Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Nook for the Books

Here's the deal....I live in a small house.  A really little house that I love and adore with all my heart.  I love every little corner of it, and well, I fill every little corner of it too.  BUT, I really like cleanliness and order in all things, so i try to be as organized and clever with storage as possible.

My kids room has seen many variations of storage for toys, anything from baskets, boxes to buckets.  Thankfully Maggie has a day bed with no trundle, so under her bed is a GREAT storage place for toys.  In fact, it's Max's big truck garage.  Their closet is fabulously outfitted with many wonderful shelves that I fill with diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, shoes, my old journals, tax records, whatever.

Their books used to fill up a large basket at the foot of the crib and another canvas container.  It was ok, but the kids made a mess of them and we could never see all they had.  So, when Jere brought home this other bookshelf of ours, I decided to put it to use.

In theory, it was a great idea.  A bookshelf to put alllll their books on.  In practice, it didn't work out so great.  It NEVER looked like that.  The top shelf was a little broken, so if you breathed wrong the whole thing tilted and all the books were at the peril of falling out/off at any moment. Then, you had the Max monster who liked to just sort of clear the shelves in one fell swoop.  It seems like I was constantly picking them back up and just stacking them back on.  So, it never looked neat, it just looked like a giant mess.  I really SHOULD have taken a picture of that, as opposed to a nice and neatly stacked bookshelf.

After my amazing ottoman find of '11, and giving the toys a new place to live, I decided it was time to do something better with the books.

Enter my sister and her uber cool school.  She teaches at a school that is extremely reading based.  This means that every classroom has a set of couches and walls covered in books.  Their clever way of displaying said books is with plastic rain gutters.  It's really great.  So, my sis in law decided to put a couple up in her kids play room and her daughters room.  I saw it there and loved it.  This looked like a project for me.

The other night I finally got a wild enough hair to just cruise on over to the ol' Home Depot and pick up a $5.00 rain gutter.  I had a nice man named Oscar cut it down into three 3 ft. sections.  Then I got some little slidey on-EEE brackets that are sold below said gutters and some screws and I was on my way.  We got home and set them next to the piano, where they stayed.  I wasn't entirely sure how I was gonna hang them, and didn't have time to think about it.

Well, this morning....the bee in my bonnet was working overtime and I HAD to hang the shelves NOW!  And you know what? EASY SQUEEZY!!!!!  I did it ALL by my lonesome, no drill, just me, a screwdriver and about 30 minutes of my time.

Honestly, I could not be MORE thrilled with the outcome.  It looks clean, orderly and adorable.  And most importantly, the kids can really see what books there are to choose from.  And, it's now a fun little reading corner.

Maggie was so excited, she squeezed me hard and said "Thank you Mommy, you're the BEST."  "Look, now I can just sit here and read."

Are you ready?  Dying to see it yet?

So, for right around 30 bucks (including ottoman) I have a fabulous book nook.

So happy to have a place for that 4th ottoman, as it was throwing off my chi in the family room.  It is also storing another large set of pillow books.

Close front view.
So clean and crisp looking.

Note the slidey on-eee bracket thingy.

A full view of Max's side of the room.

Maggies side of the room.
Her bed skirt hiding all KINDS of boxes, baskets and toys.

Looking in from the door.
I really love my kids room.

And just for kicks.  A shot of Maggies little kitchen she got for Christmas and the ridiculously perfect, tiny space of wall that was left open.  And the kitchen fits perfectly on it.  Happy me.

So, in review...crappy corner, made fresh and new for around 30 bucks.

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Handy in Mesatown,



Kristina P. said...

That is perfect! It totally looks like a little library.

And I got your email about April. Yes! I would love to get together. I read my emails on my phone, but I hate responding because it takes forever, and I accidentally deleted it. Boo.

deveney said...

Looks great!!! I also use rain gutters in my classroom under my's a great storage tool!

Eve said...

NICE!! I love the new little reading space.

I was thrown off a bit by your title. I got a Nook Book (eReader) for Christmas, which I love because now I don't have to carry around boxes of heavy books each time we move... and so at first I thought you were going to talk about how you've cleared out all the paper books and are going for the digital versions,
But your Nook is WAY more FUN!! :D

Becky said...

I LOVE that idea! I actually saw something similar somewhere else the other day, but I thought it was just shelving! Now I know! Your idea is so much less expensive. My little ones have a ton of books, and they get more all the time (I can quit whenever I want to, ok?) I have been looking for a better way to store books for the longest time, cause the traditional bookshelf is just not practical for little ones.

The Wizzle said...

I have been planning to do this for so long - I just need to think where the perfect spot would be! It's the best bookshelf idea ever, it really is. Yours looks great!

{connie} said...

your reading nook looks fabulous!!!
when i owned my scrapbook store, i used the rain gutters for my sticker rolls. funny how those cheapy gutters find all sorts of good uses.
love it!!

Lene said...

How fantastically crafty of you. What a great little space.

Jamie said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I am so happy that you even posted the side view because I was having a tough time envisioning how it fit on there! Thanks for sharing and their room looks AMAZING! I wish I was able to keep my rooms that organized and cozy!
Jamie Paukgana

jen said...

DELISH! Love it!

JerBear said...

You're so freakin' crafty and smart and I LOVE YOU!! Great job babe, this looks amazing!!!

DianD said...

Looks so cute! Love that Maggie was so thrilled with her reading nook! She'll be "reading" in no time, too!
Love ya,

Pini said...

Wow! I love this idea. Looks clean, inviting, organized and cozy. Perfect!!

The Atomic Mom said...

I just sent this link to my cousin who has a craft/DIY blog. I'll let you know when she posts it. This is a super cute idea! Now the room looks like a book store! :)

Denise said...

I love it so much. Great Job. I am trying to figure out where I can put one...

Greg and Tammy said...

I loved Lana's and I now love yours!!

alison said...

i get that whole "it must be done NOW!" dealio all the time. it's like i can't be stopped once i decide it has to get done. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain gutter bookshelves. if you think for one second that i'm not about to hit up the local hardware store and clean out their are seriously mistaken. you, my friend, just solved a problem on how to display the reading awards books in my media center. i don't have room for a table or display case and this is gonna solve that issue all *poof* like magic. ;)

Minky {moo} said...

okay, SO CUTE! I love it!!! how on earth do you get two kids to share a room...I know we will do that with the 'boys' (i'm trying that out!) but it seems impossible! I love the reading nook, please come do that to my house.
when i get one.
p.s. dialmforminky (at) gmail!

Staci at Craftify It ! said...

I love this! Joyce sent me over to your blog & I posted over to your blog today!

I have a question...any trouble with your kids PULLING TOO HARD when they get their books out? I'm afraid my boys would rip them off the walls? Or do you feel like they are really secure?

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing that! It looks fantastic. I've wanted to do something like that with real wood, but the thought was overwhelming. Now that's something I could do!

LanaBanana said...

they look great. I was going to tell you that one of ours fell off because I didn't have a wall anchor on that shelf. (I had run out.) So...beware, it may come out if you don't have some handy wall anchors. I think Crew might have been the culprit of pulling too hard.

Yours look great! It's way easier for kids to see book covers this way. :)

Steph said...

That is an awesome idea! Your kids' room is super cute.

fialka012 said...

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