Friday, February 18, 2011

Until you tell me to stop...

The other week Julie was watching the kids while I was teaching.  It was lovely out, so she took them to the front yard, and apparently decided a photo shoot of some kind was in order.

I KNOW, all i have posted are pics of my kids and things they've said for like 3 posts now.  I'm SORRY!  It's just...well my brain is fried, and I haven't redone anything cool yet, and the ONE post I really, really need/want to write is too hard and I keep putting it off.  So PLEASE, just indulge me here.

These might be some of my favorite pics of Maggie yet.  She actually got her "pose" on.  And showed the camera her different faces.  She LOVES to play "emotions" with me.  She wants me to say..."show me scared" and then she'll show me scared. Show me happy, show me sad, etc.  However, as we all know, she does not usually care to perform any of these talents FOR anyone.  Not so this day.  NOT SO.  We got a full concert AND a modeling shoot.


I have no idea what is happening here, but it just cracks me up every time I see it.

Pouty face.  Which, if you must know, I see A LOT!


What?  Are you kidding me?
Someone get this girl an agent.

Something was clearly HI-Larious!

Daddy was off to something somewhere.
I just love this picture, 'cause she really LOVES her Daddy.

And finally.....a real life, see her face, hear her sing moment.  She is favoring us with one of our favorite Primary Songs.  I give you.....
I Am a Child of God:

She's cracking me up with the wierd nasal thing she's doing.  And the eternal hair "combing" she's doing is pretty special too.  Now, my next actually capture Max in all his glory.  He's too freaking cute not to share.

And now, I'm officially done being THAT obnoxious Mom.  My apologies.  But you should be thanking me, 'cause there were at least THREE other videos and numerous other pictures I DIDN'T share.  So see, I got your back. 

I shall write tomorrow about the Benefit Concert that Jer and I are performing at tonight for our friends who lost their little boy back in September.
Won't lie....nervous am I.  Maybe because I have literally NOT performed anything in 3 years.  TRAGIC!
But, I'll hope for the best.

That Mom,


jen said...

I was there when Julie was taking these. I was wondering if they'd be any good, acknowledging Maggie's famous camera hatred.
So cute!

JeanHasBeenShopping said...

Awww, your daughter is truly darling!
Thank you for stopping by.
I remember your SITS Day. You are a fellow Arizonan!

LanaBanana said...

Those are really cute. Maybe all it takes is finding crazy places to take Maggie's picture--like in a tree--to make her love having it taken. ?? Clever idea, Julie...

I'm intrigued by the really hard blog post you want/need to write. What could it be??

WhisperingWriter said...

Love the pictures!

Jules said...

Oh my word! This was so much fun. We laughed so much that even they almost fell out of the tree. And when Miss Maggs wanted to do an impropto concert for me...BONUS!!! Even Max was great! And one of these days he'll slow down just enough to catch him in action. SOON!
These two just make me so freaking happy! Yep I love em.