Friday, February 20, 2009

It Figures!

Well, if I had KNOWN that I was gonna see EVERYONE and their dog today, I MIGHT have tried a little harder on my appearance.

You see, I usually plan on seeing people, I EXPECT to run into people at Costco. I look forward to it actually. I mean, it's Costco, we're Mormon, it's like second church to us. So, I've run into quite a few people over the years. But, I've also gone MANY times and not seen anyone I knew. Apparently the secret is...Friday afternoon.

So today, after a particularly good butt kicking by my buddy Bob Harper in a Biggest Loser exercise DVD (I highly reccommend it), I took a shower, TRIED to salvage something out of my horrifically bad hair and got the kids together for a Costco run. We HAD to get out of the house, we needed somewhere to go, or something to do. So, Costco it was. I shoulda known things were off when I had to stop and change Max's poopy diaper in the car in the parking lot. Oh, for the record, Max has a double ear infection, so the medicine is making him a little poopy if you will. So, BOOM, walking up the parking lot, right off the bat I see one of my best friends parents. I haven't seen the Brinsons in like 7 years. And before that it had been about 7 years. So, hey there old friends, how ARE ya? It was a pleasant chat in the lot and then we were off to "shop".

Right there in the cheese aisle is Connie and Crystal. Connie is the Mom of Crystal and my other friend Mindy. I was TIGHT with Connie back in the day, and I've only seen her about 3 times in the last 15 years or so. So, strike twosy! Oh, and for the record, sample day was SUCKY! The girls and I were let down. hahaha

Well, now it's time to do our ritual lunch, we're sitting there, enjoying the delish food that is offered at this fine establishment. Well, I opted for the salad today, so no pizza. Anyway, I got up to check on Max, 'cause he was fussing, and LO and BEHOLD, it's a former student of mine and her Mom. I haven't seen them in about 3 years. CRAZY! We stood and chatted for awhile, they got to meet the kiddies, and the whole time all I could think hair looks like crap and I have food in my teeth. So uncomfortable. Ah well, what ya gonna do.

I also saw another guy out in the parking lot, Jeff, but didn't bother to say hi. I'm lame like that. Oh, and let me just RANDOMLY throw in here that whilst in Disneyland, walking along I look over and see Mike Jensen. I've seen him TWICE in the 20 years since highschool. I had it BAD for him in highschool. Oh so funny to think about. Anyway, how random, just hey Mike Jensen, what's up in Disneyland. But, I digress.

So yeah, moral of the story is, I care too much about how I look in public. No one else gives a flying freak about it, so why should I? But, I do. The end. And on that note, I'll leave you with a few pics of our lunchy.

Sweet, SWEET Max, just kickin it in his car seat in the cart. He'd already eaten his bottle while we strolled around.

Oh yes, you're seeing it right. Maggie IS wearing her Valentine finery on her head. She put it on before we left, and who am I to argue with such delightful fashion sense? This was her FIRST time getting to actually hold the hotdog and go to town. She was well pleased.

Brooklyn with her 1/2 of the dog. Cute picture, if you like ketsupy hot dog pictures.

This is how we do it. Maggie stays contained in the cart, Brooklyn gets her side of the bench, and I get mine. That HUGE salad was quite tastey, and the girls helped me eat a bunch of it. Maggie kept leaning over the side and totally skyffing tomatos and chicken. She really loves herself a good salad. And for that, I really love her.
So, that's my story...Costco = seeing lots of people = make sure your hair looks good.
The END!


jen said...

Do you take your camera everywhere you go? I always wish I had mine with me, and then. . .
Oh, I forget.

✩Molly✩ said...

today, Scarlett and I went to Peter Piper Pizza in our pajamas. I have given up on the social expectations of others. I felt so guilty about it that I did actually take time and do my hair and makeup about an hour ago... too bad we probably won't go anywhere. haha.

love Maggie's headband.

LanaBanana said...

you know how I care too much too. Don't feel bad. It's just "in" you. Some people cannot force themselves to not care. :)

And, might I add how I've had a bit of trouble out here at the old-people-ridden Costco when it comes to samples. I'm standing there with my two kids (and sometimes 3 when I'm babysitting Allie), pregnant, waiting for a sample and OLD people everywhere just butt in! Seriously!! What is with that? Are they so old that they can't wait anymore? They've been patient their whole lives, now it's time to just take over...2 year olds be darned!? WHA?


Erock! said...

I saw no one today that I knew from the past. I didn't take a shower till 2pm...but I did take my truck to get the oil and lube done...visited my State Farm Agent and stopped into my mail place...all with my hair sticking straight up and no shower. I was looking SahWEET!

Andrea said...

Did I tell you that Mike used to be one of Ron's counselors when he was the Bishop? He got divided out of our ward a while ago, but we see him all the time. In fact he is on the High council so Ron see's him every Sunday. I usually run into him at WalMart at least 1 a month. Kinda funny, but it always happens!

Crandell Fam said...

I just wanted to say that I finally caught up on reading all of your posts, and crack me up. Your Valentine post was hilarious (and quite impressive, actually). Your Costco post cracked me up, and the biggest loser updates were great. I always get cards for my kids and some sort of gift on Valentine's day. It's a day I get to tell them specifically why I love them, and how awesome they are. Troy is a bit of a humbug, but I won't let that day pass without giving everyone a helping of Mom's love! I'm not cool enough to get the food baked in hearts and all red or pink...but maybe next year! I love making traditions. It would be helpful if I wasn't married to a scrooge when it comes to that, though. :)

Greg and Tammy said...

Totally happens to me all the time. When I look super cute I see NOBODY... when I look like HELL in a hand basket... I see everyone I know. Why is that?

Andersonland said...

Costco is second church....hahahahahaha. That's what our Sams Club is up here for us.