Friday, October 2, 2009

Dance party USA

So, last weekend we had the pleasure of babysitting Porter and Lanas kids whilst they galavanted off to Texas for her 10 year reunion. It was a bit nutty getting it all worked out, what with the wedding we were going to and such, but we got it done. We got over there late Thursday night with our kids, Tatum, Dane and our luggage in tow. Friday morning we dropped Tatum off at school, picked Brooklyn up at the school and then went to my house to pick some stuff up and then back to P&L's. It's a good 40 mile round trip deal, sheesh! Then, it was a crazy rush to get us all ready and off to Danas so I could meet up with Jere at the Temple for the wedding. As I mentioned, the wedding was lovely, so glad we could go. Then it was a RUSH off to Danas to pick up all the kids and back to the house. That night we got everyone dressed up in their finest and traipsed off to the reception. I wish i'd taken a picture of us all, 'cause we looked lovely, Jere, me and 4 kids. The kids had a grand time playing on the play ground equipment in the Bluthes backyard or park, whatever. We lugged them home from the reception, got them all to bed and then Jere and Tatum had a movie night and I went to bed. Saturday dawned early, as it always does, my silly kids think 6:00 is a good time to be awake. So, I made pancakes and eggs and we had a lovely morning. But, the good part came in the afternoon. We were all hanging out in the master bedroom and Jere turned on the i-pod and the good times rolled. Seriously, it was so freaking cute to watch Maggie break it down, and Dane bust his sweet moves and Max bounce about. Tatum was her own special breed of dancing. I took some video but I've never been successful at uploading it, which is tragic, since you'd all get a good laugh. Anyway, here are a few shots of our party. It was so fun to lay on the bed and just giggle at the kids and watch them have so much fun. Ahh, to be young and innocent again, with no worries and no cares.

I especially love Maggies finers here...what is going on? She was a true dancing queen.

I had several shots to choose from for Tatum, she is a total poser. But, this one cracked me up, and I didn't want to put her pic up where she's unknowingly throwing gange signs. I could only dream of a child who would actually pose for me.

Would you just LOOK at these mad skillz.....look mom, no hands!

I'm fairly convinced that this kid never takes a bad picture. In spite of his really annoying screaming problem, he's pretty freaking cute!

When the dancing had pretty much wound down, Maggie started spinning around and then "falling" into the suitcase. She thought this was sooo hysterical and would laugh from her toes. These moments are rare and even MORE rare to actually catch on film. I'm soooooo excited that I caught her giant smile.

After a busy day of playing and dancing Max was plum tuckered out. Daddy took him into the room to feed him his bottle and put him to sleep. Generally he just goes down in his crib, he very rarely falls asleep with us. Anyway, sweet shot, note his little chubby hand wrapped around Jeres thumb.
The weekend was all in all a good time, and we were glad we could help so P&L could party down in Plano.
Dancing queens and tambourines,


LadyCarma said...

I can't believe how "thin" Jere looks in that "sleeping picture." Way to go, Jere, and thanks for the great posts. Love the stories.

LanaBanana said...

Good to know that the dancing doesn't stop just because we're not there. The kids love when we sit on the bed with the iPod going. :) No wonder they didn't miss us at all. Thanks for letting us having a great weekend away!