Monday, October 19, 2009


It was October Break this last week, as you may know. I was strongly determined to do something FUN with my kids, since I was so footloose and fancy free. On Tuesday we went to the Tumbleweed Park with a bunch of cousins. It was really fun, Maggie had a ball climbing and sliding, while Max just crawled around on the filthy concrete and blissfully enjoyed his freedom. However, I was really, really convinced that a day at the zoo was really what we needed to do. After a couple of false starts, Lana and I finally made it on Friday. WOOPS! It was hotter than the freaking blazes of hell out there. Where the poo did the beautiful weather go? I'm just a little bitter about this turn of heat. UGH! And, in other thoughts...WHO ever decided that the zoo was a fun place to go? it's really rather lame, if I'm being honest. Our zoo is boring, there isn't much to see, it's horribly deserty and, did I mention hot? Call me Debbie Downer, but seriously. I won't say it was a total wash, we DID actually see the lions and the tiger. Maggie got really excited to see the animals, and at the lion, she yelled out, "Ooooh, he's really coot (cute)." She loved the monkeys, and she especially loved the splash pad. I'm apologizing now for the number of pics, but it had to be documented, since we probably won't be returning on any regular basis. Hehehehe

Here we are, the happy crew, about to go in for our zoo adventure. This picture cracks me up in several areas. I mean, could Maggie look more excited? HA! And Lana is totally wearing Maggies sunglasses because Tatum INSISTED on wearing Lanas glasses. But mostly, Maggies look of utter boredom is HIlarious!
Putting on the sunscreen, since it was blistering outside.

Love this pic of Maggie and Dane, excited to go see the amimals.

A little shot at the elephant area. Maggie is too cool for words eh?

Gotta love the little cleavage she's worked up here. Really, she had the time of her life here.

I just love this little shot, 'cause who doesn't like a little bum in the air. She was waiting intently for the water to shoot up again.

While Maggie and the other kids played, my little man was sweated and pooped out. He slept like a log until just as we were leaving.

And THIS is my favorite shot, because if you KNEW what was going on there you'd just giggle. She had come over after playing in the water and was, obviously, eating her lunch. I was trying to take a picture of her, like really see her face, and I kept telling her to say, "i'm having so much fun, or that was so fun." And she just kept refusing. But then, in this exact shot, with THAT much enthusiasm on her face, she was saying (in monotone) "i'm having so much fun." With the word bubble over her head saying "you are so ridiculous woman, asking me to do the stupidest things. UGH! As IF I'm going to smile for you, but whatever, I'll say your dumb phrase." I freaking love this kid!
Anyway, we parked it, we zooed it, the kids world was expanded. So, as far as I'm concerned, mission accomplished! Now, just don't ask me to go to the zoo until January. 'Cause it had BETTER be cold outside. I mean, at least the last time I went to the zoo (4 years ago) I got to witness baboon porn. (ask me sometime, hilarious story).
Sweating and monkey buns,


LanaBanana said...

Why the heck didn't I just TAKE OFF THE PINK SQUARE GLASSES FOR THE PHOTO?!?! WHY? :) Such cute zoo really is more fun to go when it's cooler, but yeah, as far as zoos go, not the most impressive. Definitely more fun with friends.

alison said...

These pictures are sooooo cute! The zoo is a wonderful place for kids!