Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You know, I've noticed something about my blogging, and frankly, I don't know how I feel about it.  I seem to have gotten away from talking about my kids, our life, happenings and such.  And while that is fine, nothing wrong with that...in a way...I miss it.  I need this info. so I remember what the hell we did in our life.  So, I've decided to do a quick recap of what's been goin on around here.  Hope you can dig it.

Things we HAVE done in the last 2 weeks:

Welcomed Brooklyn back...

Brooklyn returned to our fold.  Maggie could NOT be happier about this turn of events.  She was ready for her "sister" to come back.  This is how I found them on Brooklyns 2nd morning.

All contentedly watching "kids shows" (that's what Maggie calls ALL cartoons)

There has been minimal fighting.  But A LOT of dress ups, coloring, imagination games, etc.  Brooklyn, though a bit whiney at times, really does bring another dimension to our days that we miss after she's been gone.

Family trip to Costco......

While Jere is waiting for school to start, his work schedule is LITTLE at best, so he's been around.  So one day we all went to Costco to shop and have lunch.  I guess he's growing up, 'cause he didnt ask me to buy any cd's, movies or books.  Hooray!

The kids all wanted to try the "comfy" couch out.  Good thing I had my butter.

Shopping at Kohls....

I already showed the pic of me and the jeggins.  But, we were there to get Jere new school clothes.  Happy to say, we scored.  We also scored THIS:

NINE Bucks....that's what I paid for this awesome dress!  So awesome is this dress that Maggie was even willing to stand there and let me do her hair, FOR REAL.  That was the first time that multiple ponies, updos and flowers were allowed in MONTHS.  She was a definite beauty in brown for he re-debut to church on Sunday. (we may or may not have been gone from our ward for SIX weeks)

Trips to the gym....

I promised Jere that I'd go to the gym with him every day last week.  And we did, with kids in tow.  Max was even happy to go to child watch, which was a first, and hugely helpful.  The kids had a GREAT time playing, and I got Jere into the gym mode.  It was also helpful to me to get going again.  However, I can NOT do late mornings like that.  It sets my whole day off kilter.  So, he's on his own now to go later, while I go early, sans he kids.  But I was/am proud of him for going.  If you haven't checked out his blog over ther on my sidebar, please do.  He's on a new quest to "find himself" at 33.

Swimming at Gramma Dars......

This isn't really Gramma Dars pool, but she does have a lovely one with a waterfall, and a huge tree overhead, and rocks, etc.  The kids and I have made ourself at home there the last few weeks, and they absolutely love it.
BUT, Gramma Dar has something most houses do not......it looks kind of like this:

I'm not kidding, she has a MAMBER JAMBER waterslide that is at least 20 feet up in the air.  You climb a spiral staircase to heaven, and then take your life into your own hands as you lay down in this slide and are shot like a cannon through it and spewed out the other side.  I will not lie...I have never been more terrified in my life.  One time was plenty for me.  Brooklyn however loved it and went down many times.  Well, at least until she smacked her head, then she wanted nothing more to do with it.

Taken silly pictures....

Jere took a pair of blue blockers from his Mom, and he PROUDLY wears his Grampa glasses.  He's so ridiculous sometimes, you just can't help but laugh.

