Monday, December 22, 2008

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie

So, I make sugar cookies...that's "my thing" for Christmas. I make them once a year, and I do a pretty fine job of it. I spent much of Sunday afternoon rolling, cutting, baking, etc. I got a few frosted before we had to leave to drop some off and visit some friends. (Jenny D. don't you worry, I haven't written you off completely, we'll be bringing some by tomorrow) Those that I'd frosted, but didn't take, I put on a plate and covered with foil. So, this morning I was watching P&L's kids and they really wanted a cookie. So, I gave them a cookie and Maggie was all about getting her own cookie. Lana came back, she enjoyed a couple and the kids each had another. I won't lie, I ate a few throughout the day as well. Anyway, it's now early evening, I'm working on dinner, so my back is to the plate (on the table) when I catch a little crinkle sound out of the corner. I turned around to see this....

Hmmm, clearly someone had just grabbed a cookie for their own. I then turned around to the family room where I see Maggie standing over Max in his bouncy, munching on a cookie. I sucked my breath in in surprise, and she jumped about a mile into the air. I tried not to giggle, 'cause she's just so cute and funny. I then "sternly" chastised her for totally skyfing a cookie. And then I took a picture.

I mean really, what can you do to a face like that? I s'pose I should say...she DID steal a second cookie, but I was ON HER for that one. hehe

Then, she commenced to do her own "cooking" while I was finishing dinner. She enjoys getting out the pots and spoons and working on dinner. I wish I had a picture of her "feeding" Max her great concoction, it was sweet.

With taht said, I must post another quick post and then get to frosting those pesky cookies. I've got peeps waiting for their fix. haha


jen said...

Well, after the HUGE plate you left at my house, and seeing how it's been empty for hours now, I would think that ANYONE could have stolen the cookie. I also pride myself in the sugar cookie department. I have finally found an equal. My hat is off to you (and yes. I grew up in Idaho. Does that explain listening to KMLE? Can we still be friends? I promise to only revel in Broadway and Clay Aiken when in your presence if you can look past this wee weakness for twang and cheesy stories set to music.)

The Maxsons said...