Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Picture day is generally the ONLY day where any frustration or irritations rear their heads.  It's stressful getting 30+ people together in one space, coordinated in color, smiles, etc.  This day was no exception.  It was only made worse by the fact this particular day was the only one that it RAINED the ENTIRE day.  When we could see that there wasn't going to be a let up, we had to come up with plan B.  Which in retrospect was not such a great plan.  We decided to use the porch.  Unfortunately, noone had their giant light post and white umbrella thingy to create good artificial lighting.  Oh wait, noone even OWNS such a thing.  Anyway, the lighting was TERRIBLE.  Hence, the pictures you will see from my camera....tragic.  However, after all the individual family pics and various family member pics had been taken and we were all sitting around doing whatever, there came a BRIEF break in the downpour.  At this point Max was asleep and the kids were getting dirty.  So we made a snap decision to literally run down the hill, set up the tri-pod and take a picture as fast as we could, SANS my sweet Max.  After a false start in a shadowy spot, we moved over to a shady spot and literally took 3 pictures.  I'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out.  The only fix was photoshopping Max in and photoshopping Troy over, since his head was a little hidden.

I won't lie...when I look at this picture, it makes me smile.  It makes me happy.  I feel such pride in what a beautiful and GREAT family I have.

I'm grateful for the talents that abound,the music that ripples through the air, as someone is ALWAYS singing,  for the incredible sense of humor that all possess (what?  we're FUNNY people, don't deny it).  I'm thankful for the competitive spirit that runs deep.  For the unending well of "gas" that permeates our gatherings.  The ability to play well together, to get along, to LOVE being in eachothers presence.  I truly LOVE my family.  And I wouldn't have it any other way, each of us individuals in every way, but solid as a group.

The ENTIRE Shumway Family
(I especially enjoy Max's photoshopped face in there)

From oldest to youngest:

Danas family
Breckyn, Dana, Adam, Bryson
Hayden, Jamyn, Harrison

Erics Family
Eric, Quinn, Jody
Maya, Conner
(yes, yes Jody IS a for reals, like in commercials and print)

Maggie, Jere, Me, Max

Jenny's Family
Jenny, Troy
Cooper, Brooklyn, Carter
(keep in mind there are at least FIVE cameras going at once here)

Porters Family
Porter, Crew, Lana
Tatum, Dane

Dixies Family
Shane, Dixie, Morgan
Owen, Olivia

So there you have it/us in all our glory.  Bad lighting and all.  We're just one GREAT BIG, happy, flawed, crazy Family.

Earthtones and cheese,



The Bipolar Diva said...

That picture is awesome, if only because you can see every single person! I only have 8 kids and 7 grandkids here and I still can't manage to get everyone to look at the camera. Great shot!

lexlocilori said...

lol at the photoshop!

Greg and Tammy said...

You do have such a beautiful and wonderful family!!! Blessed indeed. Funny, because I saw the pic on Greg's FB page before checking your blog, and we said... is Max photo shopped in there? Glad you could squeeze his cute little face in there.

Just Like June said...

How sweet is this?! What a good looking bunch

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Great pictures!

I can't even REMEMBER the last time we had a photo taken of our huge family ... it's been since the oldest grandkids were little (and they're now 18-21!). It's about time, I'd say!

Natalie said...

My mom has been all over all of us (there are 5 of us kids) that she wants one big family photo. So much work! We did it a few years back, and vowed never to do it again. I guess it's time though...

DianD said...

Fun post. Yes, yes! We do have a funny and talented family! Once again, Dad and I feel really blessed to be part of such a GREAT bunch of people! Lucky us!