Saturday, December 13, 2008


We went to visit Santa on was "super". Actually, contrary to what this picture shows, it wasn't so bad. Brooklyn eventually warmed up to him, and so did Maggie. In the shot the stupid people took, Maggie is actually looking up and NOT crying, but Max is. Hey, he was happily sleeping and I rudely pulled him from his cocoon and made him sit on a strange mans furry lap. Anywho, all I'm saying is I was NOT happy with the mall people. I was all prepared to use my own camera, which I did last year, when they informed me that I would not be allowed. However, IF I purchased their cheapest package, I could take my own pictures as well. So, I stupidly said ok, and are you EVEN aware what a freaking racket they're running? I paid $14.00 for ONE 4x6 picture. What the F? And, it so wasn't worth it because I felt totally rushed and like I shouldn't be trying to take my own pictures. So, the three I took (this being one of them) all SUCK! Oh well, live and learn I guess. After our visit to his lap, we stopped in a store and then headed for the mall play area. They totally redid it at Fiesta Mall and it was really nice. The kids had a great time running around and playing. Did I mention that Lana and Dane came along for this adventure? Well, they did, and it was delightful to have them there. Dane just coming to our house made Maggies life worth living apparently. I have some cute pics, but I'm not gonna post them, because I'm testing Emily's theory that if you don't move where your pic goes originally, then you can click on it and it will get bigger. If I put anymore pics in here, you all know how THAT process goes. Seriously Blogspot really needs to fix it so when you click to add a pic, it goes where your curser is. It would make life SO much easier.

Yep well, guess that's all I have to say in THIS post. I will be adding another right now, but it requires another picture, and well, you know...testing the theory...yada yada.

Merry Merry


Mel said...

I love unconventional Santa pictures. They're so funny and always have a story behind them. Kids are hilarious. Boo to the mall people, but they gotta make their money somehow I guess.

Dana said...

Picture is officialy BIGGER when clicked on! :) (And the real "sweetie" in me would have kindly told the mall people where to put it. I mean really, they can stop you from snapping a picture in a very public place?!? What are they going to do, sieze your camera?)