Sunday, February 13, 2011

A room to VIEW

Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention please!!!  May I HAVE your ATTENTION PLEASE!!  The moment we've all been waiting for is HERE!  My bedroom is done.  It is DONE!  I hesitated a moment on whether or not to actually post this yet.  There are still a few little finishing touches that need to be done, like lamps, a mirror and some wall decore. But, it's mostly done, and I know my public is RABID for the reveal. HAHAHAHAHAHA

I shall not lie here when I say that it was one HELL of a week.  I have never been so exhausted in my entire life (which may be a slight over exageration.  I HAVE had babies afterall).  My body hurts in ways I didn't know possible, my hands can barely grip, my feet are throbbing, my eyeballs sting and my low back is whimpering in a corner somewhere.  And truth be told, I'm fairly sure CPS could have been called during this week for the neglect my children experienced.  They ate a lot of cereal and yogurt and fast food for meals.  They also had to entertain themselves A LOT.  Because let's face it....I am nothing if not completely obsessive over a project once I start it.  Once this show was in motion I HAD to finish it.  I may or may not have been up until 3 a.m. on Saturday painting the wainscoting.  Just sayin.d

I painted 1 bookstand, 2 nightstands, 2 dressers, 4 walls, countless frames and a mirror.  I feel safe in saying...I'm A OK not painting any furniture for a good long time.  OY!  However, the end result is so GREAT, that I could not be happier.

I'm gonna post the two dresser makeovers first.  Because PEOPLE, as it turns out....when glazing the furniture, you should use a WET washcloth.  This would have been NICE to know when I did the nightstands.  I totally blame Kalli, and she knows it.  Anyway, I figured it out and my dressers are so amazing I could die.

Dresser # 1:


I LOVE this dresser.  It was handmade by Jeres Grandfather for Jeres Dad.  It's nearly 70 years old, and it's got the coolest lines!  Speaking of on the pic, note those little yellow vertical lines up the left side of the drawers?  Those are from masking tape that my Jere put on those drawers as a kid, labeling his drawers. Hahahaha.  Needless to say, his Mom was NOT pleased.
Note the cool lines on the side, and the curved detail on the front.  It just needed a little lovin.

BOO YA!  After.  I love her in all her distressy glory.
For the record, I sanded it lightly, cleaned it, spray painted primer and then...spray painted the entire dresser with rustoleum heirloom white.  It was AWESOME! 
Then I glazed it with Ralph Lauren faux glaze.

I chose to keep the top clean and white, and leave the glazing to the fronts.  Plus, I kept the original hardware.  Talk about VINTAGE.  It was/is the coolest hardware, and it excites me that it's got such history.

Dresser # 2:

Well, aside from the utter lack of dusting going on here....
This is the dresser my Mumsy and Daddy bought me when I was 15.
She needed a change.

Full frontal view is the glorious after:

Sanded, spray primed and then rolled it with Behr Swiss Coffee, followed by the glaze.

And I MUST bare testimony of the amazingness of Better After and the glory it has bestowed on my life.  Don't know it?  Well get over there NOW!  Once you've gone, you can't ever leave.  fMNot only is Lindsey ridiculously funny (which is most of the reason I go to the site), BUT, I have totally learned clever projects like my jewelry display.

I woke up the other morning and looked at these frames and thought....THOSE are gonna be my new jewelry holders.  So, off to Home Depot (which totally owns my ass these days) I went and got two pieces of ply cut to fit the frames.  Then, I hot glued this adorable fabric straight to the ply and hammered in a few nails.  Oh, and Kalli whipped up those two fabric flowers in about 4 seconds.

Cute!  Right?

It makes me happy to look over and see my limited bling sparkling at me.

Ok, OK now onto the room.  When will i ever learn I should do 3 different posts?


See, the deal is, 9 years ago when I decorated my bedroom in this theme and these really was pretty.  I loved this tapestry.

Clearly I took these pics at Christmas time.  Because I promise, I don't usually have garland and balls hanging above my window.

This corner = HOT MESS!

You shall all appreciate me for the 360 degree views.

Are you ready?
Oh this stresses me out.
Picutres just do NOT convey the beauty of the color that is going on.


I am forever indebted to my amazing friends Tim and Chris for making this "wainscoting" happen.  Chris in Oklahoma just graphed it out and whipped this design up in 10 minutes and Tim implemented it.
This is just a couple of base boards and some trim moulding.  Total cost for materials was about $65.00

Color on the wall is Benjamin Moore  Coventry Gray.
Bedspread  IKEA. gift from 9 years ago that has been rolled up inside a trunk.

Just missing a wedding pic of my parents. 
Look closely, there is a little handprint in plaster on the wall.  That is Jeres DADS from when he was three.  So COOl!
Far left is a painted plate that his Great Grandma painted.
The history mixed with some funky art elemants makes this wall so cool to me.
All the frames I painted white were either ones I had already in the house, or found at Goodwill for 99 cents.

So, I got tired of painting and didn't finish the big 3 fold mirror that goes on the dresser.  Jere has convinced me to just get a big mirror and hang it on the wall.  Look out Goodwill....I'm on the prowell.
The "Dream" is a wall decal I found on clearance at Target for $3.50.  THREE FIFTY!!!

Something about this little vignette just makes me so HAPPY!
Did I mention that the mirror and nightstand color is called Almost Aqua and is a Glidden color.

