Sunday, January 2, 2011

For the LOVE...

Oh for the love!  I sat down thinking I'd TRY and do some clever year end wrap up.

I'd just look through my archives, pick my fave pic or story from each month and call it a day.


I got stuck in Januray, which for the record, had NO good pics to speak of.

Then, I decided I'd update my background. 
Hey, new year, new look.

After perusing at least 70 bagillion, I SETTLED for this one.  Do I love it?  No. 

More annoying is, I CAN NOT for the life of me remember how to change my freaking text colors. 

Seriously?  How retarded does one have to be?  Because I'm apparently RIGHT up there.

I DID however help my sister Jenny out with a technical question or two, so there is that.  She at least now can put pics on her blog, and a video.

It's nearly 11:00 and I SWORE to myself that I would go to bed early tonight, because I will, I WILL go back to the gym tomorrow.

It's been FAR to long.

I'd say i'm far to fat, but then my Mom would get mad/sad and tell me that I'm not properly speaking to myself, and that what I tell myself will come true.  Which I know IS true.  But still......

The month of December found me with breakouts the likes of which my face hasn't seen since 1990.  I kid not....19 FREAKING 90.  I had a veritable constellation of zits going at one time.  My entire chin...covered.  There were also huge ones on my cheek, upper lip, forehead...whatever.  Add this to the chin hair, and well, I was too hot to handle.  It put a damper on my self esteem and my Holiday cheer.  Not gonna lie.

I need a pedicure.  No, really.  NEEEEED!!!

Maggie and Max have decided that going to bed needs to be a three hour affair.  The ridiculousness of that just cannot be spoken.  Every night, HOURS of up, down, fighting, crying, screaming, bawling, hitting, tattling, destroying bookshelves, whatever.  I'm pretty much at a loss.  I've tried Super Nannies, just put them back in, don't say anything, rinse, repeat, etc.  I've screamed, I've spanked, I've threatened, I've yelled, I've ignored...(literally an HOUR of screaming and bawling and pounding on the door).  WHY are they suddenly completely anti bed? 

My favorite was the other night.  To my facebook friends, my apologies, as you've already read this.

I'd dealt with them for over an hour.  Been back in the room, putting them down, threatening,  etc. at LEAST 100 times.  So, I finally just locked the door.  Now, Maggie can NOT tolerate the door being locked.  It is the ULTIMATE offense to her.  So, after a minute or two of her bawls and screams I heard this at the top of her lungs:


I giggled.  'Cause she TOLD me.  But mostly because, she totally maiden named me.  Where did she even get that?  i don't know.

I cleaned my house up, spent the ENTIRE day yesterday taking down Christmas, putting it away, reorganizing things and scrubby cleaning.  It felt good when it was all done.

I'm ready for fresh starts.  Except, I can't seem to get myself to sit down and write down some goals.  I know what I NEED to do, what I SHOULD do, but why must I fight DOING them?

It's a mystery.

I'm ready to bring back Memory Mondays, only it'll start next week.  Try to contain your excitement.

I lead the music in church now.  I HATE doing that.  I don't like people looking at me.  Plus, I'm rhythmically challenged, it's a struggle.

Ok, that's all I've got. 


Welcome 2011.


Angie Dean said...

I've been to the place you are going in your mind. May I tell you it's a scary and unncessary journey. It's ironic, the more we postpone doing what "we know we should do" the harder the bounce hurts when we hit. Everyone has a rock bottom though, and it may be your willing yourself to hit it before you'll make those choices. When were ready to say..."enough I cannot live this way anymore" that the process of goal setting, repentance, life style changes, personal transformation begin. Good luck. Be gentle on yourself. The truth is out there. Call if you need some feedback. Love, Ang

jen said...

My friend. My dear, dear friend. Why won't you let me help you with your blog? I would be happy to come over and update and updo. Happy.

As for bedtime, good luck with that one, sister.

And the background? I like it better than the lemons!

Kristina P. said...

I like the background! Very classy. I think you need to smut it up.

deveney said...

I like the new backgroud :) And the fact that she maiden named you still makes me giggle. Good luck!

TornadoTwos said...

Too funny, how'd she know your maiden name? Sorry about your new bedtime routine, it's so rough when kids won't sleep. There must be something going around because my little man, who used to be my best sleeper, has suddenly decided that 2AM-5AM is party time. Ugh! I'm such an ugly mommy when I don't get my sleep- the kids should know that!

WhisperingWriter said...

The background is awesome. I really like it. Great choice!

LanaBanana said...

I enjoy the background. It's cute. I never noticed a single zit all december. so, that just goes to show us all how we make things much worse in our own heads. (that applies to me very much...) and I totally didn't want to write out goals. or I didn't until I decided that my goals weren't going to be focused at all on any aspect of my physical appearance. then a burden lifted and I actually am excited to think about it. so maybe it's just the type of goals you're thinking that you SHOULD set rather than ones you'd LIKE to set. you know what I mean?

Minky {moo} said...

I like the new background! Although, who will make me want lemonade now? :(
One word re: zits. And that word is CLARISONIC. O EMM GEE how I love that thing. Lurve it.

Crandell Fam said...

Love the new background! :) And thanks for helping me with the ol' blogeroo. :)

Anonymous said...

Blog looks great!