Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jeggins PSA

Today I bring to you a very special PSA, offered up by yours truly for your own good.  So PAY ATTENTION!!

As we were walking through our local Kohls last evening on a happy little family shopping trip.  Imagine my dismay and DISDAIN upon this discovery. 

"NO NO Darrel, not this time"
(sorry, that was the hugest inside shout out to my beloved GUH!)

(Why yes, yes I DO carry my camera everywhere I go.  What's it to you?  Had I not brought it with, you would NOT have such fine pictoral evidence, that's for DURN sure.)

Look closely my leetle friends.  It says "Jean" and "Legging."  And to further add to my horror...this was prominently displayed on a main aisle.  Not even buried away towards the back.
So the denimesque sausage casing can NOT be ignored.  It's quest to take over the world is gaining momentum.
"Jeggins are baaaad.  Mmmmmmmkay?"

(apparently this is my stern face.  Not very fear inducing huh?)

And to make matters worse, they've done some serious destruction work. 
So let me get this straight....
you want my chubby arse to in essence...paint itself into your stretchy and ewwrific (totes just made that word up) pants, and then, THEN trust that your man made or machine made destruction holes will HOLD UP under the immense pressure my fatty fatty 2 x 4 thighs will put it under?
I think not fashion freaks, I THINK NOT!!

The moral of this post is:






This PSA brought to you by the letters F and A and T and by the words "JUST SAY NO".


Your saving the world from one fashion faux pas at a time friend....ALLYSON

And one more thing.  Today are the first round of auditions for Oliver.  I'm all nervous.  Hope kids show up, hope they're good.  Hope this all works out!  Wish me LUCK!

Oh, and one more thing.  MAKE SURE you go down to my last entry and click on the video of Maggie.  It's 20 seconds out of your life.  But, it's cute. SO DO IT!  Just don't DO Jeggins.


Laraine Eddington said...

Consider yourself blessed with good luck from Larainy Days!

Ms. Bake-it said...

I have no problem saying NO to Jeggins - eeew!

Good luck!

Andrea said...

I was in Kohls on Wed and saw the same display table with the lovely jeggings as you put it, and I had the exact same thought. Are you kidding me?

On a side note everytime I leave you a message I have to go through the username and password thing twice. Isn't that wierd?

Mel said...

gross. They look good on no one!!!

Katie said...

Truly LOL! You could not know how badly I needed a good laugh today! Thank you!

Kristina P. said...

Those look like regular jeans! ugly ones, but I thought the jeggings were actual elastic pull on leggings, made of stretch denim?

I've decided I'm not just going to wear leggings as pants, but as a top too. Like a cat suit.

Jere the Hottie said...

Oliver will be great under you fine direction babe! You're amazing! Jeggings are sick! Thanks for doing such great work on the fashion front. =)

Greg and Tammy said...

you are hysterical. LOVED the PSA. Support it 100000%

Bryson Jones said...

My goodness I love your blog! You make me laugh so much. As I revive mine I aspire to your comedic humor :)

the shoafs said...

i am so glad that i picked today to log back in to blogger. "ewwrific"??? that is a FANTASMAGORIC word. man, i've missed me some allyson. seriously. i laughed until my sides hurt....and then i held my sides and laughed some more. i'll need a lil biofreeze afterwards, but it'll be worth it. and i love more than words that you slipped a little sesame street love into your post! today's comment is brought to you by the letters O, M, and G.... i will forever and ever say NO to jeggings. if you ever hear tell of me wearing can bet your bottom dollar that i lost a bet of some sort. which won't happen because i don't gamble....

The Atomic Mom said...

A to the MEN Sista Allyson!! A to the FREAKIN' MEN!! NO NO NO NO NONNONONONONONO!!! I give you my solemn promise not to ever wear these monsters. Now, out to buy up every last pair of boot cut jeans until the present hostilities cease.

Dana said...

I bought those jeans at Kohls last week!! And they look great.

Oh, and I have to do the same thing that Andrea does too. Strange.

(ps....I returned the jeans too. But not because they didn't look great on my hot body--just needed the cash for jamyn's housing payment!!)

lexlocilori said...

HAHA. Why did they have to put the label on them? Was that a warning label maybe?

jen said...

I must admit that I've discovered two demographics that these jeggings do look cute on--Evie's age and Lily. If you're 10 and super skinny, they are truly darling with a jacket shirt or short skirt. And baby fat? I always wanna see that. Can't argue with that logic, can you?
But adult women, or teens for that matter--no.

The Empress said...

I said no to jeggings in 1984, and I can say no in 2010.

No problem.

EG said...

"No no no, Darryl. You MUST have the suit"

I love you, Als!! This totally made my day.

Wendy said...

You are so funny. I am sure Oliver will be great as long as no women show up in Jeggins.

Natalie said...

Jeggings! Awesome! And don't worry, you'll never see a pic of me in them. They are all kinds of wrong!