Monday, June 9, 2008

A Photo Essay

This morning I need to be studying some important video so I can block my two specialty numbers in workshop. However, I thought it would be MUCH more fun to import some latest pics of Maggie and share them with you, my internet loving friends. Oh how I do love some modern technology. As I type, Maggs sits on the floor on the other side of the coffee table, having abandoned her morning bottle for a bag of fishies she found ON the table. She's happy as a clam, shoving them by the fist full into her mouth. I'm not gonna lie here when I say, I've got a bit of a piggy on my hands. For a baby who was labeled "failure to thrive" due to her extreme teeny skinniness at one month, I'd say shes' doing JUST fine these days.

Yesterday afternoon was a lovely one spent visiting with family and friends. First we stopped by my parents to say goodbye, since they're leaving today for 2 weeks in PA. Just my Dad was home, and it was a delightful little chat with the Tonester. He was having his best day so far since the surgery. In fact, it was so good, he even went to church. He looked good, walking around with a little pep in his step. I wish I'd taken a picture of him though, 'cause only my Dad would be such a rebel. See, he's grown out his full man beard (totally gray) since he's been confined to his house for so long. While there is nothing wrong with that, he IS the Bishop, and it's certainly frowned upon to have a beard. So, yesterday, there he was, all dressed up in his suit, with his big fatty beard, prancing around the halls of church. I love this man. He just decided he didn't feel like shaving, especially since he was leaving for 2 weeks anyway. But, I digress. We had a nice visit, and it's SO good to see him finally feeling better. After that, we decided to go visit Dar, 'cause we haven't been to her house for literally a year. It was the nicest afternoon/evening spent. She got to see Maggie for the first time since birth, spend some time with her, etc. Maggs had a GREAT time playing with the plethora of toys available there. All in all, a lovely Sunday.

Ok, pictures, I get it.

The point of this picture, though she does look wierd is, I'm showing that she had a "pony" in her hair for the very first time. She really did look cute, but she was also standing on her own for the first time, and she was a little freaked out.

Maggies first time wearing her swimsuit, and FIRST time going swimming. We were at Porter and Lanas house, swimming in their new pool. It was a BIT freezing, and she was not the biggest fan of it at first. But, she did better once her Daddy (who looks real cute in these pics I might add) got in with her. Sorry, but NOTHING is cuter than a little chubby baby in a skirted swimming suit.

One of my favorite dresses she has. I had to get a pic of it before she outgrew it.

And finally....she can go from zero to DRAMA in about .05 seconds flat. All should see Maggies SAD face. I should take video of the tantrum she's throwing right this second because I had the nerve to take a picture away from her. Oh I love this girl!!!!
Peace out.


Andrea said...

Cute pictures! I am glad your dad is doing so well. Next time you are in the mood for an interesting Sunday visit come on over me and my clan can entertain you guys!

Mel said...

We need to see you guys again soon. She is so adorable. They're all so cute, and I especially love the drama one. :)

Andersonland said...

Oy, I needed to get over here sooner and read all about your life in Mesa-potamia. Anyway, glad you got some new wheels, and that you are doing well. Baby Mags looks very cute. And one last thing, could you unlist my Eden blog from your blog roll? I'm not really updating that anymore, and that's not really a blog I want my name attached too. :) Thanks. :)

Greg and Tammy said...

First...CONGRATS ON THE LITTLE BOY!!! We are so excited for you. And how fun that you will have it right around the time of Jamie and Gina's baby blueberry?! Love all the pics of Maggie. That swimsuit looks so cute on both our girls. Glad your dad is feeling better. Good luck with workshop!

LanaBanana said...

So, I remembered to add you to my list of friends. I really like your blog background, btw. CUTE. I can't figure out how to do anything fancy with mine. Love the pictures of Maggie. I love the way you tell stories--especially about Tony. :)