Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was an extremely busy, crazy day, and yet lovely. We had A LOT of last minute things to get, do, etc. So, we ran around all day like crazies, and then literally rushed in to Jeres Moms house for dinner. We had a lovely dinner and then literally packed up Maggie and his sister Julie and rushed over to the Temple to see the lights and listen to our good friend Jordan put on a concert. Oh, let me backtrack a moment and say...we went to Forgotten Carols on Tuesday night and HOLY CRAP it was awesome. I know, you may think...but it's Michael McClean and he's so totally cheesy, but I promise you, this show was GREAT! Jordan was the main singer and he was retarded (meaning AMAZING). If this show comes again next year, and Jordan is in it, I HIGHLY reccommend you attend. Just go ahead and leave before the actual, embarrassingly cheesy part where he sings "we can be together forever someday" and has the audience join in. Could SO do without that. But, back to the night...we wandered around looking at lights, which surprisingly Maggie seemed none to impressed with. However, she sure looked cute. haha
**please note that all pictures can be clicked on to view larger**

Jere and Jordan after the concert. Maggie was AWFUL throughout, so I had to just keep walking her around. At one point she actually tried to strip her clothes off, which she has never done. UGH! After the concert we headed back to Grandma Pegs for our presents. We have the privilege of spending Christmas Eve with Jeres Mom and Sister and Christmas day with my family.

The kids got new Christmas jammies, but Maggie refused to pose. Max was so freaking sweet the whole night just sitting and taking it all in.

THIS is how Maggie likes to spend her time..."loving" or what is commonly known as LAYING on her brother. You can just sort of see her adorable jammies in the pics.

She got a cabbage patch doll and another baby too. Gramma Peg really loves to spoil Maggie and this night was no exception. She spoiled us too, as did Julie. Thanks so much you two.

My favorite present Maggie got from Gramma, a BOX of 7 purses. If you didn't know, Maggie LOVES her a purse. She generally likes to have one on her arm whenever we leave the house. So, a box of them was really the BEST. They're all so cute and stylish too, and they come with matching jewelry. All night she insisted on having ALL SEVEN on her arm at one time.

Julie was trying to put together her puzzle, telling her we're taking her to Disneyland, but Maggie felt SHE needed to sit. This is also SO Maggie, if it has any form of a flat surface, she will sit on it.

This was the other hi-tech dolly she got. She would give it a drink, then take a drink for herself, then repeat. This went on for some time, and frankly, it was cute.

This is Jere "being a Dad" by putting together her doll toy. He feels so cool when he gets to do things like this.

After a very long day and a very nice evening where I repeat, we were spoiled...the hour was late and we had to get the kids home. After tucking them in bed, we wrapped their presents, and ours to eachother, cleaned up the house and set everything in place so it'd be ready for the morning.
I will make a second post to talk about Christmas Day.


Mel said...

Okay the picture of Maggs "loving" on Max is just about the cutest thing ever.
Stripping her clothes off? Now that is something straight out of O's playbook. Maybe they have been having secret meetings. O has been a tad more nurturing these days and much nicer to her babies. hmmm...

Andersonland said...

Ok, we have the SAME Christmas outfit for James as you have for Max.... I guess we are great minds thinking alike, miles apart. Or just that we both shopped at Target! :)