Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things....

Awwww me, kids are Hilar!  And I've accumulated a few gems over the last couple of weeks.  Goodness knows we need a little laughing after my last blog entry.

These silly kiddos seriously make me bust out laughing at LEAST once a day, if not more.

The other night, sitting at the dinner table, this conversation took place:
Maggie:  Maxie, I LOVE you.
Max:  I love you too. POO!
Rioutous laughter ensued from both of them.

Max is totally into "poo" talk these days.  EVERYTHING is pee pee, poo poo.  And manytimes it's pretty funny, other times....inappropriate, like when we're trying to pray and he's saying Poo, poo head, poo poo pee pee, poo butt.  You know...little things.

Julie has a picture on her bulletain board of a Mary Kay Directors Suit.  Just a suit.  The other morning while Maggie was in there doing makeup with Julie she looked up at the picture and points and says;
"I don't like that picture."
Julie asks "why, what's wrong with it?
Maggie:  "There's no HUMAN in it. It looks wierd."

Ok, we all know kids struggle to share.  It's just not an easy concept for them to grasp.  Everything is MINE!  So, Jere has often tried to explain to Maggie that sharing is caring.  The other morning Maggie was walking around crying and lamenting that Max wouldn't share.
"Mommy, Max won't share with me.  He won't let me play with his toy, he won't share, and sharing is CARING."
Bahahahahahahaha, so nice to know something is getting through her little noggin.

Maggie has been on an UBER "I love you" kick.  I mean like constant, over the top, can't say it enough, grab  your face and kiss it, hug you so hard you pop I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  She is saying it to us all day long every day.  Nothing wrong with this, really.  But, I'm wondering where it's coming from.  Yesterday as we were driving somewhere, she announced out of the blue "I LOVE our family."  I replied that we loved having HER in our family.
As I was putting her to bed she said "I love OUR family so much.  I'm sad when I have to be with another family.  I don't ever want to be with another family, just OUR family."  It was really cute, and yet this wierd part of me in my head goes "why does she say that, does she know something I don't?"

Brooklyn and Maggie have apparently devised a new system of assuring eachother that all is well.  So if there is fighting or bickering, it is resolved by a simple "we're friends, right?"  I heard that so many times yesterday, it was killing me.  There would be bickering, or a rude comment and then Brooklyn would say.."we're friends?"  To which Maggie would reply..."Yeah, we're friends." 

My favorite response Max gives is the word "Sure."  There just isn't anything cuter than this 2 year old, when asked to do something, or if he wants something and his response is "Sure" except he says it sort of like "sir".

He also reminds me regularly that "I not like binegar (vinegar), it's too spicey."  And if threatened with being put outside, he'll say "It not dark.  It noot dark, but i NOT like vinegar...too picey."
Speaking of....for every bit of Maggies, "I don't care what you say, I'm gonna do it my way" attitude and boundary pushing, Max is obedient.  Oh he says No, and he does things he shouldn't.  But it makes me SO happy that I can "threaten" him with vinegar and or being outside, or whatever, and he will very obediently stay on his bed, take his nap, not sass, whatever.  It's so refreshing.

The other morning as I was sitting on the couch (freezing) Max announced "I turn the fan on."
Me:  No Max, I don't want it on.
Max:  Uh ha, I get my step stool.
Me:  Max, I don't want the fan on.
Max: (walking down the hall toward switch)  Ha ha-a boo boo, ha ha-a boo boo. I turn fan on.

Yeah, I totally just got nanny nanny boo booed by my 2 year old.  Which I assure you, he totally learned from one of his street wise cousins.  But, I did totally laugh.  'Cause that crap is funny.

Well, I swear there is so much more, and way funnier.  BUT, the minute I sat down to write, I got NOTHIN!  So, hopefully this was a good enough little taste.

Kandid Kidlets,



Kristina P. said...

Vinegar seems like a reasonable punishment.

Grace Adams said...

My son, who's 15, was complaining again today about his middle name. He hates it, and he's not going to let me forget it. In my defense, it was not a "girl" name 15 years ago, just a last name.

Anyway, his complaining reminded me of something funny his sister said. I'd just brought him home from the hospital. Big sis was watching TV, and I was trying to calm him. He was fed and changed but still screaming his head off. I couldn't get the kid happy. And in frustration, I said, "I don't know what's wrong with him."

His sister, not looking away from the television, said, "Maybe be doesn't like his name."

So prophetic.

DianD said...

Too funny! Total LOL when I read why Maggie didn't like the picture in Julie's room! What an observation! Linkletter had it right, "Kids say the darndest things!" Love them....

TornadoTwos said...

This is so funny/cute! I love little kids' conversations. Mine crack me up daily too, I always say I should carry around a little tape recorder so I can remember them later. Or play them back on a crappy day.

WhisperingWriter said...

Ha, well I'm amused.

Mel said...

Wow, I haven't heard nanny nanny boo boo in YEARS. haha. Love that top pic of Maggie. Your kids are funny. I know the feeling though of sitting down to relay the funny moments and I suddenly get writers block. I need to carry around a notebook I guess.

✩Molly✩ said...

Love it. We have to remember all these wonderful things they say, before we know it, they'll be all grown up.

Laraine Eddington said...

No comedian can write better than what little kids blurt out on a daily basis.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Kids say the darndest things right?! (Did I spell that right? lol)

Lboy calls his belly button a na-na & points to every single one that he sees. In the store the other day, I'm talking to someone and lifts up my shirt to show the whole world my na-na. I really appreciated that!

Jill said...

We're still in the poo / poop stage at age 10. Grr.