Friday, January 7, 2011


Yo!  So things are all crazy around here, as you can tell.

My beloved Jenny from the Denton Sanitorium brought her son over for lessons and took 10 seconds to finally SPREAD out my layout.  She ran out of time, hence the off center pic.  Now it's time to play with backgrounds, colors, etc. 

So, please bear with me, as it's likely to be a few days before we get this all fixed and worked out.  Love me through the construction.

But tell me how happy you are that I'm not confined to that one skinny little box anymore.

I know, I know.  Me too!!


Jack and Lauri Erekson said...

Would you be able to explain how to do that?

jen said...

Decided against Minima stretch, huh? Hope it didn't cause permanent damage to the code.

The Atomic Mom said...

The subdued green is way better. For a while there I thought your blog had turned into a fruit roll up.

Crandell Fam said...

Ummmm...can she help me, too? Or can you help me now?