Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bieber Fever is raging

This conversation REALLY happened in the car this morning:

Maggie:  Brooklyn do you love Justin Bieber?
Brookklyn:  Yes I do.  But my brothers don't like him.
Maggie:  Why don't they like him?
Brooklyn:  I don't know.  They think he's dumb.
Maggie:  Well, I think he's AWESOME.
Brooklyn:  Yeah, I think he ROCKS!

To which Maggie busted out in one of her signature songs, with FULL vibrato.

"I love Justin Bieber.  I think I LOVE Justin Bieber.  He is so great.  I think he ROCKS!  Justin Bieber is love.  I loooooove Justin Bieber."

I asked if they wanted to see the Biebs movie, and they both nearly pooped their pants right there.  Brooklyn couldn't even focus her thoughts.  Maggie was like "oh my gosh, YES I so want to see that movie.  Do you want to see that movie Brooklyn?  Mom can we PLEASE go see that movie."

Needless to say, I think we'll be seeing the movie. is worth taking car rides JUST for the conversations these girls have.  And lest Max be left out, he began chiming in with  "Justin Bieber I love him."  Then while we were walking through Costco, he just kept randomly busting out Justin Bieber, bieber, bieber."

And we proceeded to listen to "Baby Baby" at least 100 times at top decibals.  And if you don't think that a barely 2 year old busting out rap moments and singing along isn't the cutest thing'd be mistaken.

So, lest anyone thinks otherwise....The Biebs rules the school and the MVP's of Mesatown are hardcore!

In other Mom totally whipped out my adorable pillow for my bed today.  But I DID help sew the button on, that counts for something, right?  Now the bedding is complete.  I love it.  Thanks Mom!!!!

Biebs you give me FEVUH,



alison said...

okay...either you CLEARLY have not read my post for today, or you are just MEAN with the repetitive saying of the "b" name. my ears are ringing and my head is exploding ;)

i'm just counting my blessings that hannah still has no clue who "the beibs" is. she doesn't even know miley cyrus...although she IS a fan of hannah montana. i'll just let her leave it at that for as long as i can!!

Kristina P. said...

I totally want to see the movie. I have Bieber Fever.

Tucker said...

Bieber bieber bieber... One thing I can sympathize with is the late puberty thing.

Ari said...

I think this might be my favorite post from you ever. Well, this and the one where you make fun of the people at the gym. Wow, now I look like a big favorite things in life are the gym and Justin Bieber. You better believe I will be seeing the movie and hopefully in 3D!

Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

I totes went and saw the movie tonight. Judge away, I loved it.