Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello??? Is anybody out there?

Ok, SERIOUSLY...what is UP with this ridiculous prolonged silence in the blogosphere. NoONE has updated in forever. What do you people expect me to read to fill up my endlessly free days? Good grief! Ok fine, so we had Christmas, that was like THREE days ago. I'm just saying, it's time to update. You might be feeling overwhelmed with ALL you could blog about, or ALL the pictures that you need to put on, I feel you, I really do. So, I decided that I'd be the first to break this silence, this undue quietude in blogland. There I've done it for you, now you can all feel free to write away.

With that said, I'm TOTALLY disappointed in the lack of voices to opine on which picture I should use. I see on my counter that PLENTY of people have been by to have a looksy, but only 10 real votes. I mean, for heavens sake, my mom got herself a google account just so she could pipe up and vote, how cute is that. Many of my regular commentors (I have like 5) haven't even said anything. Sadness, really, a tear, strreaming down my cheek. But, I guess it looks like # 5 was the most popular, so I'll see what I can do to make it presentable and get it sent out to you.

I'm very much planning on doing a Christmas post, 'cause I have pictures that must be shared, and we had a lovely Christmas. But, that'll have to be another time, as Max is stirring and he needs to be fed.

I'm leaving you with these pics.....guess who came to church last Sunday?? None other than Maggies boyfriend Nixon. It was really cute, 'cause she was ALL about putting her arm around him and touching him and playing. He...not so much. But, we did manage to get one quick pic in there, and the other one you can sort of see Nixon's arm as he was making is getaway from Maggie. I also think I'll throw in their Easter shot, just to compare how much they've grown up. Their wedding video is so gonna be the cutest. hehhehahahhahahahah, oh I slay myself. By the way it was also quite grand to see Nixon's parents, 'cause we love them so much too.

Maggie and Nixon sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I ok fine, not right now.

They appear to be much happier in their younger days.

Oh how he used to love her so. hehehe But seriously, how cute are they?

But I JUST wanted to love him and pet him.

Anywho, that's all for now. Hopefully you feel spanked enough to get on it and WRITE something. I'm in need of a fix people, and it's all about ME!!!
Happy Sabbath.


Dixiechick said...

This was funny. They did appear to be much happier in their younger days. Oh how time and distance can really ruin a relationship... I fear the long distance relationship is just too much for them. Maybe if you could implement weekly phone calls or something?

ZippityDoDaw said...

They really are too cute. Plus, love the name NIxon! Very cute pictures!

Dana said... I have to come and chastise you on your own blog for not checking your email. I tried to send you a very important photo link and what do I get? ......."permanent fatal error MAILBOX FULL" There you go.......plenty o reading material!! :) (And, When you're done reading all that try

♥Molly♥ said...

sorry i didnt comment on the picture one, there were too many cute ones, and i am not very good and counting and numbering in my head, lol. i really liked the one where you guys were looking down at the kids, that was my fave.

I know, I have been TOTALLY slacking in the blog department without excuse, but my goal is to get back in full swing this week, so fingers crossed... i will be back in action :)


Mel said...

Only 10 comments? I'll have you know I am always jealous of how many comments you get. You seem to be my only faithful commenter. I know lots of people are lurkers because when I run into them and tell them about Miss O, they say "Oh i know, I read that on your blog", or they'll tell me how much they enjoy it, but none of them comment. *shrug*
A few of them (like my mother) are retarded when it comes to computers, so they get a pass, but other than that...