Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ok, the thing is, I have so many things I want to talk about, and pictures to show, and life is just insane. The month of June is always a crazy one, since I'm doing workshop everyday, but it just got crazier when you add a child into the mix. When I have to work around her schedule, AND be somewhere on time, it makes it tricky. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it has just made having time to blog, or do laundry, or whatever, harder. I won't even discuss the state of my bathroom, because let me just say, it's a health hazard in there right now. Anywho, I finally was able to upload some pictures this morning, and Maggie is napping right now, so I'm gonna put them up. I SHOULD be going over my blocking for my number, 'cause I totally want to change it, but eh, that'll happen another time.

So, this adorable little Gap outfit was given to me by one of my darling students last year. It finally fit Maggie, so I put it on, and I felt it required two little ponies in her hair. I realize she has little hair, but I had to go for it. It was a pretty cute/funny look, but she pulled it off. The next set of pics is the morning after look that Maggie sported. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Someone I know is into opening all the cupboards and exploring. UGH!

Seriously, the best devil horns ever. They were so matching her little drama queen attitude too.

Umm yeah, I accidently got this picture on here, and I don't know how to delete single pictures. Anyone with some knowhow, PLEASE let me in on the secret. But, it is our van, and we do love it.

Miss Thang has graduated to a big girl seat. G'ma Peg gave it to us for Father's Day. Woo hoo, that was a big savings for us, Thanks G'ma Peg. Maggie is pretty sure she's the coolest thing ever, and there is a whole new world of car riding going on.

And finally....Maggie Loooooves her some food. On this evening, she was enjoying a delicious baked ziti. Yeah, that's right, I don't mess around. Nothing but the best gourmet for my child. She was just cracking me up in all her filth.

Ok, when I have time, there is much to discuss, not the least of which is...So You Think You Can Dance. Holy Crap I love that show. But, if you don't know me yet, you will soon understand I have a fiery hot passion for reality TV, and I get ridiculously passionate and opinionated about certain contestants. I can't wait to discuss. Also, up for a future post, Father's Day, My Fair Lady, my friends house burning down, Workshop and much more.

Peace out peeps! Maggie is awake, time to eat and run.


LanaBanana said...

I'm intrigued...who's house burned down? Wha? Also, LOVE the devil horns. That was funny!

Crandell Fam said...

Your blogs are always so funny, and I loved the pictures of Maggs. She is 'dorable! :) Check mine out and see the little one as a naked bandit!

Crandell Fam said...

oh, and excuse me? When are you going to add me to your coolest people you know part of your blog??