Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Beauty?

I really don't ever usually do link things.  I guess I'm just not much of a "team" player.  But, one of my favorite real life friends AND bloggers Jen over at Denton Sanitorium posed a really thought provoking question and asked all to "play along.  I had to ponder on this and decided I wanted to join in.  Besides, she's TOTALLY way more popular in the bloggy world than me, and I'm SURE it's because she plays linky games all the time. hehehe

Anyway, the question/link is this:

We as women are bombarded with images of what perfection should look like. And, if you're anything like me, it doesn't appear when looking in the mirror.

I spent a good ten minutes staring in the mirror, trying to look past all the flaws and imperfections and issues I wrestle with every day. I wanted to really SEE myself. It took me close to five minutes to decide on one facial feature that I consider quite beautiful.

Straight after a shower or after you've washed your face, take some time to really look at that woman in the mirror. What do you see that's beautiful? Ignore or re-evaluate those things that have always bugged or challenged you. What is your singular, personal element of beauty? Is it skin, ears, hair? Is it wisdom or humor or understanding in your eyes? We all have one thing that not only makes us individuals. That one thing makes us beautiful. What is yours and why?

Oh my, my, my, my...this is a can of worms ready to explode!  Stare at yourself in the mirror and look PAST your flaws?  Is this even possible?

Whoa people, we are dealing with a girl who has had a lifetime of fat girl syndrome.  WHAT is it that is "beautiful" about me?

I see the acne scarred skin, the many freckles, the bad teeth that were permanantly "stained" when I was on pennicillin for a year, during which time I lost my teeth and they came back in (I was 6).  So, the lines in my teeth are deeply in the enamel.  There is NOTHING that can be done about those lines or the color of my teeth.  Of course I see the scars, the stretchmarks, the flab.  BUT, that isn't the exercise here.  The JOB at hand is to find what IS beautiful?

After a great deal of consideration I came up with one thing physical and one thing internal.

Someone once told me that I have "eyes that could stop the world."  Whatever that means.  I think they were just trying to say....your eyes are beautiful.

I like that freckle (the pie shaped brown spot) in my eye.  It is unique to me, and it's cool. (let us NOT judge the severe need for some eyebrow waxing, let's just NOT go there)

I was blessed with BIG, round eyes.  My Mom constantly points this out, because she was NOT so blessed.  They are good for expressing many emotions.  They work great in performing.  AND, whenever I may be feeling down on other aspects of my appearance, I can usually look at my eyes and think they look ok.



I truly believe the BEST feature I have is my humor.  My wit and my snark.  I love to laugh, but I really LOVE to MAKE people laugh.  I'm grateful to have the gift of humor.  'Cause there are those in this world who don't have it, they just don't GET it.  And for them....I'm sad.  Laughter really does cure a lot of what ails ya.

Too bad I couldn't find ANY pictures of me laughing, or even really smiling big.  But then again, probably better, since then you'd be seeing my teeth that I'm not a fan of.  Ah what the heck, just go back and look at my "pretty" eyes.

And, since I'm me and I can't quit while I'm ahead.  I will say that the last thing that I think is "beautiful" about me is:

Being a Mother to these beautiful kids!
Nothing makes me laugh more than them and the ridiculous things they come up with to say and do.
Yeah, being a Mother is definitely beautiful.


alison said...

what a great link idea! i'm far too lazy to do it myself, but i love that YOU did it :) you do have some fabulous eyes....and the pie freckle is very unique and cool. i was once told that my eyes "could be blindfolded with dental floss". can't EVER imagine why i decided to break up with that jerk?!?! that comment and the constant cheating that he did ;)

and you most definitely make ME laugh! and since i'm the most important person in the whole wide i do love your wit and snark. that's what's kept me coming back again and again and again. that, and the fact that i think you are wunderbar!!

and being a momma?? makes any woman the most beautiful woman in the world. :)

jen said...

Great, Allyson.
And your kiddos have those eyes, along with Jere's. Lucky kids.
Can't wait to watch their humor develop as well.
Thanks for linking up. It was hard, wasn't it?

Kristina P. said...

If you and I got together, I definitely think we would have a laughfest!

Sue said...

You could have chosen just about anything, from what I see, but those eyes of yours are indeed lovely.


PS. And I agree that motherhood makes us loveliest of all.

DianD said...

Love your eyes, your smile, your wit and your BIG, KIND HEART, your MEMORY that knows no bounds, the fact that you can always find good in people and situations, your VOICE and totally EXPRESSIVE FACE. You ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT! And you're right. I covet your eyes because mine could be blindfolded with dental floss, too! Sadly! I'm just glad you weren't cursed with "the slits!" And though motherhood doesn't always work its magic and make every mother beautiful, it certainly has enhanced what was already beautifully you! Glad you took the exercise and posted! Love you!

Steph said...

You DO have beautiful eyes! And your blog is hilarious--I do appreciate you making me laugh!

And Happy Birthday!

Krystal Trapnell said...

Thanks for doing this. For making us all think a little more about ourselves.

And you DO have beautiful eyes!

Mel said...

Aww I love this post. You do have beautiful eyes for sure. However, My favorite thing about you is your humor. There are People in my life that when I experience something funny or awkward or ridiculous, I wish they were with me and I get this stupid, awkward smile on my face just picturing their face or comment. You are definitely one of those people!

LanaBanana said...

Great post! We should all do ourselves a little more "Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley" and a little less gnit-picking. You're gorgeous, and I love you!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I have always thought that you're gorgeous when I've seen pics on here. I love how big your smile is & I love your hair color! You just look really happy in all your pictures.

karen said...

You have amazing eyes! And I agree - being a mother just gives us a certain "je ne sais quois" that we wouldn't otherwise have. Beautifully said.

Pini said...

They say eyes are the windows to the soul! You are beautiful in every way!

Kerri said...

Love your post! I was going to participate...but it was just too much thinking for me! My favorite feature is also my eyes (except for the dark circles!) and I dislike my teeth too...I also was on penicillen for a long time. I love to make people laugh too...and would agree with you that being a mom is the most beautiful. And, looking at your pictures...I think you have amazing skin!

The Atomic Mom said...

I love your humor, and your singing talent, but most of all, I love your honesty. You just tell it like it is, and I love that about you! :)

Jamie said...

Great post! Your eyes are indeed gorgeous-and so unique! This was a hard link party to take part in, but I'm so glad you decided to. I really enjoyed your thoughts on how Motherhood has made you beautiful. I've never thought of it like that before, but will always remember it now. Thanks-glad I stopped by!