Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do you do to use up their energy?

Have you and your kids been going stir crazy with all the wet and rain, being cooped up in the house? Well, to let off some steam today, we just meandered out to our awesome mud patch we like to call our yard. It's a "delightful" place to let the children run free.
First, you let them work on their bicep curls, build those muscles. Maggie really likes to believe that she is capable of lifting and moving heavy objects.

Then you let them run, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And you just hooray them along, encouraging them to believe that this is the FUNNEST time ever! Note the picture of Maggie. It took every bit of her energy and effort to heft her girthiness across the yard. She was "running" with all her might and it really could be categorized as a semmi-brisk walk. Then, apparently she's recently discovered "jumping". This is one of my favorite stages of kids. You know what it is, when they concentrate sooooo hard and they work and work to get those feet off the ground. They give it their best effort, and really nothing happens, their knees just bend and unbend. But, they really feel like they've accomplished something. It's so darn cute. Maggie is totally "jumping" and was giving me a great show of her talents. This went on for some time, and they had a grand time. Only when Maggie decided to sit in the mud, because I mistakenly told her NOT to, did we wrap it up and come inside. And, let it be said, they both played with their dollies for a few minutes and then went right to bed. Ok, I'll admit it, I have 2 of the BEST nappers EVER! I'm lucky, and I appreciate that.
In unrelated news, I'm mildly saddened that I only have 11 "followers" over there on the right. Seriously, only 11. I feel totally unpopular and unloved right now! Get on it people, FOLLOW me! The end.
The first noel,


jen said...

It's all in the marketing. I firmly believe that.

ZippityDoDaw said...

Yes thank you for that reminder that my son is destroying the Christmas tree because in fact he needs to get out and run around the yard. I am impressed that the girls did not look the slightest bit muddy.