Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Routines

Usually every morning, Maggie and I have our routine, and then Daddy and Maggie have a routine. She wakes up anywhere from 6:30 to 7:15, I go get her out of bed, we snuggle for a minute, I change her diaper and then make her a bottle. These days, she may or may not drink much of said bottle. Then, she (if in a good mood) will play around with toys, or creep her way around the rooms. Until at some point she lets me know she's ready for her waffle, egg, banana, or whatever breakfast entails that day. She sits in her chair, happily eating while I do some cleanup, or check blogs, or whatever. When she's done, I clean her up, let her down to play and usually Daddy comes out for his shower. After his shower he usually takes her into the bedroom with him so she can "help him pick out what to wear". Mostly this means she plays in the bedroom and makes happy noises. He can get her to always blow kisses, and say bybe bye. For me, she pretty much will not be a little performer monkey. Anyway, this morning, Daddy took her into the bathroom, well, she takes herself in there and we all know bathrooms are scarey places for babies to roam free. So, in order to save her from teh floor, he put her in the sink while he brushed his teeth. It was really just too cute, since she LOVES to see the pretty girl in the mirror. I had to take a few pictures. The following was Maggie helping Daddy brush his teeth, or just Maggie admiring herself in the mirror, whatever.

She really likes brushing her 4 teeth. I wish I was better at remembering to do it for her. It just seems like I always run out of time and forget. Good thing she's not a real bottle drinker, and never has juice, huh?

Ok, I must be off to the airport to pick up my parentals. They've been gone for two LONG weeks, and we're so excited to have them home again.

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