mock speed across the floor. It's no wonder he just won't bother with walking, even though he HAS walked, and CAN walk, he chooses the crawl. He can play with one toy for an extremely long time, becomeing fascinated with every part of it. His favorite is to play fetch with the ball. He will throw it and then chase after it, get it and throw it again. This keeps him happy and occupied for a good amount of time every day. He's a tease, he pretends he wants others to hold him, only to push out of their arms and back to me in a split second. He really, really, really, loves his Mommy. His face lights up and he starts to giggle EVERY time I sing his song. He really is just the best little boy there is. It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed already, he has grown so quickly and become such an adorable ball of busy and fun.

Mr. Maximus arrives, all 8 lbs. 6 oz. of him.

My sweet little peanut at about 2 weeks.

I just always liked this pic, since newborns can look so alien at times. He was always so sweet and started smiling and laughing early, which made me melt even more.

He's grown into SUCH a little man. You should SEE him on Sundays, he's so freaking dapper it's painful. I must thank Dana for his awesome church clothes. Good thing Jayce is so well dressed, it bodes well for Max's future.
Now the section where we discuss what an utter BOY he is. The differences between him and Maggie are sometimes mind boggling. He is a climber, an explorer, a pusher. When he plays and waves his arms and hits in excitment, it is all with so much gusto, it's sort of painful. He is fearless and will climb on anything, through anything, under anything, etc. Maggie was none of these things, so it's all a new experience. In the following pics, I documented a few of his moments.

If you click on the pic and look closely at his nose and forehead, you can see his rug burn. He fell face first off our bed that morning and got a delightful little rug rash to show for it. That same day he was playing on a little trunk and fell head first off it onto the tile and got an awesome goose egg. AND, I noticed that one of his teeth is chipped, have NO idea when that happened.

Did I mention he'll crawl through anything? Conference morning he was happily playing, when there was a kathud and then crying. As it turns out, he had crawled through the side table next to the couch and then fallen between the wall and the table. The other pic shows him crying hysterically. And I'm such a mean Mom I had to take a pic before saving him.

Another day, our babysitter found him like this. He'd emptied out all the toys from the basket and then somehow wedged his giant body inside it. He LOVES to crawl into and out of things, and he'll do it over and over and over.

My little fireman had a smashing good birthday party. I will write about and post pics of his party another time.

It is truly hard to believe that he is actually a year old. I need to cherish each moment, because my baby will not be a baby for much longer at all. It seems like Maggie went from this to her 20 year old self over night. Man, I sure do love this kid!!!!! Here's to many more years to come my little bubbers!

Max can say:
Ah-boo (playing pick a boo)
He signs:
All done

He loves:
Morning Walks
Playing outside
Mommy and Daddy
He is:
Toddlers and timewarps,


Jere said...

I love that the last picture is of him in a sugar-coma. =) He really is so freakin' cute I can barely stand it!!!!! Congrats on making the BEST BOY EVER!!!

jen said...

There's just something about moms and their boys. You can't explain it until you have one. But there's just something to it that's different.
Thanks for being patient with my boys, by the way. I know I've been a disorganized mess lately. Hopefully after Christmas the real Jenny will reappear. I'm only slightly confident that will happen, however.

Steph said...

That is one cute kid. I love how chubby he is! I keep hoping for a chubby baby, but my kids are all scrawny little Isons. Max weighs a lot more already than Brielle, and she's 19 months!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

He is so stinkin cute and I can't believe he is ONE!!!! That was fast We really need to have a play date

alison said...

Awwwww! So freakin adorable! I love little boys! Seriously? Where did this last year go? I know it really wasn't that long ago sweet little Max came into this world! You have had a fun and enjoyable year with him! Continue to enjoy the boy!

Trainer Momma said...

Jere - your kids are beautiful. You are their biggest cheerleader -- lucky them!

Mel said...

Yay for Max. He really is such a sweet, fun, adorable little (big) guy. I hate how quickly time passes. Happy Birthday Max! We love you.

Greg and Tammy said...

Happy Bday Max!!! What a darling little dude.

Maile said...

i gotta say, he does seem like a super cool dude.