Monday, February 23, 2009

Will it NEVER End?

Seriously folks, I'm about at my whits end here!!!!

The hideous sick, as documented in an earlier post was thought to be done. We'd kicked it to the curb, said bye bye, soyanara. The coughs were nearly gone, no fevers to be found, etc.

Wednesday I took Max back in, the cough was back, worse than ever, he had a fever. The good doctor said.....double ear infection, prescription of augmenton. Goodbye.

Saturday Maggie up and invited the fever back in. It wasn't too bad, only 99. But, the cough was back and she was hacking all night long. Sunday, fever again. After a night of literally no sleep and coughing like there was no tomorrow, this morning, the fever was higher than ever at 101.6. Dammit, I had to call the doctor, 'cause this clearly wasn't going away. So, off to the doctor we went. By the way, Max is doing MUCH better, coughing nearly gone, happy as ever. Anyway, lovely doctor listened to her lungs and stated "it appears to be infected, could be a touch of....wait for it......PNEUMONIA! Uh, HELLO! What the F Mom? My daughter that I've been dragging about town like she was just fine, is apparently NOT so fine. So, another prescription of augmenton and off we went. I gave her a dose of it at lunch and then put her down for her nap. I need to say here, she did not seem all that sick. She was still palying and happy, etc. Whellllllllll, upon waking up from her HALF HOUR nap Hell had broken loose. She looked like perhaps sick had come and kicked HER in the butt. Her eyes were glazed and blank, she was burning up and could NOT stop crying. For a good 1/2 hour, 40 minutes she cried, and she cried, and she cried. There was NOTHING that could help her feel better. No position, no hold, no rubbing, NOTHING. It was AWFUL. I just wanted to cry for her, or with her, but I was trying to be the strong one. All her crying was beginning to stress happy Max out, and then he got fussy. And to top it all off...Jere had just come home from the doctor where HE learned he had a sinus infection AND strep throat. AWESOME! Can you give me a freaking break oh ye gods of the sick. Give us all a BREAK! Not that I'm complaining or anything, but MY cough is back with a vengance and I'm so DONE with it all.

Anywhoooooo....two doses of tylenol and motrin (doctor prescribed to do so) later, she is finally calm and acting like a happy little human. I should also mention she got a blessing from her Daddy and Grandpa and that certainly has to play a role in her better feeling as well. I know she's feeling ok, 'cause she's walking around "talking" on the cell phone in a very spirited conversation with someone.

Yea, so anyway, please send happy thoughts. Let the sick be GONE!! And if not, then can someone go ahead and find me a padded room?

Thanks ever so much,

the frazzled Mommy


ZippityDoDaw said...

So, so, so Brutal!!!!

When I got Bronchitis, Sinus infection etc, I got prednisone, and antibiotics, oh that prednisone is the BEST!! I hope Jere got well medicated!

Sorry you guys are so sick.

The Fischbeck's said...

That stinks! We have had a little cough going around our house this weekend, and now I am frightened out of my gourd that the fevers are on their way!

Hang in there frazzled mommy!

LanaBanana said...

Honestly, why??? I feel really bad for you since you've had it over there for like 3 weeks or something. Ugh. In good news, Dane spent today feeling crappy and slightly feverish--with a cough. Yeah, so Tatum is on anti-biotics for her ear infection and she's on the mend. I just get to switch from one kid to the next. Can't wait to have 3 kids and have them each pass it to each other one at a time!!!!!! :( Boo for sicknesses. Tell your kids to get better so that we can finally play together again.

The Maxsons said...

NOTHING IN THIS WORLD is worse than sick kids. Love reading your blog you are such a good writer. Ok, to answer your ?'s... We put the camera on a timer and set it on a little cupboard thingy that is in the kitchen. Dinner was just this spagetti type thing that we "copied" from carabas, and already had some bread and the tomatoes and oil and stuff, so yah ten bucks. About couponing, you can do as much or as little as you want, to REALLY do it, it does take up quite a bit of time. Its super fun and has saved us a TON TON of money. I am seriously like the money nazi now and i kinda love it.

Andrea said...

Oh that Stinks! A couple of years ago we had a year like that when the kids just kept getting sick over and over again. I hope you guys start feeling better! Good luck!

jen said...

I'm just glad that it's a second round of contagion that spiraled you all downward.
It's called walking pneumonia for a reason, I suppose. Keep walking, and keep remembering "It can't last forever."
Easy for me to say, huh?

Mel said...

Seriously, you guys need to get all better soon. We miss you! Poor kiddos..I will blow them kisses from here :)

Jenn said...

I am sorry to hear about your cute kids. We have also had the sickness and we have a $275.00 bottle of nose spray yo prove it! Why a very expensive nose spray? We ended up taking Joseph to the ER and that's what they charged us to tell us he has a stuffy nose that makes him turn purple when he coughs! Oh I love ER doctors!:) Hope you are all on the mends. Good luck!

Dixiechick said...

It's true. Nothing is worse than sick kids. I just told Shane the other night that nothing stresses me out more than when my kids are sick. I don't know how people with chronically sick children handle it. I can hardly function when they are sick...not to mention when I'm sick on top of it. Health will return. Just keep telling yourself that. :)

Erock! said...

Having sick kids SUCKS. That's why my kids are not allowed to get sick anymore. We had a talk and all agreed that in the event someone got sick, which WON'T happen, they would have to go live with Allyson and Jere. But don't worry, we have an agreement...none of us are getting sick anymore. You make it sound so univiting.