Sunday, January 23, 2011


An ENTIRE week, SEVEN DAYS since I've written anything.  Bah!

Day after day after day I get on, I read all of your blogs, sometimes I stalk other random blogs, I dabble about on facebook and check e-mails and yet, I write NOTHING.  I WANT to write something, I really do.  But there is nothing there.  My brain is on strike.  Yep, STEE-RIKE!!  I got nothin.

Well, I have Maggie on a heavy antibiotic and then delightfully starting a cough to end all coughs.  The kind that keeps her, us and our neighboring county awake all FREAKING night long.  Hot mess.  Add to that a random and charming 101 fever yesterday.  Max with his own barky cough, fevers on and off and the good times keep on a rollin.  Thankfully, no fevers today...just super awesome coughing.

Oh, and good news, I totally got a stye in my right eye.  That is about 1000 shades of AWESOME.  BUT my zits are clearing up, so at least there is that. I got a FAT blister on my left heel after working out, which made working out the next couple days NOT happen.  My throat is scratchy and maybe I'm coughing a little too.  Whatever!  Jeres financial aide STILL has not been dispersed to us, so I'm fuh-reaking out, in a totally reserved, hold it all in sort of way.  Seriously, I know I shouldn't be crying cause I've got LOTS of other blessings, but WTF?  I might need you to call me JOB pretty soon. I kid, I kid.  Just call me JO.  And let's hope I NEVER earn that last B.

Thursday I brought my sweet little Jayce nephew home from school with Brooklyn and had him stay the night.  He was the most delightful addition to our world for 24 hours.  The girls were so pleased with new blood that the playing was civil, happy and completely outside for hours.  HEAVEN!  And there may have been some couples dancing in the bedroom.  Maggie ASKED Jayce to dance with her to their Christmas program music.  I don't know where she learned this, but she put her arm up on his shoulder and the other around his waist and swayed like a pro.  It ranked right up there with THE CUTEST MOMENT EVER!  Followed closely by the moment that Brooklyn threw hot, HOT daggers with her eyes at them and stomped out of the room bawling because SHE wanted a turn to dance.  Man, you just can't script stuff like that.  Oh, and I had him spend the night because the rest of his family was just performing for the U.N. Delegates.  Yeah, my family is all bad A like that.

Speaking my four ridiculously talented nephews came and sang in my ward.  They are just amazing, and their ability to bring the spirit is phenom.  And not only did they sing, but I totes hooked one of my cute 16 yr. old twin nephews up with a super cute girl in my ward for our big PJ Bunko party. 
Suh-WEET!! is what else I've done whilst in blogging coma.

Watched a lot of TV:

Oh you guys.  If you didn't watch this, then I insist that you watch it this Monday.  It is laugh out loud, maybe shed a tear, FUNNY! No really, I INSIST!

You silly chefs, why do I lurve to watch you create freakish cuisine so SO much?

No words. NO WORDS!
This just might be the most brilliant piece of television ever created.  We spent one evening over at Danas watching part of season One.  "Moon Landing" had us crying it was so funny. In fact, Jere just told me, he "moon landed" the shower door the other day.  And this last weeks episode with the kids walking in on the parentals....CLASSIC!

So, thanks for the laughs and entertainment TV.  Thanks for that.

I'd also like to report...Max has added the ever so beloved "stupid" word to his vocab.  It just popped out today in the car.  "My shoe is STOOpid."  UGH!  Maggie properly put him in his place, that that was a potty word.  And then promptly said "My cough is STUPID."  And told me it was OK for her to say it, because well, her cough WAS stupid!  I seriously don't have a chance.

Max is also totally schizophrenic, because he likes to talk like this:
"Mommy...I WUV you.  I hate you Mommy.  I don't hate you Mommy, I WUV you.  Mommy, I wike you.  I don't hate you."
No really, it happens just like that.  Or like this:
"I hate bawoons, I don't hate bawoons.  I yike bawoons."

What?  My head is spinning all the time.  What is it KID?  Make up your bleepity bleep mind.

There is ONE thing of which he's completely sure.
I HATE binegar Mommy.  Hate binegar. 

Phew, glad we're clear on THAT!

Anyway, also finished...Jeres run of Midsummer Nights Dream.  It was hilar, and a great experience for him.  Now he's on to teching a show, then rehearsals begin for his show at ASU, AND he's in rehearsals for Spelling Bee which he's directing.  So, my point is...we're not gonna be seeing much of the ol' Daddio around here.  Le Sigh.

There it is.
I'm alive.

Barky coughs and medicine troughs,


The Atomic Mom said...

For the kids coughs, you might want to try Zarbee's honey cough remedy. It's sold at Walgreens, cost about $6 dollars. It's made of honey and soothes coughs, but w.o the chemicals that have been banned for little kids.

And, I did jump on Hulu and watch Harry's Law, it was funny, except for the part in the court room when David E Kelly thought it would be funny to poke at conservative America. Come on, can't you just write a script? Anyway, I'll try and tune in tonight, if I remember, if not, the Hulu will be there for me.

Sarah S. Foote said...

When your Blog, you make up for the lost time. I have been the same lately, Way past time to blog and where to start?
Love Modern Family very funny show.
Have a fabulous week!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, the sty! I had one once. They were horrible and gross.

Ari said...

How good is Top Chef Allstars? Fabio cracks me up every single episode. I hope he is on until the very end because he is just so funny! And I HATED Marcel, so I'm glad he's gone!

LanaBanana said...

Yes, Marcel was a pile of poo. As was that AWFUL TERRIBLE WORTHLESS NON-COOKING LESBIAN GIRL, can't remember her name right now. She almost made porter and I stop watching.

Modern Family is funny--I've seen a few episodes. I should watch more.

And seriously, the financial aide stupidity is so annoying. I hate that so much. But hey, then you'll have that and your tax return all come through at once and you'll roll around in your gold coins ala scrooge mcduff. so, just picture that each night as you fall asleep. :)

Wendy said...

We just finished the first disc of season 1 Modern Family, that show is hilarious! Love it!

Bummer with the coughs. Ben's Sage has been sick X3 days with fevers, we all had bronchitis that took 2 weeks to recover from. Our pediatrician says this year is pretty bad.

Good luck with the financial aide, man seems over due. When you guys are feeling better, if you have time, maybe you will want to consider babysitting a day? Lemme Know.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

My brain has been on strike as well-just one of those things.

I have watched only 1 episode of modern family but it cracked me up like crazy!

Hope everyone starts feeling better!

alison said...

your kids are hilarious! schizo, smarter than the rest of us, and just plain HILARIOUS! also, may i say that i love bunko more than life itself??? i haven't gotten to play in a loooooong time and this post just reminded me that i need to re-up my nagging of my mom to put together another bunko party.

and "modern family"??? austin and i are obsessed with it!! we started watching it at the beginning. we didn't know what we were in for, but boy howdy am i glad that we chanced it! it is a must have on our dvr. and this past week's episode with the "ahem" compromising position situation?? hah-freakin-larious!! i laughed til i cried.

Lisa Stephens Realtor said...

I'm right there with you sister! I haven't blogged in FOREVER because, because, because...well, see there it is. Drawing blanks. I just decided to get on today and get some inspiration! :)