Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nocturnal Notices

At precisely 3:18 a.m.  (that's A.M.) I was abruptly pulled from a most random dream about 20 year highschool reunions when I heard their door open and then my door creak. 

There she was.  I could feel her next to me, just standing there for a second.  I groggily said, "You need to get back on your own bed honey."

She pulled herself up close to my face and said.  "I need to tell you a secret" (as part of our nightly routine, I can't leave the room without her saying that phrase and then dutifully telling me the SAME secret every night.  And on the flipside, Max has joined in the game.  Except what he whispers each night is "ear."  Because he's heard Maggie say over and over, I need to tell you a secret in YOUR EAR.  Man I love that kid).  So I said Ok. 

There she was all up in my business whispering  "I LOVE YOU."  Then she planted a big kiss on my lips, followed by a surprise..."You're a GREAT Mom."  Hugged me and then ran off to her bed never to be heard from again.

I literally laid there in my bed trying to figure out WHAT just happened and what in the world could posess a child to wake out of a sound sleep to say that and then go back to bed.  She didn't wake up again until nearly 8:00.

Talk about random.  And AWESOME!

Speaking of awesome, and when I say awesome I mean NOT at all awesome...

I forced myself to get up and go to spin class this morning.  I really, REALLY do want to do it.  It's just at 5:30 a.m. and I've grown rather lazy, and well, spin class hurts.

I really should have known what I was up against when literally the MOMENT my butt hit the seat I was in agony.  I mean really....not even like a 3 minute grace period.  Just BAM....pain!  I get it.  It's been like 9 mos. since I've sat on a real bike seat.  I have hardly even done stationary bike in months.  Ok, ok fine!  But sheesh!  I persevered, I pushed through the pain and the near tears.  But I'm telling you, it did NOT help AT ALL to be seated next to the mirror and to look over and see that my butt didn't just nibble the seat, it full on DEVOURED the seat.  In fact, there was no seat to be found.  Nope, that didn't help at all.  I stayed on, and in fact preferred the standing up sections, which I usually don't love, over the sitting.  After 32 minutes I just couldn't do it anymore and I left.  But, I was proud of those 32 minutes.  And I walked a mile after that.  AND, AND I've made a vow to go to this freaking evil, kick me in the hoo haw a million times over, pain inducing, never gonna have sex again class EVERY Tues. and Thursday until it doesn't hurt so bad.  PLUS, it burns a lot of calories!

Best part...I was home and in the shower by 6:45.  And even with that...totally unable to get Maggie to school on time.  It's a time sucking mystery.

However, she DID look like this today.


I'm sorry...I just can't take it.  Especially when I said Pose, and she busted out that hip thing.  Which reminds me of a little story.
The other night we went over to hang out at Jenees.  Her daughter Olivia had some friends over and after awhile Maggie got tired of playing with Max and Anders.  So, she went into Olivias room (O is 10) and said "Can I please play with you.  I'm tired of playing with boys, and I AM a girl."  Olivia let her play and she had a fabulous time doing whatever.  SO, we head home and as we walk in Julie says to Maggie.  "Maggie, your purse and your boots match.  So cute."  And mid walk, Maggie stops, turns around and says "DUH."  It caught us so off guard and we laughed so hard.  Apparently 10 year olds say DUH a lot.

And here is my cute family just before Jere left to do a student matinee performance.

And because this post is nothing but random.  Last night after we'd put the kids to bed, TWO hours later they're still going strong.  We hear Maggie laying on her bed doing vocal warm ups that I have students do.  "I E I E I E I E I"  Over and over she did that warm up, coaching Max, and telling him he was doing it wrong.  It amazes me how they can be going full force, loud singing, talking and then 2 seconds later, it's dead silent.  They finally hit their wall and fell asleep.

Ok, that's enough of this.  I'm literally freezing to death sitting on my bed typing this.  I should perhaps turn the heat on and end the misery.  Plus, gotta make Brooklyns lunch, do her hair and get out the door in the next 15 minutes.

Nighttime nose rubs,



alison said...

i swear...i even READ that post fast because i could tell that the pace of it was blazing! all that talk about spin class made me winded. we don't have anything like that at the local gym...thank goodness. although i HAVE been hitting up the zumba every thursday night. except it isn't the highest impact class....so i mainly do it just to get out of the house an leave austin with the kids for an hour.

and maggie's picture? that is a whole LOTTA sass. loves :) she's all droppin' in like BAM in that pic.

if it helps..it doesn't matter WHAT time i get up in the morning. i always end up leaving the house 10 minutes late. i can get up at 6:30 and be out the door by 7:10, or i can be up at 5:00 and be out the door by 7:10. my routine doesn't change. sheesh.

Reva said...

A=flippin-dorable. You ARE the awesomest mom ever - who else could produce THAT?? AWESOME!!!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, you've got a keeper!

I HATE spinning. Why would I want to cause pain in my Lady Gaga?

DianD said...

I'll never understand why bike seats have to be sooooooo tiny and painful! BUT good for you for going and sticking it out! How random and awesome is Maggie's 3:00 a.m. secret, but how sweet! :)
My new assigned song to learn is "Children Will Listen." It's hard, I don't love the music at all, but I love the message of the song so I'm sticking it out! I especially like.... "Children may not obey, but children will listen
...So be careful before you say, listen to me!" Had to think of Maggie and her vocal exercises, etc. Love ya!

Mel said...

That is the sweetest little Maggie moment ever. Love the posed pic of her. She is so beautiful. Good for you for spinning. You lasted 32 more mins than I probably would have. Haha

erin said...

kudos to you for going to spin class! that is probably the most intimidating thing...actually all classes held at the gym are intimidating :)
ps. you have the funniest kids ever!

Brandon and Brittani Romney said...

That was so sweet of Maggie! That made my heart melt..you are an awesome mom. Would you really expect anything less than total personality from the spawn of you and Jere...not me!

Sarah S. Foote said...

Love your random stories. The great thing is they are recorded to never be forgotten. Maggie's love is priceless and I'll take secrets like that any day.
Good for you with the spin class!

Laraine Eddington said...

It is so weird that I can't remember now when my kids quit coming in to interrupt my sleep in the middle of the night because they were scared/needed and drink/didn't know what they needed. If I had known it was the last nocturnal child visit, I would have savored it a little more. I loved your ramblings.