Overall, I just really couldn't be more thrilled.  Even though I painted the room Gray and it's "darker" than the other color.  The entire space just feels SO MUCH BRIGHTER and lighter and relaxing.  I'm excited to go in there.  And mostly, I'm EXCITED to be done.  And perhaps the best thing that happened in this re-do....all the clean up that happened.  We threw away so much CRAP and put away and organized.  Happy, happy JOY JOY!!!

Now, I'm just on the look out for a mirror, a cool vinyl to go over on my side and a pillow, and whatever else might grab my attention.

I haven't added up everything, but in the running total going in my head...I would say that this room redo was done for around $350.00.

Not to bad.




Emily Lauren said...

Allyson, that looks amazing. I am so impressed you did that yourself! Especially those big dressers (We have a big beastly dresser that needs some serious TLC but it just seems too big/overwhelming).

I seriously love the room transformation. The colors seem super calming and tranquil.

Props to you on such a big/wonderful accomplishment.

alison said...

VERY nice!! it looks so much more grown up....sophisticated...POSH, even. i love the wainscoting and the dressers??? wow. ya done did outdid yourself, girl ;) so when can i expect you to work that magic on MY house???

Diane Barazoto said...

That looks beautiful! I love the soothing colors. This is my style too! The wainscotting adds sooo much. I remember when I used to do projects...I'm too lazy now. boohoo

LadyCarma said...

Amazing! Dressers are so tough to do but you did all of them. You did a great job and like the other comments, it is very soothing feeling. Thanks for sharing the photos.

jen said...

I wish you'd posted a picture of what it looked like on Thursday, just so people know how much work you did in three days.
I'm impressed.

Jen West said...

that is beautiful... lots of sweet dreams and some hanky-panky can happen in THAT valentine present! great great job :)

Lene said...


You did a great job!

Wanna come and do my room?

The Wizzle said...

Wow, I can't believe you did 2 huge dressers in one week! That's amazing.

(I'm *exactly* the same way with projects. I don't eat, sleep, or tend children until it's finished. Pretty scary.)

Robyn said...

Inspiring! I would never guess that a gray room would look so bright and welcoming. Beautiful!

Grace Adams said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! The dressers look so cool!

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear!

H.A.M. Fam said...

No wonder you are in pain!! That is ALOT of work!!
It looks amazing!!! The dressers are awesome!!
All together I would give it a 4.5 star rating. The other .5 is for the fine details, yet to come.

Staci said...

I love it! It turned out beautifully. Well done. :)

TornadoTwos said...

Oh wow, this is spectacular! I love the way everything came together. The furniture came out so well, I would have been very nervous doing those, considering the history behind them. Your bedroom looks like a picture out of a magazine now, excellent job!

Andrea said...

LOVE IT! You did an amazing job! Tara asked me the other day if I knew you were so crafty? I had to say I didn't. Way to go!

Kristina P. said...

It's so Shabby Chic! Want to do my room next?

Ari said...

Want to come paint at my house? Haha it looks freaking awesome Allyson! You're a rock star! :O)

The Coolest Allen Family said...

So beautiful! I didn't think I liked gray, but this room has changed my mind. It is so pretty and sophisticated. I am itching to re-do something myself now.

Dixiechick said...

WOW! I love it so much! It turned out so great. Especially love the wainscoating. So so cool! I love the color pallet. I love the way your painted furniture turned out. I love it all. Fantastic! And hooray for finding a color outside of tan! :) You did a fabulous job. My house needs some serious sure you don't want another project? :)

Steph said...

Love it! Love the gray. Love the bedspread. And I love love the wainscoting. Been contemplating painting some furniture myself--you just might inspire me to actually do it.

Danielle said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW girl! This is an amazing transformation! Send those pics to HGTV stat! You need your own show!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

I love both looks!

Cookie Mama said...

Totally classy! I love it & I think you should consider the HGTV thing, Mormon Bedroom Makeovers. Fixing one Mormons addition to brown and red at a time hehe. You are welcome to start at my house. ;)

ps the gray paint and wainscoting is so beautiful together. You are a genius!

azandersens said...

You've got skillz girl, and a lot of ambition. I love the moulding. If your landlords ever kick you out you can rent our condo and give it a makeover. :)

The Atomic Mom said...

Too bad I can't hire you as my decorature....I need help! :)

Greg and Tammy said...

WOWZA!!!! That looks gorgeous! Absolutely LOVE the colors. Makes me want to re-do mine, which are essentially the same colors as your old one. Nice job Allyson!!

The Scotts said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I want to copy it exactly!! I even have a dresser that I am afraid to do!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!

Pini said...

I love the painted furniture!!! Looks so fresh, yet vintage. Your room is fab...simply fab! You are mighty talented you know...

AndreaLeigh said...

i love it! you did an amazing job! the distressing is amazing!

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, I am SO impressed. Want to come do my house? I am not crafty in the least and have no clue had to decorate.

Kim Jones said...

Okay Allyson, after talking with you today, I couldn't wait to get a minute and get on to check out your room redo! Amazing!! I love that kind of stuff - the look, the labor, the putting it together on a budget, all of it! Fun and such a great job! Thanks for supporting Alexa today! You guys are always so good to be there for us. Love you!

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness Allyson, you did a marathon makeover and let me tell you it looks AMAZING! Wow, I am just so impressed, I'm lucky to paint a piece of furniture in a month! You deserve a long break with your feet up. Well done!

Wendy said...

I am in love with it! That wainscoting and gray are to die for! The dresser make over is incredible!!

Minky {moo} said...

oh my gosh it looks amazing! I love all your projects, you've really got a talent! You should link up at Primitive and Propers piece of work wednesday!!