Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Disneyland Day One

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Ok FINE, the pressure from my five regular readers was too much, here it is, I hope you're happy. And my apologies, 'cause it is A LOT of pics, and that was VERY edited if you must know. So, peruse if you wish, run away if you want, but whatever you do, make a comment.

Things were not looking so sweel for our much anticipated trip to Happy land on Wednesday night. At about 8:00, out of nowhere Jere became uncontrollably freezing, aching from head to toe and a fever of 101. My response to this news was..."awesome." He over medicated himself with way to much ibuprofen and went to bed. He got up at 3 a.m. and took too much more, and still was sick in the morning. Again...."awesome." I called Dr. Dana (remember, she's my all knowing) and she said he had WAY too much ibuprofen, so now he must flush with a lot of water, and no more drugs for awhile. He was miserable!!! At some point in the mid morning he barfed. "Awesome". But, no worries peopel, we have power of the Priesthood on our side. My Dad and Adam gave him a blessing before they toodled out of town and Jere was ready for his healing. We finally headed out of town around 4:00, after a stop at Fry's for some gatorade and other needed drugs. Jere was buried under a blanket and moaning for the first few hours. But, somewhere on that ride between Blythe and Anaheim he shook off the sick. We finally arrived at around 10:30 p.m. (Blythe is not known for speedy service, we'll leave it at that) and pretty much fell into our bed. The next morning dawned bright and early with me first making a stop in the fitness closet (oh yes, i do not exaggerate, this room was no bigger than most of your closets. ) It had 2 crappy treadmills, a bike and some weight machine. I soldiered on and did my requisite walking, lifted a few weights and headedd back to the room. We were to all meet at 10:00 in front of the Disney railroad. Let the adventures begin!

Sitting on our shuttle bus, rip roarin, ready to go! That is Jeres sister Julie, who by the way was visiting Disneyland for her VERY FIRST TIME!

Here we are, all except Amy who got cut out by the retard man who took this picture for me. Sorry, i realize he was doing us a favor, but SERIOUSLY, can you really not see you're THAT off center. This picture was torturous, due to the hideously brightly beaming sunshine and the 100 billion degree heat. For reals people, it was January in California, I expected a touch a cool in the air. But mostly, mostly it was the blinding sun, keeping my eyes open was its own form of hell. So, we're all there, except Dixie and Shane who joined us on Saturday.

They gave me this charming Birthday button to wear around all day. I got birthday greetings all day from all the workers and total strangers too.

Me and my Daddio posing for our Birthday in the Magic Kingdom. let's not discuss how fat I look, no really, I said not to!

This was in line for Thunder Mountain Railroad. I LOVE that ride, and it was the first one we went to. I just thought this was SO adorable. Tatum wanted to sit with Jere on all rides if possible. She was so cute and excited about everything. And she and Jere have always had a special little bond.

Lana in all her pregnant glory totally snuck on the ride, and her baby is none the worse for it (we hope). How cute is this pic, it HAD to make the cut for my blog.

World, this is Amy, she's our friend. She is the one who totally scored us the super cheapo rooms and the discounted tickets. Many thanks to her for making this trip even more possible. Ummm, I tended to take a lot of self pictures on this trip, don't know what that was about.

This is Tarzan's Tree House. It is VERY tall. There are MANY steps. I climbed them all. Why?

I took this pic of us at the top of the tree house, just before Jere had his heart attack. Ok, I kid. He didn't actually HAVE a heart attack, but he thought about it. Did I mention.....400 steps? And for WHAT? It's really a dumb thing, but hey, it only added to my awesome exercise for the day.

To celebrate our day, and the fact that we were in Disneyland, we all ate (this is small portion of our group) at the Blue Bayou resteraunt. That is the one that overlooks the Pirates ride. Ummmm, not so much. I mean, I appreciated the time spent with everyone, and the idea of it. But holy overpriced food Batman, it was ridonkulous. When the cheapest thing on the menu is a $24.00 TWENTY FOUR DOLLAR sandwhich, I say move along people, move along. Frankly, I didn't love the sandwhich even. I'm ok to say, don't bother. But at least we did get a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday and some hideously choclaty mousse with a candle on it out of the deal.

Aren't we a stunning bunch waiting for "Honey I Shrunk the Audience."

There are 2 things that you had BETTER do when you go to Disneyland. One is, you MUST have a churro (they're just good there) and you MUST get a corndog. Somewhere there is a picture of me on the second day with another churro, next to Dixie, making a face. 'Cause I was going directly against her challenge on this one. A churro is most definitely not any form of produce. However, it WAS my birthday, i WAS on vacation and a churro HAD to be had. And you know what? It was goooooooood!

I went on the teacups. First time in twenty years. Dana and I had a ball.

Mom and I in line for Storybook Land. I've NEVER done that. Now I know why. Lame.

I'm heading into the mouth of Monstro. Do I look sufficiently scared?

We've reached the end of Day one. Jere believes that you can NOT go to Disneyland and not get one of the FIVE DOLLAR ice cream cones. I believe otherwise. However, it was the perfect end to his day. After 10 long hours of walking, climbing, standing, walking, standing, walking and standing some more, I was EXHAUSTED. We trudged out of the park, got on our bus and headed to our hotel. I literally stayed awake long enough to wash my face and put on my pj's. I bet you can't wait to see day number two. That will just have to wait. But, congrats on making it this far.
I'm a little bummed, 'cause I forgot to post the pic of us after Splash Mountain. I'll do it tomorrow. Let's just say, that ride does not for a happy me make!!
Mouse ears and churros -


LadyCarma said...

Oh, how I love the details. Your pictures say even more to the story lines. Thanks for the adventure via my computer.

I love Julie's hair cut and the way it brings out her beautiful face and eyes. I haven't seen her since May of last year.

We took our kids (minus Erlynne who was in college) to DisneyWorld in Orlando in 1993, and hauled our lunch and snacks into the park in backpacks, leaving the park about 8p.m. and going to a restaurant outside the park to eat. We only spent $1000 for six people, three days of park, food, motel, driving to and from (two days each way), and all the fun. Great memories no matter which park you go to.

jen said...

Churros arre an important Disneyland experience. And next time I'll have to indulge in the ice cream.
What excitement did day 2 bring?
I'm staying tuned!

marie said...

Hi alli-shum...
I found your blog from Joycies. It looks like you a a fun trip! You have cute kids!


LanaBanana said...

Seems like you were much better at taking pictures all through the day than I was. Love the picture of me and Tatum on Big Thunder Mountain. I need to get that one from you. SSSSOOOO glad we all went to Disney together. Let's do it again next month, hmm?

Mel said...

I love the picture of you and your sister on the teacups. It's beautiful :)
I'm so glad you had a great time. I too was waiting for the disney post so I could live vicariously through you while I"m holed up in my house being a milk machine.
You did not dissapoint.

Andrea said...

Soo much fun! I wish I could be there. What a bummer for Jere! But I am glad everything got worked out literally! Can't wait for day 2. Hey I just realized I am comment number 6! You have 6 people who read your blog not just 5. Whoot Whoo!

ZippityDoDaw said...

Love the pics of you and Jere together! Good for you getting your churro on. Happy Birthday! Such fun had by all.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

That picture of you and Jere at the top of the tree house is such a good picture! I also love the one of you two eating your churro's. If you click on it someone else is peeking behind you with her churro too. So funny!

Crandell Fam said...

I'm just jealous that your post is done. I'm tired just thinking about posting...