Sat around and wasted a lot of time reading blogs.
Signed up for twitter.
Caught up on Project Runway (is it just me, or is the GAYEST guy season EVER)
Caught up on Top Chef
Watched the SYTYCD finale (like Lauren, happy for her, but REALLY sad it wasn't Kent)
Played horseback ride with the kids
Had a delightfully, delicious "ball" party with some of our dearest friends.  Visited with our out of towner friends and laughed heartily!
Ate breakfast for dinner
Prepped for Oliver
Had Oliver Kid Auditions/Cast an Oliver
Laundry.....lots of Laundry
Got 96 followers.  C'MON PEOPLE, ONLY 4 MORE TO 100
Shopped for school supplies, INCLUDING Maggies backpack for preschool..
   SIDENOTE:  Maggie is soooooo excited about going to "school."  She feels so old and so superior to Max for this.  She finds any numer of opportunities to remind him that SHES bigger and older and going to school and he isn't.  And the fact that she got to get a backpack was nearly more than she could bare.  We went Saturday afternoon and she picked out a princess backpack (are we surprised) and promptly wore it all around the store.  As I was perusing the bread, which happens to sit directly across from the candy aisle, she asked for many different candies.  I told her no.  Then I noticed her putting a box of skittles into her backpack.  When I questioned her on this, she pointed her little finger, looked up at me and said..."Mommy, that's just for school for later.  I need to put it in their for LATER.  Ok?"  Well fine, her "logic" was sound.  She needed snacks for later.  So, in it went and there it stayed (I paid for it of course) and continues to stay until said time arrives to eat it.
Gone to Peter Piper and played with cousins (that just happened today..totally fun!)


Any amount of cleaning, beyond pick up and wipe downs and vacuuming.
Really, it's embarrassing the level of dust going on.
Please, don't discuss the kitchen floor, currently stained in yogurt from Max this morning.
Organizing my piles of mail
Cleaning out closets
Eating right
Getting sleep
Did I mention proper cleaning.  I just can NOT seem to get motivated.  Mostly, I look around, curl my lip in disgust and then just find something else to do.   I think I need an intervention.

Well, I guess that'll be enough for now.  There are kids in need of my attention, a house that needs me to look around and ignore it some more and some Oliver calls to be made.

Here's hoping I can find my motivation and get some real bidness done around here soon.

Lazy days and dirty houses,



azandersens said...

I never click the "follow" button, but if it makes you feel better to have 97 followers I'll do it. :)

Kristina P. said...

Holy crap! You have been busy!

Oh, and I have a sweatshop where I have small children comment for me.

erin said...

i love water slides!! so so fun!

Andrea said...

I just saw that adorable dress today at Kohl's. Maggie looks too cute!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Okay, Maggie is ADORABLE, and especially in that dress ... so thanks, Allyson, you've officially driven another nail into my "I want a girl" coffin. LOL

I had to laugh at the Costco butter. I buy my butter in bulk, too, at Sam's Club ... and then I freeze it. 'Cause I love me some buttah. I always tell Curtis - we know we need to re-evaluate our eating habits when we buy enough butter at one time to last most people for, like, a year.

The Atomic Mom said...

Wha....??? You're on twitter? What's your sign on? I need to follow you.

As for Project Runway, Gretchen is on my nerves so she can go any old time. And I love Mondo, I just do.

LanaBanana said...

Fabulous brown dress-it looks like it's long enough to fit her for awhile too-which is important!

I just watched the first project runway of the season, and I have the other two saved for a boring afternoon or evening. Why did they keep Casinova and annoying hat guy that turned the kimono around?? What?

I haven't been that good at cleaning house either. But I still feel it's time you come and visit it for a fun time. :) Peter Piper today was grand indeed, and just what we all needed. Thanks for calling!

Ronnica said...

That brown dress is so cute...and for $9! I just bought myself a dress from Kohl's for $21...but I don't look as pretty in it as your daughter. =)

Jere the Hottie said...

Babe, I have SIX followers so you're WAY ahead of me there. Second, thanks for the shout out to my blog. Maybe you can convince some of your peeps to be my peeps too. =) Here is a direct link to my blog if that's easier for peeps to just click on. Just sayin'. Third, our house is fine. It's summer for one more day. As of tomorrow when school resumes for me and I'm back in a routine you can just chill too. =)

PS - Don't be jealous of by blue blockers! I totally rock those bad boys!! HOLLER!!!

DianD said...

Darling dress, darling girl! You've got lots done, too! For some reason, it's so hard to clean during school! So glad Jere is doing the gym scene! Go Jere! Glad you mentioned that wasn't really Gramma Dar's pool! It was beautiful. No wonder ours doesn't rank visits anymore. Hard to believe Maggie will be in pre-school! Day after tomorrow it will be Max, too! Have a happy day