Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trah to Treasure Tuesday....bunkbed edition

**YO!  You guys....MAKE SURE you take a moment and read yesterdays entry.  It's cool, so don't ignore it mmmmmkay?!**

Well, I don't know how much these were "trash", but I DID buy them on Craigslist.   And I MAY have stole them for a song.  Seriously....I'd been looking for quite some time, off and on, for bunkbeds.  It seems like the only crap people were always selling on Craigslist were those poopy metal beds.  WHO wants those, EVER?  And those were the ones that were "affordable."  Any wood beds I'd find were either solid boxes and ugly, or they wanted 300 dollars or more.  Anywho, the morning I got my tax return I decided I should probably just give a quick looksy at "the list" and see if there was anything at all.

There it was....just listed that day...a pair of solid wood bunkbeds, with personality even for only $185.00.  YES!!  I emailed them, and after some phonecalls I asked if they'd take $160.00.  They said yes.  I said.....I'm on my way!

ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY BUCKS?!  For real?  I can TOTALLY handle that for solid wood bunks.

Off my Daddy and I went in his miniature truck to Queen Creek to pick them up.

I was so happy when we got there to see that they were actually pretty short, totally perfect.  Just ugly yellow, knotty pine.  THAT had to go.

After a BUTT TON of work painting, and then letting them sit in my garage for nearly a week, they are FINALLY in the kids room and they're great.  The kids are beside themselves with excitement.

Right...so here we go:



WHAT?  I mean Puh-lease...you can't tell me the white isn't 4 million times better.  Even if it DID take me an ENTIRE day and more cans of spray paint than I ever care to tell you.  YIKES!!  And now...I have a lot of touching up to do.  You wouldn't believe how much you "miss" on those undersides. hahaha


Oh my gosh...did I mention the HUGE drawers underneath?  AWESOME!  I cleared out three of Maxs drawers into one of these.  Now I have 3 drawers for the babies clothes and diapers.  WOO HOO!!  The other drawer has all of Maxs trucks and toys. 

Don't ya just love it?  I'm happy.  And Max finally in a real big boy bed.  SO GREAT!  He feels so cool.

Maggie just HAD to "take pictures" of it, since I was.  It was cute.  She took a bunch of pics and then she and her friend went out back and made "videos" with this silly broken old 35mm camera.  I'd hear them say, "now do you want to watch my video?"  And they'd be looking at the camera like they were really watching something and giggle their heads off.  SO CUTE!

Anywhozywhatsit....that's my bunkbed story and I'm stickin to it.  Let me know what ya thinky.


I used rustoleum spray primer
Rustoleum Semi-Gloss White spray paint
Rustoleum matte clear finish
No sanding whatsoever


Kristina P. said...

Love. I am a big fan of white furniture.

jen said...

So much better. And you really scored on the price. For the drawers too? Yeah. Smokin' deal.

Amanda said...

Love it! totally gorgeous! great job mama!

and to your friend Rob, and others who won! CONGRATS! What a great way to be recognized for awesome work and talent!

Amanda said...

Love it! totally gorgeous! great job mama!

and to your friend Rob, and others who won! CONGRATS! What a great way to be recognized for awesome work and talent!

LadyCarma said...

I am only saying one word about your post: WOW!

Darlene Bond said...

They turned out so good...and all pregnant and everything. You rock.

azandersens said...

Good job, Girl. I can't even fathom how many cans that took, since it just took me 1 to do a single picture frame. I'm impressed with your skillz.

Wendy said...

Wow. You are amazing! Woo Hoo Jere! I loved him in 12 princesses. Money rocks! It is awesome that Rob won such a huge prize for his hard work. He is blessed to know so much talent! I hope he shared some winnings with his fine cast!

WhisperingWriter said...

I LOVE it!! You are so talented.

The Bipolar Diva said...

They look AWESOME!