Saturday, October 31, 2009

The first cut...

It has recently been brought to my attention that this boy,

This RIDICULOUSLY adorable and sweet boy of mine has a mullett. A MULLETT. How is this even possible? I mean, all societal codes have been broken. My good standing amongst the cool and elite could be brought into question over this very unfortunate turn of events. I DO know how it happened though. Two his hair apparently grows just like his mommies. That is, lush and full in the bottom, sparse to none on top. I was fairly hairless until I was 2, and even then, if you look at my 2 year picture, I have an AWESOME mullett. Second reason, as I watched his little hair grow, I just kept assuming that if I let it be, it would be all cute and curly. And, to be fair that bottom part WAS cute and curly, like after he sweated grossly or I styled it so after a bath. However, the "cute" curls were no match for his upper dome deficiency. The mullett was real, and it was starting to even bother the neighbors. (hey Kat). So, on Wednesday I phoned my trusty girl Friday Lana and asked her to bring her scissors after work to give my sweet boy a trimaroony.

Would you look at that? Long and none to pleasing to the eye.

Lana was a trooper, to be sure. Right after I took this pic we had to take Max out of the chair and hold him so she could actually get at his head. He did quite well, all things considered. I just can't thank Lana and her mad skillz enough to saving Max and therefore me from a worser fate of society shunning. I'm pleased to announce that he is now a stunningly handsome boy child with a sweet new do.

Just threw this picture in because this is what he does the MOMENT I move his tray off his highchair. He twists around with amazing and lightning quick speed and peers out the window. He loves to look for Louie and to watch outside.

A parting shot of his super sweet and perfectly rounded cue ball of a head! I sure do love this boy!
Mullets and mohawks,


jen said...

Does he seem grown up to you now? I always hate the first cut on my boys because they instantly change from babies to boys. And I know it's over from here on out.

I can't thank Jere enough for rescuing Micah last night. Whew. Glad that is over. But it was worth it to see Lily shake her booty to "Bad Boy, Bad Boy."
That girl. What will I ever do with her?

Kathleen said...

His hair is awesome! and don't feel too bad, Collin had a mullet too until i took scissors to it. max is freakin adorabale!