Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years 2011

I'm late.....

So what, who cares! (say that only like the guy impersonating Joy Behar on Sat. Night Live)

However, for my posterity sake, I shall make a short (snort, as if that's possible) entry about our New Years festivities.

We had two parties to attend, 'cause we're just so popular like that.  One was a lovely evening with my entire family at my brothers house, and the other was a slightly garrish 80's souiree for our friend Tregoney's graduation/New Years celebration.

VERY luckily Auntie Julie was all about taking the kids and spending the night at Gramma Pegs.  Phew!  That made our mad party hopping oh so much easier.  Though just between you and me, Jere really just wanted to be home in his unders with his feet up watching the ball drop in NY.  I know....what happened to Jere?  It's a mystery.

Anyway....we began the evening at Porter and Lanas with a delicious dinner and fabulous cheesecake all made by the lucious Lana herself.  After dinner there was the sit around and laugh ourselves silly section where we reminisced on Porter retardedness as a youth.  No really.....that kid is a piece of work.  I lurve him oh so much, but the crap (bahahahaha that is funny for so many reasons) he pulled was amazing.  We didn't only talk about him.  We laughed about a multitude of things.  At this time everyone was ready to start playing some games.  Except Jer and I needed to make our exit to get over to Tregs party.  But, before we were able to leave, I discovered a special treat in my purse.

***Memory Moment***
In our house it was NOT Easter unless there was super elastic bubble plastic in our Easter Basket.  Dana was particularly fond of it and really good at blowing the bubbles extra big.  So, whilst Christmas shopping at the DOLLAR STORE I looked up and lo and behold, there was a plentiful supply of our beloved bubble plastic.  I bought two packs (shoulda bought the store out) and put them aside to be shared on Christmas day.  Totes forgot.

Good thing I had them for New Years.  So, I walked in and announced I had a little treat for everyone.

Suddenly we were all 10 years old again, and giddy with our silly little straws and tubes of chemically high inducing bubble plastic.  And we really and truly sat around blowing these things, competing to see who could make the biggest one.  And you know it sounds super the nerdiest, but it was SUPER the funnest!

Oh yeah, 'cause we know how to par-TAY-hey at the Shums. 

Dana and Jenny getting their "blow" on.

Jeres first EVER experience with the "magic."
And you KNOW he became a believer.

No really, my parents are just the CUTEST!

Troy over there determining the physics of it all.
Oh Mom, stop it with your cute self.

Porter was out for some serious bubble "blood"

I was pretty pleased with my large entry.

Whilst everyone else was having great success
Lana just got a big "wah, wah, wah, WAHHHH!"
Better luck next time sister.

There were some casualties.

Dixie and Shane workin it.

But in the end.....
Porter was the Wiener Winner!

Jere busted out a sparkler and then we were on our way.
After we left they played games, lit some fireworks, hit the Martinellis HARD and then at 12:02 the festivities ended.


We pulled up to the Tregonators party just in time for some Totally Rad dancing and ridiculous get ups.  Prepare thyselves.

This is Tregoney, our beloved and retardedly talented friend that was on Broadway in Les Mis and Phantom.  She has now completed her Masters and has decided to just go for the whole enchilada and get the PhD.  HELLO!  But, she is also workshopping a show that is trying to get to Broadway again as well.  So, that's fun!

Anyway, she graduated in 1987, and she felt it only reasonable that we should have a rockin 80's New Years Eve.  And according to the pics I'm gonna post, EVERYONE else is way "cooler" than us and dressed up.  Yeah, we're the only ones who didn't.  But forgive know how I feel about dressing up.

This might be one of my favorite pictures of Jenee and Ivan EVER!
I totally remember Jenee wearing such things and having her big hair and blue eye shadow in highschool.  It was so a walk down memory lane!

Oh Sabe the Babe.  She totally outdid herself here. 
And the scary part...she just went and bought most of that stuff at Charlotte Russe, or Forever 21 or something.

Yes indeed, she totally
Like a Virgined it.
Consequently, she couldn't sit the entire night.
Poor thing.

There was some "gnarly" 80's tunes and awesome dancing happening.

I watched from my table.
I blew my horn at midnight.

Jere layed one on me.

And then we went home and had our own little celebration ifyaknowwhatimean.

All in all, a successful and FUN New Years Eve.
Best part...NO KIDS until mid afternoon the next day.
This allowed me to CLEAN and de-Christmasfy my house.

Happy FREAKING New Year to all!


Kristina P. said...

I spent NYE all alone, watching Lifetime movies. It's not ringing in the New Year unless you're in your jammies, watching someone get murdered!

The Atomic Mom said...

I spent NYE unfreezing my water heater and washing tuck stop germs off of all of know the whole story.

And, I think Ivan actually wore that sweater in high school. hahah!

Adoption of Jane said...

I so wanna be in those silly straw pics!!! Love it!!! Happy New Year!!!

Crandell Fam said...

LOVE the new background a whole lot!! :) And I"m just cracking up that you said: "and then we went home and had our own little celebration ifyaknowhwatimean." HA! Thanks for sharing!

Grace Adams said...

I just want to know how much sniffing of the Super Elastic Bubble Plastic went on.

Eve said...

I remember those - I could be entertained for-ever with that stuff!
I've seen it at the dollar store, but it's one of those things where I recognized that it is totally cool and straight out of my childhood memories... but it never actually occurred to me that I could buy any. I don't know why!
I'm feeling inspired now though - and looking forward to picking some up tomorrow and introducing my niece to the joys of plastic bubble blowing! ;)