Sunday, January 30, 2011

One year older and "wiser" too?


Well, it happened.  It showed up.  My freaking birthday.  Which means....I'm another year older.

Thirty Eight to be exact.


It's been a pisser of a day so far, I can't lie to you.  So, I've decided to just give a photo retrospective.  Thirty eight years (give or take a few) of my ever lovin life.
Bet you're all excited now.

Let us watch as my hair evolved, devolved, exploded, imploded, zits came and went, fat got fatter, then smaller.   Throw in a mission, a wedding, some kids and voila......there she blows, all THIRTY EIGHT years o' my life.  I know I keep repeating it, but that's cause I have to in order to really grasp that somehow I got this old already.  When my parents were this age they were so much more "mature" than me.  They had 7 kids, careers, houses, vacations, one daughter in college.  I mean really, it's ridiculous.  Therefore, due to me only having 2 babies and a husband in school (he is 5 years younger than me), I'm pretty sure it earns me some age reduction points, and frankly, I'm no more than 27.  Well, that's the lifestyle I'm a livin, so it makes me feel better to pretend.

Happy Birthday to me....
PHOTOPALOOZA about to commence.  But the good news...hardly any words. This post will be a breeze.

1 year

3 years
and don't even pretend you're not in love with my wierd mullett

5 years

6 years

7 years

8 years

9 years

10 years

11 years

12 years

13 years

14 years

15 years

17 years

19 years


22 years

23 years

25 years

29 years

our engagement picture

The wedding

before gastric

mid losing from gastric

9 mos. pregnant with Maggie

Maggies blessing day

9 mos. pregnant with Max

My actual 36th Birthday IN Disneyland.
Best birthday ever.

Competing in my first Triathlon


My actual 37th birthday out with my Daddy who I SHARE this great birthday with.

Here is hoping that 38 brings new and exciting things. And perhaps a little wisdom.  PLEASE!?

Thanks for wading through all the pics.  You're real troopers and clearly better friends than I gave you credit for. hehehe

Birthdays aren't for sissies,



Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday, Allyson! I didn't realize you had gastric. You look great!

Ari said...

Today is the day that we all get to celebrate that we are lucky enough to have you in our lives! I know I feel super lucky to know you and you continue to inspire me and make me laugh! I hope by the time I'm 38 I've touched as many lives as you have! Enjoy it lady!

alison said...

i am highly impressed that you had access to AND scanned all of those pics! i would do the same with my pics....except i don't think they've made a computer screen big enough to contain my rockin' fahhhh-ro that i had :) hope your day was mahvelous dahling.....and if you are still feeling sick, i declare your right to have a do-over as soon as you are feeling better!! tis my gift to you ;)

Master P said...

I'm impressed you had all those too! You always say you aren't tech savvy but I don't have any of those pics scanned!! I am shocked the difference between 10 and 11 - it was like, girl, BLAMMO young woman. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You seriously look way younger than you did back when you were a newlywed. That's the mark of a hottie - you just keep gettin' better!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...


There ya go, you got the birthday song & you didn't even have to hear me sing it, which is fortunate for you!

Hope your day & your daddy's day was wonderful!

The Atomic Mom said...

Happy Birthday...a day late, as I tole you on facebook.

I love the scroll thru history. The history of hair. Did you ever finish your high school retrospective?

:) You're one of the best friends I've ever had. I love you!

Cookie Mama said...

Cutest post ever! 38 years of hair. I love the 3 year old "Mrs. Brady" haircut. You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. You have spent your years well and have developed more talents than most of us will have in a lifetime. Happy 38th Birthday Allyson!

Greg and Tammy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Is it weird that I think you look older when you were 11, than 12???

DianD said...

Happy Bairthday beautiful daughter! I can hardly believe 30 years have come and gone, but I still think you were the best birthday present I ever gave your dad! Here's hoping you are soon well and feeling on top of the world, getting sleep and having a wonderful year! Such a fun post! Love ya, Mom

LanaBanana said...

Great birthday post. I love you! Sorry to hear that your birthday was a bit of a poo. But you're fabulous and have great pictures of yourself to share. You look great all through the years!

jen said...

Happy day, friend.
So sorry it was rough. Between your post and Jere's post, it must have been quite a day.
Cheer up. You're not 40 yet!