Saturday, January 1, 2011


Pretty much my Mom ROCKS!

You all know the drill....we had birthday parties every 4 years.  In between, not so much.  BUT, those every 4 years were KILLER parties.  Themed, awesomeness. ALL OUT!

So, that is how we all live our lives with our kids. Every 4 years they get themselves a swanky party.

This year is my niece Olivias 8th Birthday.  Time for a Big ol' BIGGY of a party.

My 8th looked like this....

It was "mystery."
We were detectives.
It was 1981.
It was awesome.

Olivias was a BIT different.  She wanted a spa party.  Manis, pedis, facials, hair and makeup, culminating in a photoshoot. 

No problemo girl, your wish is our command.

Unfortunately, just days before her party, my sister got the call that her ex mother in law was not gonna make it through the week. So, she rushed off to Utah with Olivia so they could say goodbye to her.  Thankfully, they did get to say goodbye and have that closure.  Unthankfully, it made it difficult for Dixie to get some important stuff done.

Step in me madre and my sister Dana.

Dana made this amazing cake (her first time ever using fondant) for Livy.

And my Mom busted out TEN of these adorable, plush spa robes with matching eye masks and matching gift bags.

Stop it already.  Can you even STAND it?

The Birthday girl modeling her spa luxe set.

There was some game playing before we got down to serious pampering.

Pedis performed by Lana and my Mom (though this pic shows Dixie, 'cause she did the LAST pedi)

Tragically, I couldn't get the pictures to work of the mani's; performed by me and Dana.  Or the facials which fully included cucumbers on their eyes.  Oh YES it did.  Those were done by Julie and Jenny.

Once the girls had all their digits buffed and painted they were ready for hair and makeup.

This cute girl totally got rollers straight from the 80's.
Hey, the worked wonders.

Makeup station in full swing.

Lana IS a professional hairdresser.
Those girls that got her, totally scored.

A fully beautified Olivia.
She was adorable, just so excited about all of it.

Eight pretty ladies showing some sass.

It was a spectacular spa party and I'm so happy to be able to have helped in any way.  And yeah, I'd say 8 year olds have certainly gotten swankier since my time.
Think any of these girls would wanna put on my awesome sunglass get up?

Happy 8th Olivia.


alison said...

i LOVE the idea of the 4th bday being an all out fun fest!! i suppose that we've SORTA do this since the 4th birthday is the disneyworld birthday. what are the chances that my next birthday fete can be scheduled with the shumway/van patten salon????

Kristina P. said...

That is awesome! The only big bash I really remember was my 16th. My dad did an awesome scavenger hunt, all around town, that I was able to do since I just got my license. It was great.

jen said...

Heidi and her friends did this on a MUCH smaller scale for Lily one year. It was so fun.
And I would have waited in line for Lana. Just sayin.

Minky {moo} said...

Dear heavens, I want that party!

Crandell Fam said...

So much fun! :) I'm hoping to replicate it for Brooklyn's we've got plenty of time to prepare for that one! :)

PaisleyJade said...

hahaha - still cracking up at your mystery party!! Love the recent one - so cute!!

Mel said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I love that your mom just whipped up 10 robes and matching bags. haha

AndreaLeigh said...

amazing parties! i love the robes and the cupcakes!